New Fire Emblem Japanese Trailers Reveal Gameplay

If you are dying for more news about the upcoming, untitled Fire Emblem game for Nintendo 3DS, today is your lucky day. Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube channel published a couple of videos (entirely in Japanese) showcasing cutscenes and gameplay.

The new Fire Emblem game will be released in Japan June 25th. For those living in Europe and North America, the release will be sometime in 2016.


  1. A lot of game info coming out right before E3… Maybe they’re trying to give Japanese fans a head start on the info before the American event starts?

      1. That’s fine but i’m just saying that there’s a lot of information about Nintendo games and games in general being released right before E3 this year when usually it seemed like everyone got quiet until after the conferences just to have more reveals there.

  2. Why can’t the Wii U have nice things like a traditional Fire Emblem, Advance Wars or a new FF Taticts game????? (The last one is a reach, I know). An RTS is PERFECT for the touch screen. Why Nintendo?!

    1. Definitely agree. Can’t wait to see a nice big-name Strategy RPG on the Wii U as well. My touch screen game pad is weeping as it sits in the corner gathering dust in place of Pro controllers right now

    2. I agree with you soooo much! I also want more Wii U games, right now my 3ds games are laughing at my wii u games because there are so much more good 3ds games :(

  3. it’s easier to make 3ds games than WiiU ones so that’s why 3ds has more games than WiiU does.
    I want to play that new FF game now so badly!

  4. I liked Fire Emblem Awakening, but I kinda miss the old style were the story was more serious and you could really feel the struggle of war.

      1. You should try the old sega Shining force games there better than Fire Emblem buddy boy

  5. Man we need a great RPG game for Wii U, like a Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn style or a Paper Mario Thousand Year Door 2!

  6. Can’t wait to download this game. I’m going back to finish some FEA DLC to get back in the swing!!

    Of course, if there isn’t Voice Chat, I’m skipping it.

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