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Smash Bros. Player Is So Good There’s A Bounty On Him

Gonzalo “Zero” Barrios has come first in every Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament he’s been in, that’s 34 consecutive wins since November 2014 in the 1v1 category. The founder of Community Effort Orlando has offered a bounty on Zero’s head, $250 for the person that takes away his title, a hefty incentive! But then Chris Brown, owner of offered to match that $250 if they got involved, making it $500 for whoever can take Zero out. CEO 2015 tournament will be taking place June 26th-28th, so we’ll have to wait and see if anyone claims the bounty.

206 thoughts on “Smash Bros. Player Is So Good There’s A Bounty On Him”

    1. I hate fat feckers!

      Look at the fat turd. Was he the nerd in South Park that the guys couldn’t kill in World Of Warcraft until they got the “Sword of a Thousand Truths”?

      Someone should grab both ends of that scarf and pull until they hear a “pop”.

      He might be the best in the States but come to Europe and I’ll destroy him. Oh wait he can’t. The plane wouldn’t get off the ground with that fat Jabba The cHUnT on board.

  1. this is disgusting. look how low the smash comunity has gone. Zero, the bitch, is the best player. What the fuck.

    1. Sigh… only with Nintendo gamers; can an overweight, homosexual, hipster virgin with a scarf wrapped around his neck like a giant douchebag become an icon. Lmfao!

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>Proof that you’re nothing more than a troll, hater and not to mention a pathetic primitive ape>>>

      2. Is there something wrong with the fat? or the virgins? homosexuals? You are an asshole. He is not an icon for any of these reasons. He’s famous because he’s better than you in Smash Bros. fucking low life.

      3. Seriously? Can people not follow what they believe? Or is being overweight, hipster, virgin and having a scarf wrapped around his neck illegal?

  2. Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein

    The hell. He looked like he was trash during the first Smash tournament. I could take him out.

    1. he’s a tier whore. always picks the “top characters” (sheik, rosalina, diddy and zss at the invitational). in every smash game he plays, he straights up picks the most broken character.

      1. I believe he chose diddy before he was considered top tier, remember tiers are made by how they do in tourney’s, the characters used by the number one player automatically become the top of the tier list, if he wins with ganon, ganon becomes top tier, in other words, he doesn’t choose the characters because they are top tier, he makes them top tier, now here’s a video of him wrecking people online with olimar

        1. pink0crystal0midbus

          Olimar is a best. I’ve used Olimar and destroyed many people.

          I even beat good Diddy’s before they patched him.

            1. pink0crystal0midbus

              It’s true. He’s fast and his dodges are quick and he can land massive damage without being near his opponent.

      2. What’s with all the hate? >”always picks the top characters”<
        I'm sure if any of you guys joined a tournament with the intent to win, you would do the same…

        It's not like Zero was the only one who used characters that can be considered "top tier". Besides, tiers don't really mean anything, as long as you can put the effort in with your character, even a "low tier" character can stand up to "high tiers".

        I mean, he played Shulk (pretty much low tier) and he beats Dabuz's Sonic with it (considered high tier compared to Shulk). It's not like Dabuz is bad either.

        1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

          It’s just a bunch of people with no skill at playing the game whining about someone that does have it.

          1. Ikr.

            What some people don’t understand is that it’s not the character you play, but how much time and effort you put into understanding the character, game mechanics and even stage knowledge.

            Most, if not all of top players have read over the frame data for Smash, so they know exactly how much lag the character has.

            Tiers have little to no effect on “winnability”. Unless you put in the effort with your main into actually being good into the game, you won’t stand a chance against a Zero that intends to win.

            And those curious, he still has won 1st in every tournament he entered, ever since Apex 2015. It’s sad what happened though, after the GFs.

    2. I thought the same thing. I would have WHOOPED everyone at the first tourney. Can’t believe people were impressed with the girl who used wii fit either. Literally all she did was sit back and spam volleyballs.

      1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

        Really? I’m good at using Wii fit trainer as well. Smart smash players usually catch on when you’re about to hit a volleyball. Either way Wii fit trainer is fucking boss.

            1. Yea lol I ALWAYS go straight for spammers in 4 way matches. Day 1 midnight release of the 3DS one, my friend was playing with a group of guys he met in line at wal mart so I hopped in when I got my copy. Some guy thought he would be slick and stand at the edge with rosalina and have the luma do all his fighting. I wasn’t having that. Got in and wrecked his day and everyone else and won every match. Don’t pull that shit with me lol.

              1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                Lol Damn I know what you mean. I can’t fucking stead people who spam as well. We should play again sometime.

                1. I’m down, I have taken a break but I could oil up the ol’ thumbs sometime and get some smash in.

                    1. Depends on the day, maybe tomorrow but I might be going to a pool party/bbq tomorrow so I don’t know yet. Season is winding down at my job so my schedule will be changing, and my boss is on vacation after today so I am not sure what shifts of her I’m picking up this week, but I will keep you posted. I am at work all day today till 1am so probably not tonight lol.

                      1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                        Same here bro. I work from 5:00pm to 1:00am. Whenever you’re available just let me know.

                          1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                            Alright cool. Closing should being around 12:00am so I should be at home right at 1:00am

                            1. true that it takes me like 15 to 25 minutes to get home, I will shoot you a message on here or miiverse when I am home and let you know if I am awake enough to play or not lol.

                                1. I might be down, I might not be, depends lol. I hit up a friend on facebook who I haven’t talked to in a few years, and through his I saw another friend I haven’t seen in like 10 years, reconnected with him real quick only to find out he is dying of liver cancer. So I might go see him after work tonight. That’s if he is still up. I don’t think he would make that up, part of me would love to hear he is joking of course, but lol if he is, I’ll get that bastard.

                                  1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                                    Yeah I understand go do things. Best friends over some random fucker on the Internet lol. He probably is joking, that’s something I’ll do to fuck with a friend I haven’t seen in a while.

                                    1. Haha I hope so, I will find out tonight or tomorrow for sure. Still not sure if I’ll be up to play tonight, but I’m off in 2 hours so I should have a better idea by then.

                                      1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                                        Don’t sweat it man lol. Actually I’m quite bad at smash when I’m tired so… I won’t be at my full potential but I’m still a hell hazard so be warned.

                                        1. lol true that yea I’m not either when I’m tired. at least we’re both off in the next hour and a half. fuck yea to that lol.

                                            1. Hey any reason I can’t get online in smash? I’m online on my system right now typing this. But when I try to go online it goes to the connecting screen and stays there unless I press B to cancel. No error message or anything. I have Mewtwo & that update.

                                              1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                                                Are you trying to join my room? It does that when you try join someone’s room.

                                                1. at first yea then I just tried going on regular. I’ll close software maybe and reopen.

                                                        1. Lol that match was horribly lag ridden they fucked you on that life with the bridge coming back lol

                                                          1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                                                            I know lol. Yeah see the lag you’ve been talking about. What kind of WiFi are you using?

                                                            1. U verse lol. It’s not the best either lol that they offer cause my roommate would rather have hd TV. Lag sucks cause if you’re a slow character you’re fucked lol.

                                                              1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                                                                That’s probably where the lag is coming from. I’ll try come down on using pit for awhile.

                                                          1. Um actually yes. If you are good in any smash, your skills catch on quick to the new ones. I was far better than anyone there on release, and on 3DS release.

                                                            1. As it IS true that experience in previous game in the series lets you play better than newcomers to the game (as if that wasn’t obvious lol), there are a lot of differences that require you to put in a good amount of effort into playing competitively.

                                                              You have new characters to worry about, new movesets and definitely frame lags, etc. are a lot different compared to the other smash games. You could use MetaKnight (nerfed in Sm4sh), Fox, or even Diddy Kong. It won’t be easy against a good Villager/Rosalina/Bowser Jr. without a good amount of playtime experience (even if you are godly with those characters).

                                                        1. The only reason they booed him was because Smash 4 took too long at APEX because the people who attended wanted to see the Melee matches.

                                                      1. problem is, he knows falcon and samus weaknesses, he has chracter analysis videos about them on his channel

                                                      2. It has to be a American Falcon due to him saying “Falcon players are terrible” and “Japan players are better than USA players”.

                                                    1. How can ANYONE can get good at a game like this? I’ll never understand that. Wins have always felt like they were based on luck (in the entire series). I can’t even see my character a lot of times. And I usually end up defeating my own self for that very reason. Maybe it’s my eye problem or something. Who knows.

                                                      1. pink0crystal0midbus

                                                        It’s not luck. It’s whoever has the better techniques, self control and who can read their opponents techniques and predict their next moves.

                                                        Some people can predict, based on testing their opponent, when they will shield, when they will attack, when they will grab, air dodge, etc.

                                                        BUT, you also need to know how to counter your opponent’s mistakes. Some characters are faster, slower, etc. So you need to know the perameters of each character’s capabilities to land the best possible hits when your opponent exhibits weakness. If you fail to counter effectively even after reading a move, than your opponent can get off unscathed and will not make the same mistake again (lost your chance).

                                                        You can also fool your opponent into making the move you want them to so you can counter with a different approach and land a blow. Like, for instance, tricking you opponent into thinking you will come in for an attack, but instead you come in for a grab and get them when they put up their shield.

                                                        It is very complex and you don’t really notice all of this unless you are actually into playing the game.

                                                          1. it still is for fun, but some people like to play competitively too. 8-player smash is purely for fun :)

                                                      2. You sound like you’re really bad at the game. It’s actually completely skill based – no luck involved. Unless you play Game and Watch and use the hammer.

                                                      3. Unless the only wins you’ve seen are from G&W’s Judgement, the competitive scene isn’t luck based.

                                                          1. pink0crystal0midbus

                                                            What is his record? Either way, even if Wong’s record is like 130 consecutive wins, this scarf guy is still impressive winning 35 Smash tourneys in a row.

                                                            I doubt I could even win a single one, let alone win multiples ones (or all the tournaments I have ever entered). I am also a pretty avid Smash player too.

                                                            1. Ever since Apex (and even some time before that) he has been placing 1st in EVERY tournament he has entered. That is definitely an impressive feat, and one I would kill (not literally ofc) to be able to do.

                                                              The thing is, people are put off by this. They think they have NO chance against Zero. I say everyone here as a good of a chance as Zero IF (and that’s IF) they put a similar amount of effort in the game. Zero may be good at Smash, but it’s not like he eats and breathes Smash.

                                                              I’m going to get a Wii U soon, I want to be able to play at that level. I will look over the Sm4sh data, combos and matchups to be able to win with someone I like to use. Yes I suck at Sm4sh, but it’s the motivation that drives you better.

                                                      1. Big deal? What big deal? Somebody’s consecutively placed on top in the newest Smash in the six months since it’s release, and a few community populars are offering a MERE $500 dollars to defeat him.

                                                    2. The bounty is not about how good he is. It’s about him being a tier whore and always picking the most broken character’s to annoying the shit out of his opponents.

                                                      1. You’re a massive idiot. If you’re a top player who relies on the game for a living, you need to play characters with a lot of options. EVERYONE does it. And Zero still beats EVERYONE. He’d beat any character, high or low, with Zelda if he wanted to. There’s videos of him beating M2K’s (top 5 Melee player) pre-patch Diddy with Doc Mario for fucks sake. You’re talking out of your ass. Zero’s skill transcends you.

                                                        1. Zero DOES NOT play the game to make a living. He plays because he enjoys the game. The reason why he tried to win Apex 2015 is because it has been his lifelong dream, to win an event that big.
                                                          Apart from that, I agree with you.

                                                          [Talking now to everyone who reads this]
                                                          Why do people bash Zero for using a character that is considered high tier? It’s not like Diddy Kong is exclusive to Zero. If the reason why he won was because of high tiers, why weren’t the whole top 8 Diddy Mains??

                                                          The reason guys, is simple. He won because he put effort into a game he enjoys, that that is normal (contrary to belief). I play DJMAX, and am in the top because I enjoy the game, and genuinely put effort and significant amount of time practicing. I wasn’t born a top player. Even I had difficulty getting 100% perfect plays in lv3 longs ffs.

                                                          The thing with smash (and many other games) is that people think they can do well without that effort. You aren’t born to be a top player. Even with talent, it only goes so far if you don’t put in the effort. Sure, some games require more skill than others, that does not mean that said game is better than the latter.

                                                          You want to get good competitively at Smash? Go and actually read over the resources that are free on the internet. You want to be a top player? Actually practice, learn matchups, and essentially “git gud” with a character that shares your playstyle.

                                                          Want to play Smash casually? You are no less important than a person who is a top player. People who are top players shouldn’t look down on you just because you are casual and the same goes for you. Don’t look down on top players just because they are top players.

                                                          What people don’t get is that. Learn to play the game. A lot of people are competitive in nature. That is perfectly normal. Putting down other players just because they invested more/less time in a game that you enjoy, is just stupid. And if you don’t like the game, play another. Don’t put down another game just because you don’t enjoy it.

                                                    3. Why can’t we, as gamers, just play games and not make a big deal of things.? I can easily say I’m not a great SSB player, but I have fun playing. Competition is all good, but I think this has gone a bit overboard.

                                                        1. That’s what I meant. I should’ve clarified my point a little bit. I don’t see the reason for people to put tier players on a pedestal. Yes they’re really good, but the best players are going to be the developers hands down. I don’t understand why we’re celebrating false victory.

                                                          1. Sakurai probably isn’t the best Smash player (Competitive or Causal). Most people actually joke about it saying he’ll make a patch that nerfs for characters and buff his x 1000.

                                                          2. pink0crystal0midbus

                                                            Developers are not the best players towards their respective games. This is true of ALL fighting games/video games in general.

                                                            Actually, most developers admit to being terrible at their own games.

                                                          3. This many wins is not a ‘false victory’. Zero would 2 stock every smash dev no problem. He had an understanding of the game that neither you or them could even fathom.

                                                      1. Anubis, Son of Osiris

                                                        What’s wrong with this? I would rather see news like this that brings the gaming community together rather than tearing it apart.

                                                        1. But as you’ve probably seen by the comments it doesn’t bring the gaming community together.

                                                          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                            >>>Because the new generation of inbreeds are a joke, they take gaming beyond seriously and that’s why they love Xboxes and shallow Sonyans>>>

                                                              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                                >>>It has to do with gamers not being gamers anymore but shallow mongrels that complain about everything and then not having any real skills>>>

                                                      2. “Competition is all good, but I think this has gone a bit overboard.”

                                                        I don’t understand. This is a thematic and fun incentive for anyone to go and defeat Zero in this fun competition of a game. Where’s the “big deal” about this, as if anyone’s seriously distressed that Zero’s on top lately?

                                                        Or, I dunno, maybe I’m the one who’s oblivious to Smash Community politics.

                                                    4. Playing ranked matches are almost no fun. People get waaaay to into this shit, start spamming the same crap over and over then its like well this is lame. I still think the characters should be balanced so that they hardly off set each other. Some characters are pointless if you’re doing this kinda thing. Idk, I play online all the time. Im not great or anything, but ill put up a fight.

                                                      If your playing 3ds and run across “Rhino” we’ve dueled lol. : )

                                                      1. It’s called competitive drive. It means you will find and exploit whatever you can to win, and when spamming overly-defensive crap at opponents is the most effective tactic, it’s the developers’ fault for making the game’s meta suck so badly.

                                                        1. Though I do agree with you to some extent, it shouldn’t be the game developer’s fault. If I decided to design a game and I intended it to be a fun party game, I WANT it to be a fun party game.

                                                          The only way I can agree with you 100% is if that game was intended by the developer to be competitive in nature. But tbh, unless all characters are clones, it’s pretty much impossible (and I mean IMPOSSIBLE) to balance the entire meta.

                                                      2. If you know anything about competitive play you’d know that ‘spamming the same crap’ is never a good idea, and unless you’re playing someone terrible, it will never work.

                                                    5. So much salt in the comments.
                                                      “Oh He’s using Diddy Kong. He’s such a fat casual”
                                                      1. Dabuz was using Rosalina at APEX and the Nintendo National 3DS, as well as the huge number of Fox/Falco users and no one batted an eye.
                                                      2. Also, “look how low the smash comunity has gone.” At least it’s not full of negativity like you guys. Sheesh.

                                                      1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

                                                        its funny they give option to all players choose whatever character they want and when they lose they play the “this game is broken” card and smash controller to the ground.

                                                        1. Yea! It’s not fair he can choose Diddy and I CAN’T!! Why the heck am I limited to Charizard and Wii Fit Trainer??? Godfreakingdamnit.

                                                          This game is BROKEN AF!


                                                    6. “Blah, blah, I’ll take him out”. I see a lot of “talk” and haters but I don’t see any of you taking a shot at the tournament. I’m sure he’ll take you bastards down if you tried anyway. Turds.

                                                        1. i know, right? it is ridiculous how many people are bashing on his skills and even his appearance just because he is good. for fucks sake people, y’all do realize he didn’t put the bounty on himself?? he isn’t trying to be an attention whore, he just naturally attracts attention from being good. lol so many insecure butthurt kids who wish they could be great at smash- they literally feel threatened by Zero just by him being good, so they feel the urge to retaliate (totally nonsensical)

                                                          1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                                                            With success, comes not just fans but haters, too. :/ Some people just don’t like a successful person.

                                                    7. Yah but dude, its smash bros. I don’t know, whatever who cares lol. I swear iv played against someone with the name Zero online though. I dont know if they allow duplicate names without some variation. When I play ranked matches all I want to do is jump in some online Halo slayer matches. Nothing beats a good old 4 tv’s/ 4- 360’s 16 friends tearing into eachother with Swords and SMG’s $ON.

                                                    8. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                      >>>Sounds fascinating, I don’t care about the money though, I just want to destroy him for the fun of it>>>

                                                      1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

                                                        with that money you could afford xbox one and finally broaden up your video game experience.

                                                        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                          >>>I have a PC to play on, I don’t want to touch filthy corrupted disgusting Xboxes that would decrease my gaming experience and not to mention that it’s a slave machine>>>

                                                          1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

                                                            Dont kid yourself QuadCoreRamus-NX, i sense through the force your desire to get Xbox One and play Sunset Overdrive and some Halo.

                                                              1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

                                                                Commander, search your feelings, you do desire Windows and Xbox products, imagine what you could accomplish with using both Nintendo Power and Xbox SmartGlass! Why should a Nintendo faithful limit itself only for one brand. Xbox is the only way that can save Mario from mobile. Jump In!

                                                          2. Lol so what? I’m still considering an Xbox One even though I’m saving for a gaming PC. Nothing wrong with having more systems to play on.

                                                        2. Alright, you got this! :D

                                                          Here’s the frame data for Sm4sh –

                                                          Now you just need to find a character you like to use, learn combos, frame lag, hitbox data, weaknesses, favourable matchups, unfavourable matchups, strengths, playstyle, test out custom moves, find out OP’s playstyles, look through the tier list to find more used characters, find weaknesses, frama data of said characters, get a GC controller (probably), meet Zero, go to an event where he’s entered, pay the entry fee, get past some other people, meet Zero at GFs (if you make it this far, congrats!), battle him in GFs, win (if you get this far, you know I’ve trained you well, my young Padawan).

                                                          Once you do all the above, you can send me the prize money (or part of) at my address of 3 Boree St. Marsfield, Sydney, Australia :D

                                                          TYVM, Much appreciated :)

                                                          But srsly, as much as I admire people wanting to reach far competitively (which is a good and healthy thing in a competitive scene), saying outright you’re better than someone (who is no.1 in the world btw) is a bit ambitious lol

                                                      2. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

                                                        Oh god, Smash community at their best again and to those who say the guy in the poster is a virgin, news flash the whole competitive smash community is full of them, i mean the fact that some have gone the lenghts to offer bounty on a videogame player just proves my point.

                                                        this is why i never went for glory mode in smash4, too many take the game too seriously.

                                                          1. this comment literally makes no sense. if you can’t compete in a 1v1 no item final destination arena your skills are the problem.

                                                            1. For one thing, competitive isn’t just 1v1 FD. Second, For Glory gives people terrible tactics on how to play better. Instead of playing For Glory, you should friend someone and and play on not just FD, but Battlefield, Prism Tower, Yoshi’s Island, Duck Hunt, Smashville, Town and City, and Castle Siege.

                                                          1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                                                            The lack of the Final Smash Ball is a letdown in For Glory, though. Same with being forced on the Final Destination stages. A little strategy using the regular big stages would add to the competitiveness for me.

                                                            1. Yea final destination is BS. It’s good for spammers and such like fox users who wanna spam lasers. Battlefield is a much more fair stage if you’re gonna have a one on on. You should have the choice of all stages though. That’s why I don’t really play online. As my friend said, they obviously don’t want me there anyway

                                                              1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                                                                Not to mention all the bullshit rules Sakurai put in place. Oh & not allowing custom characters online. Oh & the lack of customization. There is no fun in 2 minute matches. When things start heating up, oops! Time’s up! -.-

                                                                1. Yea man I can’t stand the lack of options and custom stuff online. And yea 2 minutes are just stupid. Got in a huge argument way back on here with someone about long matches. He actually said he liked short matches like that. What’s the point? Like you said, just when it heats up, the match is over. Only people who like time matches are people who suck and try to run away for two minutes and hoping to get a quick easy cheap kill. Same thing goes for people who like low stock matches. Sorry tourney people, 5 stock or more proves skill, not 2 stock matches. Who can endure and learn the other person. Not who can get the quickest cheapest kill. You gotta have time to really feel each other out to see who is better. Honestly I feel it takes at least a good couple of 5 stock matches to see who is truly better.

                                                            2. Yea, the fact that you can only play on FD stages always irked me (though tbh, I love FD, but I don’t really like some stage gimmicks). There are many stages that can show off game knowledge/skill besides a flat slate. Same with no customs (though equipment also counts as custom moves). Customs would be good to see in For Glory, but I can see why they wouldn’t be in. The main thing is why I can’t use MY MII to play against other players?

                                                              And to be completely fair, adding the smash ball would just factor in more luck into the game. Not that I don’t agree with you though. A battle with a Final Smash would look pretty hype.

                                                              Removing all luck is like playing Pokemon with only 100% moves, removing crits, and removing all moves that have a secondary effect that has a chance to activate.

                                                      3. Sounds like this guy has to get out and get some fresh air every once in awhile. Maybe forget his tournament then someone can win lol

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