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Take A Look At This Nintendo 3DS Vs Wii U Comparison Video Of Hyrule Warriors

In a surprise announcement earlier today, it was revealed that Hyrule Warriors would be coming to the Nintendo 3DS— no doubt we’ll see more details at E3. In the mean time, you can check out this comparison video that takes a look at the Wii U version against what we’ve seen of the Nintendo 3DS version, thanks to Nintendo World Report TV. Do you think the game translates well onto the Nintendo 3DS system?

42 thoughts on “Take A Look At This Nintendo 3DS Vs Wii U Comparison Video Of Hyrule Warriors”

    1. Nintendo Sage Asuno

      it’s impressive but still the graphics could be slightly better the graphics for revelations were amazing

      1. Alvis (I am Monado)

        The graphics made up a massive part of teh 3.4GB size of Revelations. Also, since they didn’t have to render very much at any one time, as most of the game tok place in small rooms, they could have amazing graphics as teh console could handle them, since it wasn’t focusing on other things like the textures in rooms that you weren’t currently in.

        1. So why is Ironfall able to render revelations level graphics and wide open spaces with hundreds of enemies on screen?

  1. It seems like a very good port, i didn’t buy it for the Wii u, but maybe for my 3ds I could give it a try.

  2. go hybred system nintendo the time is NOW end 2016 to end 2017

    no more seperate systems the concept like dualshock is OLD AS FUCK

    maintain gyro and wii remote pointers maintain buttons and sticks but blend the whole thing into a docking handheld with scalable specs

    dock tv out and harddrive and no disc drive

    handheld all inclusive killer DS system then upgrade every 2 to 3 years with all games and downloads compatable in ACCOUNTS

    1. Alvis (I am Monado)

      This is obviously troll, and I have no idea what you’re talking about so all I’m going to say is stop putting my laptop pixels to disgrace.

    2. I agrre with u that be good for us all, FUCK yeah. Time is NOW for Nintendo to be smart and releazize all our games.

    3. The NX is going to be its own device. That said the real replacements for 3DS and Wii U well be on their way. Handheld well probably switch to X64 and home system well probably be X86. Nintendo’s next SDK well probably have a cross development solution that lets basic games take advantage of what’s common on both systems. Or let developers make a game for just what’s offered on a single device (portable options on the handheld, and better internet/graphics/control options on the home system. ) the NX well probably be a device that is used for both systems (like a VR/AR headset or tablet, a new fit meter like device, or even something completely new) I know most people would freak out, but Nintendo really should expand on what they have to offer. Not just games and systems, but more toys (like amiibo, but expanded) smart home technology, movies/shows, they really don’t have any excuse to not be as big as diseny (Mario is more recognized then Micky)

      1. Why the fuk would some one wanna buy a NX Nintendo fucked us with the Wi u instead of trying to save it the Japanese cocksuckers are talking about the NX now the WIi U is just a worthless peice of plastic with a few good games u dickweed

        1. We don’t exactly know what the NX is yet. Nintendo also said that it would NOT be a Wii U replacement.

    1. Alvis (I am Monado)

      Well, not really. XC was an obscure overlook JRPG that came along near the end of teh Wii’s life, the port brought it back into the light and is helping to promote XenoCross’s Western release.

      1. Alvis (I am Monado)

        On the other hand, Hyrule Warriors is one of the better selling and better looking games on the U. Also, Xeno was absolutely huge, the Wii barely coped at all. They 1/2’d the file size when they ported Xeno from ~8Gb to 3.7GB jut by downgrading Textures and removing JP Audio, and it still has slowdown in some parts. I have no doubt that Nintendo will work their magic and that HW3D will be exactly tehe same game witha bit of extra content and downgraded textures/effects. That’s it.

        1. Alvis (I am Monado)

          However, apparently HW3D will run on all 3DS units, while XC3D could only just run on teh N3DS.

  3. Going to be interesting to see how it turns out. Dont know how good it will be when the wii u could barely handle it. I just dont want it turning out like the psp versions of star wars battlefront, but i love hyrule warriors so ill prolly buy it either way….

    1. Umm WiiU could barely handle it? Where exactly are you getting this information? Hyrule Warriors in no way pushed the WiiU to its limits, dynasty warriors games have never been know to push hardware very hard. WiiU easily handled Hyrule Warriors. I still haven’t picked it up yet, but may do it later this fall.

      1. Im getting it from personal experience thats where… ive played the game for so many hours ive lost count and you notice things like enemies not doing anything when your not around or slow loading when running through an area. Ive run past enemies that havent even loaded yet. Not to mention multiplayer really pushed it. It wouldnt even load character in the same room if there were too many despite them supposedly being there.

  4. hyrule looks like a good wii game in HD it hardly tickles the wiiu to run it

    it also runs dualscreen two player

    1. Can’t we just not like it and move along? Why does someone always have to kiss something with you, damn.

    2. Dude seriously you’ve commented negatively on like every article on this site. Just how much time are you spending lurking here?

  5. I like it when games go from handheld to console with newly updated graphics and additional content.

    Going the opposite way with downgraded visuals and possibly exclusive content really make it hard to define a definitive version.

  6. So…basically the same games as the Wii U version just w/ new characters, a graphical downgrade, & lack of proper thumbsticks.

    I wish it was a different take on this game, but I guess if it allows those who will never have a Wii U but will have a 3DS to play the game, then fine. Yet I’m seeing more & more Wii U/3DS ports recently, & am worried there will be fewer variants of a game, & less incentive to enjoy both, the games & the consoles. Weren’t home-console ports of current games 1 of the main flaws of the PSP & Vita? Weren’t alternate takes on a game a strenght of both Nintendo home-consoles & handhelds?

    Personally, I buy handhelds for different takes on a game (different maps & or genre), exclusives, past games I missed, & possibly new ways to play. Portability, however, is barely a concern for me. I guess as long as this type of porting is rare, I’ve nothing to worry about, except for the potential damage it could cause.

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