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E3 2015 Will Have 50,000 Attendees, This Includes 5,000 Hardcore Fans Who Will Get In For Free

Mike Gallagher, who is the chief executive and president of the Entertainment Software Association, has revealed that this year’s E3 event will see 50,000 attendees descend on the show floor. Interestingly 5,000 of these include hardcore video game fans for the first time who will get in for free via promotions. Gallagher has told Games Beat there will be 273 companies; 350,000 square feet of exhibit space; 1,500 games. Plus 100 brand new games; 22 virtual reality exhibitors; and 70 mobile gaming companies.


24 thoughts on “E3 2015 Will Have 50,000 Attendees, This Includes 5,000 Hardcore Fans Who Will Get In For Free”

  1. The 5000 hardcore fans that will get in fir free aint real gamers because their 20 years too late to go to e3 gameing died in 1995…..thank god we have emulation.

        1. I don’t think you’ve ever been in english class in the first place. Otherwise you would know that you need grammar or else no one will understand you.

  2. The E3 hype train is real! I should have more E3 discussion videos up soon. Subscribe if you liked or agreed with my predictions:

  3. Not that empty news that we already knew about e3 is boring, but shouldn’t one of the writers for this website make an entry for Yooka-Laylee’s newest announced characters, the Ghost Writers?

  4. The problem with E3 is that the fans hardly take part in the experience. Yes, 5k fans will be allowed in for free…….Out of how many that want to go? Millions? So less than 1% of the fans will be allowed in? The rest are media and devs. That’s bullshit. E3 is bullshit. I’m excited about what Nintendo has to announce, but that is literally the only thing I’m excited for..

    At least at comic con fans can actually get in..

    1. Why are you excited about nintendo their DL policy sucks and all their systems have last gen specs…Nintendo was something to get excited about 20 years ago…..get excited about a emulator or a mojo console….Nintendo has turned into a kiddie big Japanase Pussy Cop Company….

      1. Troll who has no life and nothing better to do with it’s time…At least try to be original, you’re not even funny

  5. The actual showroom floor at E3 became irrelevant ever since Nintendo started doing their Directs. I miss the classic Nintendo E3 press conferences. When everything wasn’t just pre-recorded.

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