Check Out This Interview With The Developers Of Yooka-Laylee From GameXplain

GameXplain have sat down with Playtonic Games, the creative minds behind Yooka-Laylee, to find out more about them and the game. Chris Sutherland, Gavin Price, Steven Hurst and Andy Robinson tell us a bit more about how the game came together, some stuff they have planned, the character design, a bit about the villain of the game and a lot more. The interview is 44 minutes long so it requires a bit of focus, but has some really interesting stuff in there!

We chat with the developers behind Yooka-Laylee including Chris Sutherland, Gavin Price, Steven Hurst, and Andy Robinson, to find out more about the Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor. We cover a range of topics such as how the game came together, the character design, if the main villian will rhyme once again, and the Ukulele of Time?! (don’t get too excited about that last one). All this and more in our interview with Playtonic games!


    1. this game is what RARE should had done long ago, i hope it shows for BOTH Nintendo&Microsoft that theres still demand for great 3D collect a thon platformers. But besides that WiiU really is the king of platformers of 8th gen systems, which is simply awesome!


  1. It’s annoying for me when they post stuff about GameXplain because I’m already subscribed to their YouTube channel and watched this yesterday. But I guess there’s lots of people who haven’t so…


      1. I didnt say I cared a whole lot, I just said it was a little annoying. I also said that I liked how other people who aren’t subscribed got to see this so stop and think before you comment pal.


    1. Yep. Including me. If it’s not posted here, I don’t see it. A job, two large dogs, a job, a house…I don’t have much time, so I like having one website for gaming News. ;)


      1. Yes I want other people to see this news, I’m glad that they are posting it. It’s just that I’ve already seen it before so I don’t really get anything new.


    2. I’m subscribed to Nintendo… In America, UK, and Japan… to my email. But don’t get me wrong. I definitely understand.


    1. I’ll never understand why people like you feel the need to make others feel like shit when they’re excited or happy. The money’s going toward a game people have been waiting on for about 15 years. Did you NOT expect it to be funded well? Not each, individual person gave $2M, you know. It’s a crowd funded thing, bud. I bet you’ll feel like an ass when this game comes out and it when fucking game of the year, for a damn indie title. Still, just a prediction, but I have high hopes for this game. Loosen up.


  2. I’m a fan of GameXplain but I’m wondering if MNN has some sort of deal with them. I don’t really mean anything by it, just curious.


    1. ^^^


      “Oh, there’s a 3D character in a 3D world. It’s a lizard. It’s a bat. They can jump and collect coins. Yay. … OH MY GOSH THEY MENTIONED BANIO-KAZOOIE TAKE MY MONEY.”


      1. You bet! It’s a game involving jumping lizards and bats where you collect coins that people have been WAITING FOR goddamnit!

        And it’s taken this long to finally get some work done. You can understand why people are excited.

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