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Miyamoto’s Project Giant Robot Could Be Released This Summer

If you cast yourselves back to E3 2014, you might remember Miyamoto announcing he was working on a few games— one of which was called Project Giant Robot. Alongside Project Giant Robot, he said he was working on Project Guard and Starfox for the Wii U, and they’d be coming out in 2015. According to the latest earnings release, Project Giant Robot is expected to release in Europe and the US in the “first half of 2015” which is running out very soon, so we can only imagine it will come out in June. Given the recent news about Nintendo at E3, I think we can expect to see these games properly revealed at E3 and ready to play shortly after. Excited?

56 thoughts on “Miyamoto’s Project Giant Robot Could Be Released This Summer”

    1. Yea.. this looked rather lame. Maybe the concept took off behind the scenes and evolved, but what we saw before was pretty uninspiring imo.

      1. I have a feeling that both “project” games are either one game, or were just gameplay studies that well become a full idea. Remember he has made all his amazing ideas first with gameplay studies, Mario, Zelda, metroid, donkey kong, all started with just working on gameplay first then story and such. I have a feeling the same goes here.

    2. Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein

      Agreed. Both project robots and that other game with the camaras had nothing that I liked.

    3. That could have just been very early footage demonstrating what he plans to make. Surely they would release like that

      1. na i doubt it ether knowing miyamoto he would implement it to a diffrent game or made something great out of the early footage.

        1. *wouldn’t lets just give it the benefit of a doubt. Maybe it became some futuristic mech battle game or something. It would be a major flop if the E3 footage is what the final game looks like

    1. Starfox will be released.. It will likely be the big before christmas launch, but starfox isnt weighty enough on its own to drive massive sales. This lend me to believe the paper mario myth and we will see two large wiiU games launched around xmas time, probably a month in between.
      Im genuinely surprised we didnt see the luigis mansion port to the wiiU. Imagine integrating multiplayer (and hopefully online) with this title. Could be nice potential.

      Im also surprised they didnt explore fleshing out some of the games in nintendoland for that matter or even using some of those mechanics for other games. Solid local multiplayer games (could easily integrate online multi) that really showcased the gamepad.

      1. I think at the end of this year is when Xenoblade Chronicles X is going to be released. I think that and Starfox might be like ORAS and Smash 4 last year if they’re released on the same day.

      2. nothing will help drive sales. they have had Smash, Kart, DK, 3d World..nothing resonates with consumers. The platform is dead. Star Fox will be its swan song for the Holidays. Expect NX to be announced at E3 2016 with a Fall 2016 release. It’s the only thing that makes sense with the lack of sales, Zelda pushed back and rumors of AMD coming out with new console hardware

        1. I don’t get why people think it will release so soon. So what if Wii U is a poor selling console. It was criminally underrated not a failure, Nintendo even said they are still dedicated to the system until the sales are what they hoped for. Even if it is announced next year it wouldn’t likely release that year or even the next

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  2. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

    He’s gotta be fucking joking right? That game looked like shit. Creative idea but it looks boring as fuck.

    1. The elephant’s face, is the same facial expression i had. When i first look at your comment.

  3. Excited for Starfox. If this game doesn’t sell well then the people that constantly whinged to Nintendo to make this game are posers.

  4. What about the free to play game that was announced a while back? I think it was “Treasure” or something like that.

  5. Im thinking we will see a “revised” version of the wiiU with an updated gamepad, similar to the ones that were ‘thought’ to have been seen in the early mariokart commercials, but blurred out. Slimmer controller with less girth around the screen, and much improved battery life. System specs wont change at all, hopefully. The NX will hopefully be a system that stands for “Nintendo Xtreme” and pushes past ps4 and xbone in terms of power and has a similar architecture for porting 3rd party games. Then nintendo gets all the 3rd party games, with gorgeous 1st party exclusives.

    1. we can only hope. But nothing Iwata has done since the Wii and DS has give me any reason to think he will suddenly ‘get it’. The guy walked into the Wii as it was already in development and can solely be credited with the DS. That’s it. He’s a disaster

  6. Game was horrible honestly. I respect the man but the game was pretty bland. If it is released hopefully its vastly upgraded and more fast pace

  7. The game was very early in development, so who knows now. But I agree, it seemed like a ridiculous game. You move a giant robot through a city using gyro controls? No thx.

  8. Oh, yay! Giant Robot! I’ve been crossing the days off my calendar waiting for more news about this game! -_- not…

  9. They should invent a game that utilise the Wii U gamepad to hit yourself in the head – now that would be fuckin A!!!

    1. The wii u is no longer failing. It has sold 10 million units and will sell more when splatoon releases. It is the highest preordered wii u game. I thought don’t think project robot will sell.

  10. Looked crap and out of touch with current trends. Miamotos prototype slot was the lowlight of last E3. I also blame him for many poor decisions with recent games. Like no voice chat.

      1. Miyamoto has a shitload of sway at Nintendo, because he’s Miyamoto. If he says something, it goes. We don’t know whether he influenced the lack of voice chat for Splatoon, but if he doesn’t like something, it won’t be in a Nintendo game. He’s become like the George Lucas of Nintendo where everyone holds him in such reverence but he’s outdated and needs to step down – that or take a better look at his priorities. Iwata put him on making new games to take advantage of the gamepad, and we got a couple shitty prototypes. Hey, we can switch between different cameras with the gamepad. Woooo!


    1. Project Giant Robot and Project Guard will most likely be free-to-play games (at least I think they should) but if they aren’t then I agree with your asking price

  11. Totally forgotten about this game. Well, I’m up for experimental experiences but this seems more like a mini-game package rather than a full retail game. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt of course but if it’s still the same, I’m likely not even going to care.

  12. I really want this game to be good. But I have no hope. I thought it looked SO stupid back when they showed it. Though I thought that same thing about Splatoon, and people are acting nuts over that. But I NEVER take people’s word for anything, since I often have different taste than nearly anybody else.

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  14. The fact that we’ve only seen an incredibly basic prototype from last year and they’re looking at a summer release of this year should make people nervous.

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