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Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Will Include Online Challenge Mode

It was only a week ago when ArtPlay announced Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night would be coming to Wii U. However, in the latest update, the Kickstarter page revealed that the Online Challenge Mode $4 million stretch goal had been reached. While the mode is inherently vague, the update illuminated some of the finer details:

* Team up with a friend online in both co-op and versus modes
* Power through specially designed stages by clearing challenges, killing enemies, collecting items, and more
* Battle extra-powerful bosses which drop rare items

Additionally, the update hints at the $5 million stretch goal, specifically that it is a new mode, saying it’s “going to make this game even bigger than it was before.” The Kickstarter plans on revealing the new mode later tonight.


11 thoughts on “Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Will Include Online Challenge Mode”

  1. They should just save their other ideas for a future campaign there’s little time left. They should see if this game is successful enough to grant a sequel/prequel rather than all these ambitious goals

    1. Mighty No. 9 got 1 million in it’s final two days.

      Not to mention, Bloodstained doesn’t need a million in it’s last 2 days. It’s only 850,000 away from 5 million with a little more than 53 hours to go.

      1. I hope it reaches that goal I’m just saying it’s going to be close It needs about 975 thousand according to the page. But if no. 9 can do it then this game Def has a chance

  2. Too bad this won’t come to wii u. Before anybody says they said they are making it for the wii u, how did project cars work out?

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