Sega Says They’re Taking Fan And Press Feedback And Building From It For Sonic Boom: Fire And Ice

No one really expected Sega to announce a new video game entry in the Sonic Boom series after the previous games received the reception they got. However, RubyEclipse who works for Sega has posted on the NeoGAF forums to clear up gamers legitimate concerns about Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice. Firstly he says that they’re taking fan and press feedback and building from it, which is reassuring. Also what is interesting is they’re making the length of the levels shorter so they are streamlined to play much faster. Here’s what RubyEclipse had to say.

  • No Wii U version this year (and no infinite Knuckles jump)
  • Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice is being built by Sanzaru, who made Shattered Crystal last year.
  • While Shattered Crystal was definitely the stronger of the two titles, there was still a fair bit that the teams wanted to change and improve. This time around, they’re putting a lot of effort into taking fan and press feedback and building from it.
  • As an example, a key complaint last time around was that the levels felt too large, and took too long to complete. Levels this time around are being streamlined to play much faster, and the pacing has also been adjusted to match.


  1. Yes, although you guys already had a very similar article about these developments. Either way, I’m pretty hyped for the game as I enjoyed the first one and this one sounds like they’re really improving on it. Levels that are shorter and more to the point sounds like my style as I like to blast through levels at Sonic speed.

  2. Yeah. They could have done another Wii U version and taken their time and not have Big Red Button do it. But I wouldn’t mind. I actually like Sonic’s, Eggman’s, and Tail’s design.

  3. Plot twist: This game is actually a masterpiece, that revives Sonic as a franchise and give one more boost to 3DS sales

    (lol like that game if going to suck even a bit less)

  4. lol “Listening to fans” My fucking ass. The fans are asking for Sonic Adventure 3 with Chao Garden return and yet they keep pushing this epic failure turd as if the fans were asking for another fucking Boom game (NOT!)

      1. He meant Sega in general and I agree with his statement.

        They only think about what THEY want in a sonic game, not what WE want (only exception was Generations). Meaning they haven’t heard a goddamn word on what we have to say.

    1. Sonic doesnt need another sonic adventure. Those were fun games but they were broken in so many levels… I have both for the dreamcast amd sonic adventure 2 for the gamecube and the only thing that i want to come back is the chao garden… God those little motherphukers were so much fuuuuuun!!
      I really think that sega need to make a sonic which plays like sonic colours (that game was a true sonic 3D experience) but without the colour powers, with a sonic-tails co-op amd with the adition of chao garden! That would kick ass!!

      1. Make Adventure 3 with established solid gameplay/visuals from Generations and revive Chao Garden and BAM! Sonic fans will line up to buy that game and love Sega again. But Sega is too fucking dumb to realize what to do anymore or listen to fans for real.

        1. Exactly. I would buy that day one. I miss the Chao garden. Also, if they make another Adventure, I want it to be more like the first one. Where it has all those areas to explore and every character has a different story.

  5. Fans who had Dreamcast/Gamecube have been asking Sonic Adventure 3 for years Sega. Fans begged HD re releases and they sold well on both Xbox360 and Ps3, fans want Adventure 3, Sega why wont you listen? Adventure games had mostly great gameplay and were fun so fans arent asking for it for no reason. You guys had great formula for Sonic and threw it away!

    What about that boost gameplay you managed to perfect with Colours/Generations. Why not build up from that, fuck Sega you guys had something that worked for Sonic, you guys could had done so much with that boost gameplay! Again you guys had working formula that people liked and you threw it away!

    Now its all about mobiles, all about tv children shows, all about cheap licensed merchandise like that boom game essentially is (lets not pretend that it exists for no other reason than being one of those shovelware licensed tv show games).

  6. And those designs, they are terrible. Its like Sega wants to be a joke.

    1. I actually like the designs a lot (even knukles) we shouldnt forget that sonic is a franchise for kids! It can be enjoyed by everyone but it is targeted to kids-midteens and it has always been… And what do kids-teens like most? Coolness… So they make them cool by today standards…

  7. I’m… not going to have any expectations nor am I really going to look into it when information is available but considering it’s the team who made Shattered Crystal, at least it won’t end up like Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric did.

    As for what the fans want, I’m not a SEGA fan so you have no expectations from me therefore no input will be added. Good luck SEGA! ( = =)b

  8. Something Id like to see improved in the Sonic series is the humor, a lot of games have terrible humor that comes off Elementary and with a character like Tails in there I say this boldly.

  9. The only good thing that came out of Sonic Boom is the cartoon, which I’ve seen a few episodes of & enjoyed immensely, & the designs for Sonic, Eggman, & Tails. Everything else can go burn in a fire & fucking die!

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