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Leaked E3 Video Shows Hyrule Warriors Coming To The Nintendo 3DS

Hold on to your hats, because it looks like a version of Hyrule Warriors will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS! In what looks to be a leaked E3 video, Hyrule Warriors is showcased on the 3DS, but it’s not just the same game as you can see new playable characters, Tetra and the King of Red Lions from Wind Waker! Well, count me as considerably surprised and bouncing up and down in my seat.

74 thoughts on “Leaked E3 Video Shows Hyrule Warriors Coming To The Nintendo 3DS”

    1. I agree with you, Simply G. I didn’t know that Koei-Tecmo are releasing Hyrule Warriors 3D. WHOA!!!!!

      1. Youtube video is private, still found it online at the Polygon website. :P
        Well, I saw the trailer and it looked like this game is only coming for the NEW Nintendo 3DS? I mean, the video shows the gameplay on the NEW system….but I don’t know, can the old 3DS handle this game? o-o

        1. All of the 3ds game trailers since the N3DS launched have the New 3ds in them. Its probably because its the new system so that’s what they’re marketing. That being said, Hyrule Warriors looks way nicer than the last warriors game released for the 3DS so this will most likely be N3DS only. Unless they drop the textures, frame speed, and resolution to accommodate for the lack of power in the OG 3DS. they wouldn’t though, right?

    1. Wow… Another game ported to 3ds than has many many many titles then the wii u…. Hopefully wii u gets a popular 3ds title..

  1. Well, I expected it to be fake, it’s on the official Koei Tecmo YouTube channel…count me as surprised too

  2. I really hope they release the new characters as DLC for the Wii U version, there’s no reason not to

  3. What is even being saved for E3 itself? Nothing at all? Alright.

    I’ve always loved King Daphnes so I’m actually pretty stoked to see this. That snippet they showed of him in action looks absurd–in a good way!

  4. It also looks like it’s going to be for new and old 3ds, based on the game cases for japan being different for new 3ds only games like xenoblade. So color me pumped.

  5. Another cool Wii U experience now with a version on 3DS so the large number of 3DS owners without Wii U’s can feel good in their decision to not purchase a Wii U lol.

    Anyway I want the extra characters but I still haven’t gotten my XL fixed so I don’t know if buying the game to transfer them to Wii U is worth it…

    1. Exactly. My friends won’t get a Wii U because they said there’s no reason too, and Hyrule Warriors was one of the games they were interested in.

  6. it also looks like it will be for new and old 3ds based on solely the game case not being the “new 3ds only” case that Japan has

  7. Well this definitely is not a fake, fun stuff! A question I have though is will the dlc from the WiiU version be included in the package or will it need to be purchased seperately?

  8. Why would anyone be excited about this? A game that isn’t a year old getting a port and people are stoked??? What’s wrong with you all. When last of us did it you were in an uproar. Is this what we have to look forward to at E3? The same games we already got just on different platforms? Sorry but this is terrible news if true. Shame on anyone excited for this. We need new games not the ones we already have. This is a lazy way to fill a drought, and should not be applauded like it’s some amazing feat.

    1. ‘-‘ … im excited for this. cant wait to bring out this game with me and my new3ds on vacations! ^^

    2. Mustapha's Game Room

      I mean…or it could just mean that the game is popular and Nintendo wants to put it on the console with the biggest user base…also TLOU Remastered was a genius move. Why not put the peak of the PS3’s visual capabilities on your next Gen console?

      1. If I buy a new console, I want new games. Not a game I just bought and played. I don’t care if the new platform has better graphics or is a handheld. It’s a lazy thing to do when you have a drought of actual NEW games. If it sells well it doesn’t matter, it was a lazy move.

          1. Yea I’m sorry but this angers me. I’m supposed to be excited to play the same game again? No thanks. This was a lazy move no matter how you slice it, and I can’t believe people are making it out to be huge news. It’s really not that exciting.

        1. There is no drought of new games on the 3DS. Monster Hunter X, the latest Ace Attorney (which looks fantastic), a new Rhythm Heaven game, a new Yokai Watch, Fire Emblem if, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, a new Chibi Robo game, MegaMan Legacy Collectio, and likely others are all being released within this year in Japan. Hyrule Warrior 3DS may be the least exciting game coming to the 3DS.

          You need to relax.

          1. Monster Hunter x, a series on its way to being milked, ace attorney is a game certainly not for everyone, rhythm heaven lol, pokemon dungeon? Yokai watch? Dude NONE of those games are exciting. MAYBE the chibi robo & fire emblem. Mega Man Legacy? AGAIN. I don’t need old games on a new console, nothing exciting there. That list is trash.

            1. “These games don’t appeal to me” doesn’t reconstruct your argument, which was that people are only excited for Hyrule Warriors because the landscape is barren and no new games are coming (a lie).

              You’re also hilariously aggressive.

              1. Lol I love that you think I’m being aggressive when I’m not at all. I’m making valid points besides my opinion on what games are good. But other than that my argument still stands. And your list is still weak. :P

      2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        Or it could be Nintendo wants to give those that don’t have a Wii U but have a 3DS one less reason to get the Wii U. thus, Nintendo is effectively burying their own home console. As if it wasn’t bad enough 3rd parties were doing it but now Nintendo themselves. *facepalm* But the Nintendo fanboys will defend this stupid move to the death. It’s no voice chat for Splatoon all over again.

      1. Yea I think it’s messed up to do that to wii u owners. I own both but so if I see a game that just came out on one system come to the other, it makes me feel like they aren’t trying hard enough.

        1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

          Yay for Nintendo burying their own home console! *applauds* I guess even Nintendo has effectively given up on the Wii U. What next? Pikmin 3 & Wonderful 101 for 3DS!? *facepalm*

  9. Didn’t buy hyrule warriors on console because I knew this was going to happen!!!!!! Lmao jk it isn’t my kind of game for a console. But if it’s on handheld I will definitely be purchasing since I’m more of a handheld gamer

    1. I’m going to find your Nintendo T-shirt’s and pour diarrhea all over them. Let’s see how well they sell then.

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  11. if you have a wiiu there’s no reason to get this. Unless they make it cross save. Which is extremely unlikely on a Nintendo system.

  12. As much as I loved this game, this is another kick to Wii U owners. It’s like Nintendo doesn’t want the Wii U to sell.

  13. that feature ware u can switch to other characters on the field ould have been so freaking usefull inn the wii u version lol. how meany times i had to break from smashing an boss in the corner to save the allied base x-x

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  15. pink0crystal0midbus

    A leaked video!!! :O I hope nothing else gets leaked early. I want to be surprised when I watch Nintendo’s Direct.

  16. Is it just me or do the slight black edges remind anyone of Smash 3DS graphics? Hopefully it’ll support 4 person co-op (and on the actual missions, not just challenges).

    If anything, a 3DS port should gear up Koei Tecmo’s nonstop DLC plans again. This thing is going to have more characters than a DBZ game.

  17. At least they’re bringing The King of Red Lions. I loved Wind Waker and bought the Wii U bundle of it in HD. Did anyone hear about Sonic joining with scanning his Amiibo?

  18. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

    What can we do to save the Wii U today!? Oh I know! Let’s port an exclusive to the 3DS!? That way people will be wanting to buy a Wii U to play this game on that console as well as the 3DS! *facepalm* Yes! Because that worked so fucking well for Super Smash Bros! *sarcasm*

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