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Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Is On Sale At Amazon For $32.60

Always fancied picking up the adorable Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker but were in two minds about it? Well, you will be pleased to know that Amazon has the puzzle title on offer at the moment for $32.60. That’s not a bad price if you haven’t delved into Toad’s latest adventure. You can check out our review, right here.

Thanks, Mike M

9 thoughts on “Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Is On Sale At Amazon For $32.60”

  1. Is this game worth the money? I just bought few indie games and splatoon, and have some money leftover.

  2. It’s a brilliant game, but pretty overpriced just because it’s so short. I don’t know if this is a good deal because I don’t live in the US and have no idea how much a dollar is really worth, but if you can afford it I’d recommend it. This game will make you very happy. It just wont last for that long.

  3. Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is a really good puzzle game. It has challenging levels, Cute characters, Nice BGM and great graphics.

    It lacks level editor. If it had a level editor then I would be great.

    It has plenty to do if you want to OCD/100% it.

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