South African Retailer Lists Mario Maker With September 25th Release Date

We know Mario Maker is shipping this year and that it’s going to play a big part in Nintendo’s E3 press conference, but when can we expect it? Well, South African retailer Raru may have just leaked the date ahead of the Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event. They are listing the Mario Maker release date as September 25th. This is the very same retailer that listed the Splatoon amiibo before they were announced. Guess we will find out next week at the Nintendo Digital Event.



  1. I’m still going for a September 13th release. Why? Because that would be bang on the 30th Anniversary of the Super Mario Bros.


  2. Great to hear, but before that Nintendo should do everything they can to take down this blatant DKCR clone called JuJu.


  3. Nintendo already officially stated September as the release month.
    Seeing as how they release games at the end of the month… this isn’t even news to me… it was already soo obvious.


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