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Devil’s Third Coming To Wii U In Europe On August 28th

Conceived by legendary designer Tomonobu Itagaki, a wild, larger-than-life military thriller, Devil’s Third, is set to release for Wii U on 28th August, delivering intense single-player and multiplayer third-person action that blends modern military weaponry with brutal melee combat.

At the heart of the single-player campaign is Ivan, a former mercenary let loose from his incarceration to right the wrongs of his past and take down a shadowy terrorist group he once belonged to. With the world’s satellites and electrical weaponry having been wiped out, and warfare once again reduced to close combat between soldiers, Ivan must use a colourful array of weaponry to shoot, hack and bludgeon his way through any foe standing in the way of his attempt at redemption. With fast-paced combat and bone-crunching finishing moves galore, a day in the life of Ivan is anything but ordinary…

The game’s online multiplayer mode, meanwhile, offers up a grim future whereby the terrorists have won, and chaos reigns supreme. As an ordinary citizen, you can join a clan and help reclaim the United States by forming allegiances with other factions, or go all-out as a mercenary and endlessly assault other player’s bases, opting for anarchy over clan diplomacy! But at the heart of the online play is the ability to customise your base alongside other members of your clan, with successful battling resulting in rewards that can be used to improve your defences. With constant assaults from other clans, you’ll have to be on your toes to defend your territory.

Experience Ivan’s bloodthirsty quest to restore his karma, or dive into a world of online clans and non-stop combat, when Devil’s Third releases in Europe on 28th August, at retail and on Nintendo eShop for Wii U.

58 thoughts on “Devil’s Third Coming To Wii U In Europe On August 28th”

    1. I was hyping this game up the most, and all i can say is.. switch ****ing bait!!! not one person was cut up in to pieces like last year trailer.. any money bet, they reserving those features for A devil third hardcore editionor B the trade off they will do in a couple of months, with ps4 & xbox one. still look like a tough game tho.

    1. Frame rate is vastly improved, graphics look less blurred and more defined, and the story looks like it got a big overhaul. Personal, I’m impressed by it.

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>I hope it is, I need something fun online wise besides Smash Brothers and Mario Kart>>>

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>No time to invest in such games unfortunately, I really want MH4U but time constraints due to otherwordly chores is not allowing me>>>

              >>>But we’ll see how the future is>>>

              1. I’d wait a little while longer to get MH4U, or Capcom may announce a Wii U version (MH4UU?) after you buy it. I’ve been playing the waiting game since February.

                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                  >>>Probably but then again, they’ve already announced a new MHX for Japan and if it comes to the west soon, MH4U might be “useless” by then>>>

                    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                      >>>It would be nice if they announced Mh4U or MHX next week for the Wii U>>>

    1. Actually I didn’t saw this video I was just using my experience with the past trailer…

      this new gameplay…I must say it looks a lot better….I mean…the graphics are still a little ps3 ish…but that’s inevitable… we can’t ask for PS4 graphics…that said it seems improved…

      the gameplay…in the last trailer I didn’t liked the transition between third person and first person it was too fast…maybe is just me…but it seems a little more smooth that transition in this video….

      overall i think the game has improved… I guess I might actually buy it…. but first I need to get Bayonetta 2 XD

      1. You’re not the first I’ve seen doubting about the transition between FPV and TPV. Have you played any game with that feature? I hardly ever had any problems with it in any game ever, so I doubt it will be an issue (for me at least).
        And yes, get Bayonetta 2. It’s an amazing game with tons of replay value.

  1. Yes. Yes. YYYYYYYYEEEESSSS! *jizzes everywhere*

    Sorry, I’ve been looking forward to this game since last year :D

    1. Yeah, game looks amazing and the gameplay seems innovative. Graphics look very good, maybe some of the best on the WiiU. Such an improvement over what we saw as they kept that stuff hidden well. Multiplayer looks very fun

      1. “Gameplay seems innovative”?

        You don’t really think that do you? It seems like any other third-person shooter I have ever seen….

        1. Please, share with us another game where you can:
          -Shoot from third-person view
          -Shoot from first-person view
          -Engage in melee combat with katanas and the like
          -Roll your way out of attacks
          -Slide your way through the terrain
          -Has finisher moves
          -Is very focused on multiplayer elements

          Hardly anything fits in the majority of the characteristics.

          1. With the exception of the “Is very focused on multiplayer elements” bullet-point, I would say Gears of War matches all of that. Even then Gears of War has multiplayer, it’s just not “very focused on multiplayer” . I’m not saying it’s a game I’m not interested in playing, I’m just saying it is far from being innovative….

            1. As far as I know (I have only played the first one), Gears of War doesn’t have melee weapons. Yes, there’s the chainsaw, but that’s much more similar to a finishing move than anything else. And I don’t remember it having sliding mechanics either. And it’s MUCH slower.
              Comparing this to a regular TPS doesn’t work because it’s not a TPS. It’s an quick-paced action game in which you just happen to use firearms as your main weapons instead of swords or melee.

              1. All in all, it’s not all that innovative. If a VERY specific set of mechanics to a game makes it innovative, then every game is “innovative”. Gears of War may not have a bunch of melee weapons, sliding ability, or be as fast as Devil’s Third, but does that make Devil’s Third sooooo innovative? All I’m getting at is that it’s nothing new.

                New Super Mario Bros Wii U had HD, off TV capability, a challenge mode and boost rush mode whereas the New Super Mario Bros Wii didn’t, so does that make it so much more innovative? Don’t get me wrong, I love Nintendo games, but Devil’s Third is not innovative.

                1. “If a VERY specific set of mechanics to a game makes it innovative, then every game is “innovative””
                  If those mechanics (or combination of mechanics, as in this case) aren’t found in any other titles, then yes. It IS innovative.

                  “Gears of War may not have a bunch of melee weapons, sliding ability, or be as fast as Devil’s Third, but does that make Devil’s Third sooooo innovative?”
                  Yes, because Gears of War doesn’t have melee weapons, sliding ability or is as fast as Devil’s Third.

                  “All I’m getting at is that it’s nothing new.”
                  The mechanics by themselves aren’t, but put together, there’s hardly anything like it. I don’t know any other similar games, at least.

                  “New Super Mario Bros Wii U had […] whereas the New Super Mario Bros Wii didn’t, so does that make it so much more innovative?”
                  Not that much because you’re mixing resolution with modes while not mentioning mechanics or styles of gameplay (which is what we’re talking about), but compared to NSBW? Yes, it is. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to be innovative, especially when you’re comparing only two games from one franchise.

          2. There used to be a free-to-play online game on the PC that exactly fits those characteristics. It was called GunZ, no idea if it still exists. But yea, that concept really isn’t very “innovative” or “new”, considering GunZ came out like 10 years ago. And as already said, it was for free.

            1. Oh, yeah, GunZ! I remember that game. Even still, to innovate doesn’t mean “to be the first introducing new ideas”. You’re being innovative just by changing what’s standard by introducing methods or ideas, even if the way you do it has been done before. Besides, the fact that the only similar game came out 10 years ago actually supports my argument.

              1. I actually did some research, and it turns out the original GunZ was shut down in 2013, and a sequel was made after, which is in its beta phase right now, it seems. So yea, it’s true it first came out about 10 years ago, but throughout those years it’s still being supported, and I don’t think that speaks for your argument. I personally just don’t believe that something can be considered “new” and “innovative” when others have been doing it for 10+ years.
                Also, I don’t think GunZ is the only other game doing that kinda stuff; there’s also games like S4 League, which actually seems to be quite popular here in Europe. Free-to-play as well. :p

                1. “I personally just don’t believe that something can be considered “new” and “innovative” when others have been doing it for 10+ years.”
                  You would be right, if others had been doing it. Two cases can hardly be considered ‘others’, in my opinion. Is very far away from the norm in the genre, so I consider it to be innovative. Besides, do both games mix all those elements I have listed? Because I’m refering more to the blend of elements from different genres/titles rather than each one on its own. Also, I couldn’t help but notice that both games you mention are (mainly) on PC, not consoles. That has to count for something.

                  1. I guess we can agree to disagree on the “others have done it before” matter, doesn’t look like we can change each other’s opinion. :)
                    And about the games, I’m pretty sure both are 3rd-person shooters that also feature melee combat with weapons like katanas and such. Sliding and rolling is possible in both games as well, I believe. Some sort of finishing moves were featured in GunZ too, if I remember correctly, but can’t confirm it for S4 League.
                    But you’re definitely right about those games not being available on home consoles, so Devil’s Third has that going. :p

                    1. Well, I stand corrected, then. It looks like there is a handful of similar games, after all. The closest thing in my mind was actually Monster Hunter, in which the only thing missing is the sliding (and finishing moves, I guess). Let’s hope for the game to be and do great.

    2. Very impressive game… They did exactly what they should have to improve upon those first teaser clips. Hope US/EURO don’t have to wait much longer if at all

    1. This is Nintendo’s answer to that POS CoD game now skipping the system due to laziness and the BS excuse of Wii U being Wii U when it’s the fans they chased away because they cut DLCs and waited more than 2 fucking years to include the bonus map that should’ve been in the first place.

  2. Itagaki is one of the gaming Gods. After watching this 10 minute clip, both Valhalla and Nintendo SPD (Japan) can have my wallet. Devil’s Third is on my Wii U most wanted list.

  3. pink0crystal0midbus

    Nintendo definitely has some awesome stuff to show at E3. They are rolling out the announcements almost daily WEEKS before E3 starts.

    Starfox, Metroid, Animal Crossing, Platinum Games exclusive, Retro Games project, and “more” here we come!!!

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