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New Super Nintendo Game Funded For Wii U eShop Release


Everyone, say hello to Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death! It’s the latest Super Nintendo game, due to come out in early 2016! Yes, that’s right, on SUPER NINTENDO!

The adventure/puzzle game is comprised of ten stages and contains a classic 16-bit glow that will be sure to delight traditionalists. The best part? The game plugs right into your Super Nintendo console — it comes in a legit Super Nintendo cartridge, and ships with a box and manual straight out of 1993. Niche, yes, but totally brilliant too!

If you’re unfortunate enough to lack a working Super Nintendo in your home, breathe a sigh of relief and know that the game is also to be released on the Wii U eShop, funded by a Kickstarter. I don’t know about you, but I find that the Super Nintendo is the pinnacle of gaming, so this game is right up my alley!

15 thoughts on “New Super Nintendo Game Funded For Wii U eShop Release”

  1. CONTINUUM! Meet people from all over the world and….DESTROY THEY’RE FACES!

    Free, fast, and addicting. Find it on Steam or its website. Good times ahead, don’t slow down. (SHEEPLE)

  2. I’ve seen other games doing this before, if I recall well there’s a company called “Super Fighting Team” who have done a bunch of new games for older consoles, including SNES. My only issue with this particular game is that the only appeal is pure nostalgia for the system, and nothing else. It’s very easy to market your game as being this retro piece for one of the best consoles ever, what isn’t easy is to make a good game that can stand alone regardless of that.
    For what I can see, this is the case with “Caverns of Death”. In general the game feels uninspired and sub-par for SNES standards (compared with good games that came out 20 years ago), and for me this makes the game irrelevant.

  3. wow, this could pass for the real deal! Let’s just hope they didn’t go as far as to mimic the quality (or, lack thereof) of generic gimmicky early ’90s platforming as well…

  4. AWESOME! I was just barely watching a video on YouTube talking about this game being on Kickstarter. And now, here it is. Wow!

  5. Hell I just bought that Wii limited edition title, so why not. The nostalgia is far too great, and I think my SNES will still work.

    It’s also coming on NES, but I don’t have one unfortunately.
    20 hours to go!

  6. This isnt really anything that new, especially if you count yearly reproductions or home brews that get their first debut at retro game conventions. The last “new” SNES game I bought last year was the 2nd print of Nightmare Busters, a game originaly intended to get released for the console in 1995/96 I belive, but was canceled. Its an “official” though unlicensed SNES game in that the version that did finnaly come out was completly authorized by the original creators and released through Super Fighting Team, but it is not authorized by Nintendo, so bascially its in the same category as Action 52 or Codemasters games on the NES.

    I may have to pick this, I personaly find these types of games that are made for the original systems first to feel more “vintage” then say any generic eShop title because they are actually working with the original hardware limitations.

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