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Kotaku: 70 hours With Xenoblade Chronicles X In One Word = “Boredom”

It seems as though Kotaku writer Richard Eisenbeis didn’t really enjoy his time with the Japanese version of Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U. He has written detailed impressions of the Monolith Soft’s latest JRPG in this post and says that if he had to describe in one word the seventy hours he spent playing the game then that word would be “boredom”. You can read his analysis of the game, here.

If I were to describe my 70 hours with Xenoblade X in one word, it would be “boredom.” The main story did little to get me invested, the side quests were repetitive at best, and the combat was a painfully monotonous slog even with the advanced classes unlocked.

155 thoughts on “Kotaku: 70 hours With Xenoblade Chronicles X In One Word = “Boredom””

  1. Then you realize it’s Kotaku… the same people who said Ms. Pac Man should have been in the hall of fame because she’s a woman and the one’s who attacked people who wanted transparency in gaming journalism.

    1. Ms Oac Man is a Classic…and this is comeing from a trusted sourse buyer beware the game is boreing garbage

    2. I wouldn’t discredit all of Kotaku. There are some good and impartial writers there. I suggest following your favorite authors so you don’t have to sort through the bs :)

  2. Hahahaha, Oh Kotaku. You’re stupidity never fails. This is almost funny as the guy who said he wasn’t getting Splatoon because his OCD doesn’t like it when he makes a mess in a game instead of cleaning up.

      1. and just like that youre credibility of opinion goes down the drain the second you unironically use the term feminazi

        1. To be honest, there actually are some women that the term feminazi would fit perfectly with. Like the ones that ignore the fact women are not the only ones being objectified in the entertainment industry or think all men are just pigs.

    1. To all those judging his opinion, he’s actually played the game. We have not. I have high hopes for that game but it’s a possibility. Really? You guys know best without playing the game? Can we be realistic on the Internet once in awhile?

      1. This is Kotaku we’re talking about, the people there have done numerous of things that made themselves look bad and stupid.

        1. Just like everyone has done numerous stupid things, people on this site included. To judge someone’s review of a game when you haven’t even played it based on an over-generalized bullshit view of the entire site is silly, especially when it’s an opinion piece.

      2. To all those defending his opinion, he’s Kotaku staff, a site known for their shit clickbait articles, their gleeful puching of political agendas and their general lack of integrity; not to mention he himself has a reputation to hate on MMO-style games. Really? You think he’s actually giving a honest critique and not trying to get hits for his site after the traffic went down the drain during #GG? Can we be logical on the internet once in a while?

        1. Well the headline in *not* click bait.
          MyNintendoNews got the headline from a Neogaf thread (where it gets like 50% of all its content from).

          It is a quote in a long article. The guy put 70 hours in to it, and gives his fair opinion.

          Kotaku to some weird things. But calling this article crap just proves you haven’t read it.

      3. Ok, well I’ve played more than 70 hours of the first Xenoblade, and the combat in that game never got old or boring to me. And since I’ve seen enough gameplay of this one, I think it’s safe to assume it will be about the same. Now I can’t say anything about the story, but if it’s by the same people who did Xenoblade’s story, then I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

      4. I agree, but I also agree with the “this is Kotaku” -crowd. The people there don’t even seem to like video games.

    2. Did someone actually say that? Sigh, it seems Kotaku really is where tumblrs go when they need a job, and like in typical tumblr fashion they’ll stupidly claim to have a disorder they clearly don’t.
      I have an actually diagnosed case of OCD and I have no problems playing Splatoon.

    1. The game is probally boring this is comeing from a trusted review just because u fanboys want something to be good doesnt mean it will,be,lol

    1. Would dismiss this “critique” based on the fact that he’s an employee of Kotaku, a site well known for their clickbait, and a known MMO hater who was probably just told to “play” a popular MMO-style game and write a slanderous article to generate hits after #GG diminished their traffic.
      But of course this is just me being logical and going by the way the site usually conducts itself.

      1. What would you do if other reviewers started calling it boring? Would you back peddle on that statement? Or act as if you never made it?

    2. >.< If you've bothered to even play the original Xenoblade, you would know the game will have plenty of stuff for you to do. If you have played it & still hated it, then it's just not for you.

  3. In the latest episode of Axe of the Blood God, Richard Eisenbeis mentioned he didn’t really enjoy the first game due to the same reasons plus the fact that it was too MMO’ish. I guess it’s not surprising that he didn’t like this one, either.

        1. So you just copied a way of typing from a site you know nothing about? I’d advise you against that if you don’t want to be taken as an idiot.

          For reference, it’s similar to using hashtags in sites that don’t have any function associated to the symbol.

          1. Again: I had no idea it was even a thing, let alone that it was directly associated with a site like 4chan.
            I can’t exactly be knowingly copying something when I’m unaware there’s a source to begin with.
            Ignorance =/= idiocy.

            I used it for emphasis.
            Nothing more or less.

          2. Technically it’s not copying since he didn’t know what greentexting was in the first place. It’d be different if he said, “yeah I just think greentexting fit a lot here.” But no. He didn’t.

            1. Ok sorry, I don’t want to start a conflict, but how about we focus on the substance of the comment rather than on how it’s written, I certainly don’t mind formats, it’s not like he’s applying to college, he’s just formatting a silly comment on an unimportant site, man, cut him some slack.

            2. There’s a difference between copying a format and copying a format with a function associated to it. It’s the same with using hashtags outside of Twitter, you just look like someone who doesn’t know what those symbols do in the first place. Tell me, do you incorporate HTML in you handwritten texts?

              1. No because, unlike hashtags, HTML doesn’t have a cultural significance.
                Some things are just born or heavily used as hashtags, and while not incorporated everywhere as a functionality, keeping them as such helps retain their cultural context, for example, if I write GG it can mean any number of things, if I write #GG the mind instantly jumps to GamerGate, it’s not that I’m expecting something to suddenly get highlighted, it’s that I’m preventing myself from writing the whole name of the thing every time I address it if I can just rely on it’s cultural context instead.
                Now, on greentexting, I think you’re ignoring half the conversation you had with that other person up there, like they said, they’re not copying it from chan sites, they’re not even aware of such sites, they’re going by a primal feeling that it would help highlight a certain part of their comment, because stuff like that (-,>) has been used for centuries in written media as a way to help highlight a certain part of it. Just because it became a part of internet format it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have another, much simpler, significance.

                1. You’re talking about trending topics, not hashtags. There’s a difference between using the symbol within a context (as in your #GG example) and just slapping a hashtag into everything (think of the many t-shirts with hashtags you’ve probably seen teenagers wearing). I’m obviously refering to uses such as those when I use the hashtag as a parallel.

                  “stuff like that (-,>) has been used for centuries in written media”
                  Show me an example of a text made before the 20th century in which ‘>’ is used to ennumerate things and I’ll shut up. And take into account that there’s a difference between a pointy bracket (”, which are mathematical symbols) and guillermetes. And let’s not forget context, as you defend. We’re on the internet. People using meme arrows like that because they’re new to 4chan has been happening for a while now, and it’s the quickiest way to spot a kid on the internet. It’s generally better to avoid doing it and finding a good alternative (like arabic numbers or hyphens, which are the ACTUAL symbols that have been used for centuries to ennumerate things).

  4. i can also say witcher 3 is boring shit with same gameplay like last one same spells boring sword attacks and bad controls..and.and..and… to be stupid is not a opinion..the earth is flat is opinion too right? can you people understand right? on every game on every movie someone can say something bad and make it main opinion. well this is a brain disease that does not letting you enjoying the game..also Gta is boring also skyrim is boring ….logic of the opinion. if we listen to idiots every every game is boring….thats why the overall opinions only counts and not the less.. mathematics agree with me :P

    1. The difference between you and them is that they played the game and you haven’t. Despite that logic used, I could say Super Mario Bros. is boring because i only have the ability to jump and crouch. Any game can be called boring and the point of stating so implies the game just wasn’t interesting for you.

      Until you are able to make an educated judgement, which you cannot until you play the game, you are hating on the writer’s opinion.

      BTW: Your other post makes you look ignorant. And to assume and call out others as being incapable of conducting a critical nalysis is even more stupid to believe.

      1. i’m not ignorant. my most comments are like guide for a healthy opinions while people think the games should be made for them but instead of judging without knowing why they don’t even like it or why they got bored.

        BTW: you understand that i was pretending he’s logic right? i love the games i mention and i love almost all the games and the games that i dont love well.. i know why i dont and i translate that like is my problem on my head and i just lose for not like them. easy example again i will mention opera. i dont like it but the writer said like most ppl when they dont like something it is boring. but i wont say that i will just say well.. i wish i could like it but is to slow for my tastes i need something faster or slower or realistic or cartoon. thats the healthy opinion that i wanna point. because when you dont use that opinion guess what you just cross the line to the other opinions!! i speak alone it seems :(

        1. Opinions are opinions. There is no “guide” to them. Your opinion is your opinion but when you’re throwing things around as if they are facts then you’re stepping beyond the point of it being an opinion. At that point is just becomes misinformation.

          Then why bother mocking his point by using his logic? If there is a point you want to raise then do it in a way that doesn’t mock the other person’s opinion. He found it boring. If you read his review you can see, to some degree, why he found it boring. In other words, he supported his opinion, for then most part. By reading his review, you also read about his other gripes with the game. You may not agree with them, but the point is whether or not you see them as legitimate concerns for ANY game.

          If you present something as if it were fact it is a problem only if the perceived intent os not backed up. At the very least you have backed up information or information with no basis. I presume you haven’t even read his review, thus your post is uninformed.

          1. student !! i don’t want to explain with more text the whole thing i already did! what i said is to find something boring is not opinion it is a attack to the other opinions. he got bored with the game yet he called the game boring. nop…….he got just bored…or like cinema the movie interstellar well if someone will get bored with a movie like that is hes fault because he was in the mood to watch a kind like transformers.. or even better…in the school you getting boring on the lessons..(like most of us:P) but in a realistic way we shouldn’t be boring on lessons because its supposed to be our future but yea people getting boring on school so is like they boring to support the lifes on…how a game can not been bored if a lot people are boring even the lifes will more generally i’m talking again and making examples to make you understand why i bother i hope some else at least get the point ..and i read hes review and guess what.. i found hes review boring:P and !! that site have already failed on the news they had on the past? one more reason to not trust. wasn’t that site who said mk8 will not sell good? i mean…seriously that was a huge fail mistake and obvious they are fucking around to get attention….well maybe im wrong i think it was them anyway :P w8…did i just explain again with different examples? and really…got read again…because you really missing my whole the line “i may not agree with them..” you didn’t understand that i may agree with them in the future when i will play the game yet i said!!! i wont say the game is boring i will say the truth!! that i got bored because i didn’t like the combat or the style or what ever. did you get it now what im talking about? just say no :P

            1. The game probally is boring it is comeing from a trusted source…you fanboys think everything,nintendo is gold and in reality Nintendo has turned into A Big Pussy Japanese Cop Company…afterall there the same pussy company that took the blood outta Mortal Kombat on Snes…and their DL policy sucks and is a ripp off compared to Sony…and if you dont like it you can kiss my duke ho.

                1. Halo is a good game but it is over rated u named ur avatar after it u piece of shyt…..and by the way i bet yo mom has hit the rock

  5. forgot to mention !! mass effect is boring too!!!!! to much story to much video to much text to read !! right? i just copy the kotaku logic opinion. once again opinions >opinion well lets see how the game will go with scores to see how good it is

  6. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>My only issue would be the Battles themselves, from what I’ve seen, they do seem a bit stale>>>

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      I thought the same thing about the first Xenoblade. The battles on the Wii were super boring to watch from the trailers. Yet, when I was the one battling, it suddenly became exciting. Something about getting the right position and using my attacks after they loaded was super satisfying. And chaining together combos even more so.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>But is it challenging? I don’t like games where they offer me next to nothing in challenge>>>

        >>>That’s why I enjoy Bayonetta 1 and 2, they offer me challenge>>>

        1. It depends on your loadout, just like most RPG’S.

          With the most optimal loadouts on the very best gears, it’s possible to use a super cannon on a skell to take out a super boss in less than 4 hits.
          But if you don’t use super cheesy builds that stack certain attributes to the point where everything is trivialized, then yes, there will be battles where even enemies several levels below you could pose a threat if you don’t play smart.
          Especially named enemies.

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>From the sound of it, it doesn’t seem to be challenging enough once you make these combination attacks etc etc>>>

            1. Again, depends on how you play.
              You can still be powerful without being cheap about it by avoiding stacking certain attributes on specific Skell armaments.
              Also, don’t worry about the AI; your team-mates actually do make tactically sound decisions with their skills, and even urge you to use certain ones so they can follow up with arts that compliment it for various effects, like knockdowns, stuns, enhanced heals, and many other things.
              Much as I love Xenoblade, I gotta say that Reyne and the others weren’t as smart about skill usage as your team in XCX.

            1. Don’t worry. Xenoblade can be challenging if you let it be. For the original Xenoblade Chronicles, I suggest avoiding every single side quest in the game. They did not balance it well so if you do every side quest that is available before moving on to the next area, the game will definitely be very easy. Hopefully Xenoblade Chronicles X will not be as horribly balanced. Oh & I suggest not wandering around too much in the very first area of the game. Every time you find a new landmark or location, you get experience points, points for your attacks & supports, & skill points. If you find every single one in the first area map that you can actually find, you’ll actually be strong enough to not get much of a challenge for when the Mechon attack the colony. Oh & there are enemies in every area, well almost every area, that will be way too overleveled for your underleveled characters. So the game can get pretty dangerous early in the game if you are not careful of where you explore. Wait. Didn’t I already explain this to you about the original Xenoblade once before? lol Maybe it was someone else.

  7. I wonder if this game would have been for xbox one or ps4, then mr. Ass sucker would have liked it, it doesn’t crash all the time. Or have a shit load of bugs, like the majority of ps4 or x box one games have, maybe he is not used to playing great quality games, like xblade x.

  8. I don’t understand all the flack you guys are giving him. He’s played the game, you haven’t. Why don’t we try and look at the game objectively before it comes out and throw away all the fanboyish mentalities.

    1. *Pleads we treat Kotaku with objectivity*
      *Doesn’t care to mention they are not objective about anything*

      1. I don’t give two shits about Kotaku, I’m just familiar with Richard from RPG podcasts he used to do with Kat Bailey back in the days of

        His opinions have usually been spot on

      1. Oh sorry I didn’t realize that. But either way, probably about 95% of the people on this site haven’t played it and are complaining that someone didn’t like one of the Wii U’s biggest games this year.

        I blame this click-batey article though. If the game has been out for weeks now, why focus on what one journalist says when it’s not even a review?

        1. Because most people in game journalism are waiting for the eventual location instead of importing the japanese version. Kotaku are one of the first ones to actually write about the game. That said, the article is pure click-bait.

            1. I really hope that 93 in your username doesn’t mean you were born in 1993. You have both the mentality and the writing competence of a 13 year-old.

    1. sasori.. some months ago.. a lot of people was taking you seriously :P now they know you that you are trolling so you should start over again with a new name :P we know you!! oh w8…that was your goal…!! we don’t know you nvm :P”

  9. Oh kotaku this is people don’t take you seriously
    And to anyone who think this guys have any credibility remember that this guys are known for how bias and dishonest can be hell this depend on clickbait for their site to keep going then again kotaku is part of gawker media and the guy who review the game didn’t like the original either Cuz aperently it was “too mmoish” seriously guy i know that we haven’t play the game but for pete sake don’t take this guys opinion of gaming as legit criticism, hell even Ubisoft bann them for going to their E3 presentation for this reasons

    1. Exactly.
      The name Kotaku in itself is already a Red Flag.
      Owned by Gawker Media is another Red Flag.
      The “reviewer” himself being a known hater of MMO-style games (Including the original XB) is yet another Red Flag.
      This “opinion piece” is nothing more than a deliberately crafted piece of slander to lure in hits by bashing a highly anticipated game; cheap clickbait as per usual Kotaku standards; he may not have been directly ordered to talk shit of the game, but he was certainly assigned to play it despite his history with the clear anticipation of him writing an article about how “bad” it is.
      Of course those calling for “objectivity” don’t really care to mention all of this.

      1. I agree we know that gaming Journalism is screw beyond belive
        In fact i’m starting to think that the reason why Nintendo created their Nintendo Direct and Digital Event was to avoid game journalist like the guys AT Kotaku with those event they pretty much can tell their game new directly to their fans

        1. I believe the same, and not just with Nintendo, nowadays most devs flock to Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to promote their stuff themselves, they’re sick of opinionated hacks slandering their hard work to sell magazines/get hits.

      2. It was a fine review by a Trusted sourse The game is probally boring he played it many hours… cant accept the fact and move on the Wii u is doomed just like the Sega Dreamcast and The big N dont give a shit theyve announced the NX sell you dubmasses another underpowered kid pussy machine.

  10. Having played a portion of the Japanese version I will call this mere click baiting by our friend at Kotaku since they love to bring down games with actual gameplay in favor of cinematic experiences; however, different folks, different strokes.

    1. exactly so a game for 70 hours is worth!!!:P unless.. they never played 70 hours and they used a fake number to make us think they deserve to have the opinion of boring.!!

      1. I wouldn’t put it past them, it’s Gawker, and they certainly aren’t a shining example of integrity.

  11. My question is, does this guy have any love for JRPGs as a genre? If it’s not your sort of thing then I can understand finding them boring. That said, if he dislikes the genre, or if this is the first JRPG he has played, he shouldn’t be writing the review.

    These types of games are an acquired taste.

    1. No, in fact, he has a history of hating on such games, especially those with MMO characteristics, this is little more than a deliberate attempt at slandering the game for clicks, luke we’ve all come to expect from Kotaku and from anything Gawker, really.

  12. That only means it’s a good game, Kotaku is full of arrogant fuckoffs who only write clickbait articles.

  13. Remember, this is one person’s opinion, not the general consensus of everyone that has or will review it, Each person has their own personal tastes and preferences, in a perfect world, everybody agrees on everything. But this isn’t a perfect world, not everybody will like what you like. I like long walks, others here might not like long walks and I understand and respect that. It’s the same case here, you might like Xenoblade Chronicles X, but he doesn’t and that’s his opinion. I hope we can all just understand that and move on…

    1. I would accept this if this wasn’t Kotaku/Gawker we’re talking about, an “opinion” is fine, but deliberately making a known MMO hater play XCX and having him write an article about how boring it is is more than just an opinion, it’s yet another shining example of their morally dubious practices.

    2. your logic is above the normal logic. the normal logic is based on the word “judge” everyone wanna judge something and make it opinion after. the “above the normal logic” like yours and like mine its based is the word “not judge and count the other opinions” (if anyone get my point i will go outside in the street naked :P) but! i like that game-he dont but 2 words cant describe the feeling for why he likes or hates something someone. on. every opinion should be taken seriously but the he cross the line when he said the word “bored” if he doesn’t like the game he shouldn’t play that game at all. but well.. he playing it anyway and for 70 hours..if that is true of right? i can say im ironman too. but he cross the line when he said something like “it was boring” because this is not opinion. you cant go to listen opera and then have your opinion.. that was boring…this is the normal logic opinion. but you can use the “above the normal logic” and you can say “yes i went to opera and i didn’t like it why? because it was boring” because this is not opinion. you cant go to listen opera and then have your opinion.. that was boring…this is the normal logic opinion. but you can use the “above the normal logic” and you can say “yes i went to opera and i didn’t like it why? because it was boring? no because i like something more fast or with more noise or more funny or more dirty. so if you wanna have a opinion strait you should love opera music and compare it only to other opera musics and then you can have more healthy opinion at least..well people you dont think im going to opera right? it was a example :P i dont like opera but…i wont cross the line to say opera is boring.. because this is not opinion this is a attack!! to support your opinion but i know Why! i dont like opera. anyone got my point because i had hard time to describe it since my english are bad all i said is to not think normally and think and count your thoughts according to other people thoughts too because the world is not made for you :) but there are places on the world that are maded for you so you need to follow thouse

    1. I personally make a point of at least checking out anything anyone on the #GG boycott list talks shit of.

  14. Woah reading these hate-messages toward Kotaku (I don’t specialy like Kotaku) by people throwing “feminazi” “don’t greentext” ” xbox/sony fanboys” like their own excrements at each others faces makes this community looks like butthurts haters jumping at the throat of anyone saying anything remotely non-positive of Nintendo games.

    1. Yes, by all means don’t address the legitimate criticisms about lack of integrity or agenda-psuhing and instead focus on the few people calling them XB/Sony faboys, I believe that’s called the “Sarkeesian method”, a highly effective way of straw manning legitimate arguments by crying “hater” or lumping them with real mindless hate so you don’t have to acknowledge the truth in them.

  15. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that the retards over here are throwing a bitch fit over this. These kind of games don’t appeal to most people, some will get bored with the, let’s face it, archaic battle system. Anyone who has wanted to get the game will still buy the damn game.

  16. People like different things. For me, I got Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, and it does bore me JUST A TINY BIT. The story, however, is great, and it’s what’s currently keeping me playing the game. It’s not my type of game to be honest, and I’m not the only one who thinks the same thing.

  17. lol. Look, people getting mad when someone doesn’t agree with them. Shocking.
    Even if you don’t agree with his opinion, he’s spent a good deal of time playing the game and he’s written out his detailed thoughts and his viewpoint is just as valid. Not everyone is going to like a game the same way, obviously. I’m sure there will be many people who will eventually play it and have a different experience – but until you actually do play it, don’t attack the viewpoint simply because, “ermahgerd, how can he not like it?!”
    Grow up, people.

    1. Also, the author of the article found the first Xenoblade game to be fairly boring, too – so it’s just not his cup of tea. Chillax everyone. People can’t like or dislike different things.

      1. In that case, the guy shouldn’t have been reviewing the sequel. If he didn’t like the first one, why in the world would he suddenly like the sequel when it’s obviously going to have the same gameplay & open world set up? That’s like me reviewing Call of Duty 4, hating everything about it, & then reviewing every other sequel & giving it the same review. I’m either full of shit or I’m just an idiot that can’t stop torturing myself playing a game series that I obviously hate. So yes. His opinion might be a different one but at this point, he’s just reviewing the sequel so he can give it a shitty score or get some traffic for the horrible site he works for.

    2. or he shouldn’t make a review at all..while the other people haven’t playing it..actually they should make it after 1 week around so if you have play the game for one week you have clear mind and your own opinion..but now is like a little virus inside your thoughts that review admit it!!!:P

  18. After they said that bullshit about how horribly Mario Kart 8 was gonna sell, I honestly don’t take their opinions or their site for that matter seriously anymore. I’ll give it my OWN verdict when I get it in my OWN hands

    1. they really said mk8 gonna sell bad?realy? why this site then transfer the other site? to make them famous? is really nintendo fan base site here? what are they hiding?!!!! Illuminati!! (trolling alert)

        1. If you truly find a game boring, you won’t play 70 fucking hours of it. Unless you are an idiot. So this guy is obviously an idiot.

  19. It’s a good thing other people don’t determine my purchases lol. Who cares what he calls it. We’ve seen an immense amount of footage of this game. At this point if he thinks it’s boring, he definitely doesn’t share the same tastes as I. I know when I’m gonna love a game, & I will rape XCX.

  20. Aren’t these the same assholes that asked Aonuma if Tingle was gay? If they are, then I’d rather not take anyone from Kotaku serious.

  21. I wouldn’t dismiss his critique. I know a lot of people on here have been saying “Kotaku is bullshit because of reasons”, and while I’m inclined to agree, none of us have played the game, I mean, unless you have a Japanese Wii U and all that, but I digress. I’m sure it is possible that it might’ve gotten boring at one point, but surely the whole thing is not boring, this is certainly the first time I’ve heard of it being boring. It needs to get into the hands of more reviewers before people can start bashing this man. Everyone and their mother is entitled to an opinion, while he may not’ve lacked the story, I’m sure there are plenty who’d enjoy it.

  22. I’m not a fan of Kotaku but I don’t know why there’s so much rage about this. Consider the guy actually played the game, and most of the people talking shit didn’t. Don’t get blind folded by your hype, be a rational human being. Have you read what he has to say? Do you disagree with his points? Fine then, critique that instead of trying to argue with bullshit that has nothing to do with anything.

  23. it an opinion/review, I never base the info from one source it’s like international news, never read one news paper on one subject but several news papers on the same subject.

  24. Well for JRPGs the more hours you invest in the game, the more it sticks to you. He probably assumed he would like Skyrim where you had near infinite freedom making it awesome, you shouldn’t expect every to catch your eye so soon

    1. Umm yeah. Obviously this isn’t Skyrim it’s a real game you are supposed to play not mod just so you can BBQ children NPCs and shoot arrows at random objects. It’s that mindset that limits you more than actual limits. Limits sometimes forces you to be more creative with what you have and lets you focus on what you’re ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO DO. Like completing the fucking game, which is impossible in games like Skyrim. Because those are designed to occupy your life until your mom/wife throws the console/PC out the window.

      1. I know i’m just making a comparison you just summed it up. He needs to put more time into the game before making a judgement. Besides i never use mods i play games as it is

    1. Fuk nontendo they need to quit makeing consoles with last gen specs and clever controller gimmicks and maybe the could cum fuking pete with sony microsoft…nintendo turned into a big pussy company…

  25. If you’ve played Xenogears or Xenosaga, and THEN any Xenoblade game, you would know where he’s coming from. I agree, but I’m biased. The entire plot is predictable because it took place in two other games …made by the same team.

    1. The games arent set it the same universe there different u dumb ass…and the games boring now stfu u soab

  26. If you’re playing a game for 70 hours of course you’re going to get bored! How can you possibly be entertained for 70 hours in a row of the same concept. It’s senseless!

  27. If he hated the first game & he hates anything that has an MMO feel to it, why in the hell is this guy even reviewing it? I think the people defending this guy don’t realize this guy reviewed the game for the sole purpose of bashing it in a review later. I wonder if he even played it for 70 hours. If the game was so boring, he shouldn’t have even made it to the 10 hour mark, much less 70! This review is obvious clickbait for Kotaku to everyone that knows this guy’s tastes in games! That’s like Stranga playing the most recent Call of Duty game so he can review it for a site after playing a little bit of it with the sole purpose of giving it a bad review. If Stranga had done that, you guys defending this Kotaku reviewer would be jumping down his throat in the comment section because you all know exactly how Stranga feels about Call of Duty. So please. Stop defending the Kotaku guy because you all sound either ignorant or just freaking stupid with the white knighting. “But it’s his opinion!” I don’t give a fuck! Racists have opinions but I wouldn’t in a million fucking years defend those pieces of shit!

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