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Nintendo of Japan Announce Amiibo Reprint Over Summer

Nintendo of Japan just announced over their Twitter that on May 14th, they will be shipping reprinted amiibo including Fox, Wii Fit Trainer and Pit. After that, early June will see the reprint of Rosalina and Mega Man but, unfortunately, only throughout Japan. America struggle the most with supply of amiibo, given they represent 66% of shipments, yet there’s not much word yet on distributing reprints there. But, it’s a start! Hopefully this will set the ball rolling to get more well-stocked amiibo in America and Europe. Which amiibo do you want to see making a return?

43 thoughts on “Nintendo of Japan Announce Amiibo Reprint Over Summer”

      1. Or don’t fall for the disc locked DLC trap that is amiibo.

        Personally I’m just waiting for the cards since as long as Nintendo is ripping us off with disc locked DLC I’ll just have to settle for what I’m offered and at least the cards will be cheaper and easier to store.

    1. Maybe you should try getting another job. Or, hey, since the job market’s terrible, just go on the dole. It’s bound to produce a better income than brony fluffer.

      1. It is his opinion, let it be at that. It is pretty obvious that he can’t tell you what to do with your money, take a chill pill.

      1. They invented the postal service for a reason. LEARN HOW TO IMPORT! There’s EBAY, YESASIA, PLAYASIA… Use them!

    1. Yea all those people who buy 2 or 3 of the same ones to have them in the box, when there might be enough if they only bought one.

    2. You buy a product, you own the product. It is that simple, doesn’t matter what the person does with it as it still will be taken off the shelf regardless. Wouldn’t matter if they wanted to stick it up their ass when they get home, it doesn’t change anything.

      So many retailers only sell one per person, many won’t even tell you over the phone how many they have in store anymore. This has been going on since after wave 1. So it doesn’t make a difference whether you open it or not, the problem lies with Nintendo not shipping enough for the demand. With many retailers trying to combat the scalping, people still can’t manage to get the ones they want, even with a limit per person.

      It wouldn’t matter so much how many a person bought either in a realistic sense, if there were actually any to buy in the first place. That’s the real problem.

      I haven’t opened any of mine, but I’ve only bought one of each. So honestly what difference would there be if I opened them? I’d still have them either way opened or not, it isn’t magically going to increase supply stock just because people open them.

      1. Not all retailers support the 1-per person rule either. Your local stores may, but that doesn’t mean mine do.

        You obviously don’t see the point either. These were made to be opened and used with games as accessories. Not to be in their original packaging on a shelf. The ones remaining in the boxes are taken out of the hands of the kid/person that wish to use them in the game(s). Collectors and scalpers are buying them up with no intention to use them as intended leaving those of us simply wanting our favorite characters to be used in particular games.

        I understand economics, people can spend their money how they wish on whatever they want. I don’t think Nintendo counted on numerous people to purchase them to sit on a shelf. They were made to use with games, and both the Wii U and *new* 3DS have small install bases and probably put a supply relative to that.

        1. What? I agree with Michelle. I mean we don’t have to remove our amiibo out of their boxes if we don’t want to. I realize that they’re meant to be opened, and to be used in games that support them, but that doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to keep them in their packages either. I honestly don’t see how collectors are as bad as scalpers, I mean I’m a collector myself, but I only have 1 amiibo of each character. We’re not more hardcore if we keep them in their boxes, or let them free (that was from an article about tips for hunting amiibo from The Tanooki by the way). P.S. If it makes you feel any better, I always set my amiibo free. ;)

          1. People can do what they want with them, but the comparison is still valid. Let me put it this way. Why keep them in the box? What are they then.. decorations? If something is kept in the original box, it is practically meant to be resold. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow, but at some point it would be resold. Basically the amiibo was purchased and not used. It’s not like the scalpers are opening them up then reselling them. They are leaving them in the box. I understand there are people that actually won’t part with them at all and leave them in the box. But that doesn’t mean whoever inherits them won’t resell them. See it all the time on Pawn Stars of people getting something passed down, then just head out and resell them. In which case there are people today looking for particular ones, but cannot find them and use them in games as they are intended since they are being picked up by people that are not using them as intended. They see it with a $ sign and keep it for later.

            1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

              So what if they pass it to their kids & they sell it? That still doesn’t make them any worse than scalpers.

      2. You could use them and they would look less tacky on display.
        Only reason to keep something in packaging is to sell as NISB on ebay after it’s no longer produced.

        1. Whatever! They’re OUR toys! Like I said, we don’t HAVE to take them out if we don’t feel like it! >:(

  1. I refuse to open my Villager. He’s so creepy looking. All happy and seemingly peaceful…

    Then he pulls out the axe.

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      *chuckle* That won’t save you, though, when it gets possessed by an evil spirit. Even Chucky was able to escape the box he came in to kill his unsuspecting victims. *evil, sinister laugh*

  2. Nintendo announces they’re sorry about Amiibo issues and say they’re going to work on fixing it. Nintendo then announces that they’ll be doing reprints…for Japan.
    Given how much they rely on the other regional markets, why not just say that they’re working on reprints for North America and Europe as well? You don’t even need a specific date yet like with Japan, just let the fans know that they can look forward to it.

    1. Cause Kotaku (and Wired) will find some obscure wire or email that was made a half a year before about the amounts being limited to shelf space and report on it as fact that they are being discontinued to never be made again.

  3. The reprint is coming to the US and other regions too. You don’t just put something up on the line and make something for one region while they are aware that other regions need a stock replenish too. It takes time to setup the molds on a manufacturing line and get people prepared to do the one thing on the line. This is just simple economics and logistics.

    1. Given that most Amiibo sales are from outside Japan, it’d be nice if they focused initially on those areas. But alas. It’s Nintendo. And they could easily ramp up production if they wanted to, but I feel like they’re still trying to hold on to the notion of creating artificial demand with the lack of supply and retail exclusives in order to push the “value of Nintendo products”. They’ve just been put in a corner with all the criticisms regarding the Amiibo implementation, so they’re finally shuffling their feet and making changes.

      1. Again, I don’t think you get what I was saying, all regions are manufactured at once. It saves money setting up the mold. This about like a car being manufactured. They don’t constantly switch the models of cars, its not cost efficient, more mistakes happen and less is produced when you do. It takes a bit for a model to be switched in a plant. While not as difficult to manufacturing a car, it runs basically the same (and the figures themselves aren’t region specific, i.e. they come out the same plant). The Japan announcements are a good indication of what is happening in other regions.

        They have certain capacity at a facility at one time, and since they are selling like an iPhone does, with 40 different model. They are basically running through the initial run of planned figures as fast as they can to get back to reprints. There is a limit to how fast you can get things out and still make a profit and that is what you are seeing. (Also, retail stores have to make reorders, which is a whole other thing but in short it gauges what they can sell.)

        Nintendo’s not making artificial demand, there is a really demand there, and it isn’t helped scapulars in the US and US alone has ramped up that demand. You don’t get to 10+ million in less than 6 months and also artificially create demand.

  4. Australia got a restock of sonic, meta knight, Ike and marth last week. Got all 4 and opened them to use in Smash. The latter two sold out within two days.

  5. So my parents went through all that work to get me a rosalina amiibo just to find that they’re getting more shipped to America soon??? Are you kidding me???

  6. I’m hoping that if there IS more shipments of older amiibos in North America that there’s ENOUGH of them. I don’t want to suffer from freakin’ shortages again!

  7. My little brother wants a Little Mac very badly, so I really hope to see that amiibo reprinted in the US. Maybe I’ll just have to buy it from overseas along with Rosalina.

  8. Rosalina, Lucario, and Meta Knight. My pre-orders for Ike, and King Dedede have been delayed… AGAIN for whatever reason. Now I have to wait until August before I can get them (if they don’t get delayed again that is). :’c

    1. Actually, never mind, I got a call from GameStop earlier today that my Ike amiibo came in, and I only have 2 days to pick him up, I’m so hyped! :D

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