Nintendo World Championships To Be Held In The Microsoft Theater

The Nintendo World Championships as you all know will be held in the Nokia Theatre La Live. The interesting thing is that the theatre, which has played host to a number of events, is now called the Microsoft Theatre. So no doubt the place will be littered with Microsoft and Xbox branding for the Nintendo World Championships. So if you’re attending and think you’ve got the wrong place, well think again.


      1. That was pretty awesome back in the day and I expect them to try something similar here. It just makes sense after all as many Nintendo fans could end up being swayed into buying the Xbox Won.

    1. You do know it’ll be covered in Nintendo World Championship banners.

      Also, Phil Spencer loves Nintendo so really you’re fighting a battle that you can never win.
      Microsoft actually likes Nintendo.

      1. Because he likes getting burned, also, he’s a bit of a social outcast so we’re pretty much his only “friends”

            1. Now the question is, why do you keep replying to him? That guy’s been here for months, (very obviously) trolling, and so many of you still keep falling for it. It’s really no surprise he keeps coming back because he knows you people will make yourself look silly by replying to him. It’s almost funny. Almost.

              1. Better question, why do you like such an overrated Final Fantasy game?

                It’s almost funny. :)

      1. “>>>>these xbots will be begging for mercy once we invade their hive>>>>”

      2. I want to see you get English Literature lessons but I don’t see that happening anytime soon

      1. >>>The Xbots’ stubborn refusal to expire…is driving me insane!>>>

        1. hey, there can be a chance that the xbox conference will start with this: im glad youre all in here but theres one announcement to make. we are shutting down the xbox brand and all of your downloads will crash with the system. goodbye pigs thank you for the money!

  1. Phil Spencer really does love Nintendo.. he’s actually letting them use the theatre that Microsoft is using XD


      1. >>>That’s the most disgusting blasphemous thing I’ve ever heard in my entire existence>>>

        1. I don’t know, a Halo x Metroid game would be pretty sweet… plus.. Samus and Master Chief beating the shit out of the Metroids and Flood.

            1. It’s a line I’ll be willing to cross.
              Also, why do you get mad at people who like other consoles that aren’t Wii U?

              I personally prefer Wii U over Xbox One but doesn’t mean I hate the Wii U. Xbox One is a fun console and I’m looking forward to the conference, but I’m also looking forward to Nintendo’s E3 conference as well.

              1. >>>The Microsoft Realm are nothing but deceiving evil creatures that wants nothing but enslave everyone by violating the rights of the gamers>>>

                >>>Their pathetic machines are the least of my problems with them>>>

                1. God damn it people like you ruin gaming. They’re not competition they’re just 3 distinct companies that enjoy doing the same thing and cater their own content.

                    1. I’m not even a kid yet it’s funny you call me one cause you constantly play the role of a butthurt intergalactic child

                    2. >>>The only funny thing is that you and some other misguided humans actually believe these hippie lies they spit out to the public>>>

                    3. I’m pretty sure you’re the niave one when you ignore what the actual companies say and live in your own ideals. You can only process <<>>
                      Get out of that mindset.

                    4. >>>I’m sure the Xbots told you all about how they were cooperating with the NSA right?>>>

                      >>>It was thanks to the human hero Snowden that crap even got known>>>

              2. COMMON SENSE!

                Why does there have to be competition? It’s not like the Nintendo VS Sega deal, it’s grown men arguing over which console is better. Not only that, but back then there WAS a rivalry. Here, they’re all friends.
                Please, Commander, take your <<>> somewhere else.

                    1. >>>You can dream meatbag, and I’m not even human made>>>

                    2. >>>I’ll let you silly peons believe that for a while>>>

                    3. And yet, you’re using the internet to type that comment. Which was created by… Who again? Oh, right. Humans.

  2. I’ll only like Microsfit if they fork over Banjo to Sakurai when he scores high in the ballot. Other than that, I’d care less about what they do since Rare’s products had been abysmal (minus Killer Instinct) since the acquisition.

  3. I don’t get why Nintendo fans hate Microsoft I love Wii u and Xbox one. Its the PS4 fanboys who trash Nintendo the most

    1. Its not the Nintendo fans, its the fanboys that hate the XBOX. Who knows why. They just seem to spit the same dribble over and over again.

    2. Lol at your name. And I’m reading the comments while playing Mortal Kombat X. XD Anyways, all fanboys are terrible.

    3. Same here.
      I love my Xbox One and Wii U, but I’m very mixed on the PS4.

      I had the console at launch (until I sold it to get my 1TB Call of Duty Xbox One) and it really didn’t impress me that much.

  4. Could it be a trade? Maybe Nintendo negotiated the place and in returned they’re allowing Banjo to be part of Smash. MS would be the one to benefit the most from it anyways.

  5. It kind of show you that those companies have a different mentality than fanboy. If you think about it from Nintendo ‘s perspective it’s a genius marketing plan. In US xbox is really popular and people will go to Ms theatre to look for xbox games. But they will discover wii u game they may not have considered in the past and may want to buy a wii u after the event.

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