Nintendo Cracks Down On Cookies In Global Piracy Push

Nintendo is well known for their copyright strikes, however you may not have expected them to shut down a bakery. However, according to a report from TorrentFreak, Nintendo’s anti-piracy division has done just that. This group, that normally keeps a watchful eyes on memorabilia, App Store games, and the like decided to target a Chinese company charged with making delicious, copyright-infringing confections. A message concerning the matter from the company states the action was “out of concern that unauthorized cookies could pose possible health and safety issues to consumers.” Ultimately, this act will protect their liability in case a gaming fan were to eventually get ill from a food-poisoned poison mushroom. This anti-piracy move is part of a broader copyright crackdown in Asia — more than 1,400 pieces of counterfeit Super Mario merchandise from one company alone has been seized.


  1. i hope joemama dosent coment he just keeps ruining this website, i mean the commander did that but joe is worst

      1. It’s a fucking miracle Nintendo hasn’t completely shut down Miiverse. Then again, the updates for Miiverse & the fucking admins with sticks up their asses are already scaring some people off. I barely get on as it is but when I did, I could always rely on Activity Feed to catch up. But now even that is fucking ruined. *twitch* I guess Nintendo won’t be happy til they’ve completely killed the social aspect of Miiverse.

  2. “out of concern that unauthorized cookies could pose possible health and safety issues to consumers.”

    they kinda have a point with that not that I think a bakery would poisen cookies but if something went wrong, nintendo would get the blame for no reason. ( not that that matters because they will still be blamed )

  3. They are making money out of their characters so of course. lol I don’t really agree with it but this should teach people a lesson to come up with their own original designs instead.

      1. Nintendo you japanese bastards everyone aint rich we need to dl your games at cool roms you bastards you sorry bastards you outta be asamed

  4. Just when you think Nintendo can’t sink any lower with their overly-sensitive copyright actions, they pull stunts like this. Absolutely astounding.

    1. I don’t know what is it with Nintendo with having a need to blame and punish others due to their own ineptitude…

      1. Yea, I don’t get it. Having the right to do something doesn’t mean one should actually do it. This whole situation sounds like something people would say in an exaggerated manner to make fun of how extremely serious Nintendo takes all that copyright stuff.
        “Wow, Nintendo claims ad revenue from people who upload videos of their games on Youtube? Next thing you know, they’ll shut down bakeries for making cookies in the shape of their characters, hahahah” Just how ridiculous does that sound? lmao.

        1. Nintendo is full of surprises lol, but you would never guess them to do something so irrational.

          I’m not going to lie, it’s kinda funny especially the part you said about the bakeries XD

          1. Agreed, it genuinely made me chuckle a little after I read the article. The whole situation just sounds too silly to be true.

        2. lmfao That quote just makes this whole thing even worse! Next thing y’know, a playground is going to get shutdown by Nintendo themselves because there is a lot of graffiti of their own characters & Nintendo will give the excuse that “we’re afraid our characters will be used for gangs!”

  5. Fuck China!! Those yellow fuckers couldn’t shit out an original idea. All those yellow fuckers know how to do is to constantly steal intellectual properties. Fuck China!!

    1. There will be alot of ppl from china in hell with you son if u dont get right like skeletons told u

        1. Oh Lord! Change that name right now! The power of Christ repels you! The power of Christ repels you!

    2. I’m probably going to get hacked now. Lol. Oh wait, I’m a federal employee. I’ve already been hacked. Yellow Fuckers!!

    3. Religious hate even for religious people that are causing no real harm. Now this racist comment by you. What next? Are you going to insult mentally retarded people, too?

  6. Remember the company was Chinese… Maybe the quality of their products was dubious… Also the picture is most likely not from the same company, but rather some random online image.

  7. A part of me can understand their concern about possibly being sued by someone thinking that Nintendo is responsible for it if they got poisoned (which a person would have to have mental problems to think). But another part of me thinks It’s asinine and ridiculous! I swear, Nintendo ruins everybody’s fandom fun in every nook and cranny in the world. You’re seriously not allowed to be a Nintendo fan unless you’re giving them your money. *sigh*

    1. You honestly think people making counterfeit merchandise are Nintendo fans? Sigh, is the meaning of the word BUSINESS that elusive?

      1. What The Collector said. It’s mother fucking food!

        Wow. Pull Nintendo’s dick out of your throat for a few minutes. You’ll choke to death at some point if you don’t.

  8. IPs are IPs and last I checked, China is notorious for ignoring those. I’m okay with Nintendo cracking down on this, granted it’s a lose lose scenario. Nintendo cracks down on them, they get criticism for cracking down on a bakery. Nintendo ignores this, someone gets sick, and immediately it’s Nintendo’s fault for either not stopping the bakery from making these items, or it looks like Nintendo is at fault for endorsing these items (not every person will be aware that this isn’t the case since let’s face it, there are more idiots out there than the opposite). Either ways, Nintendo winds up being the bad guy. However, rumors and speculation are enough to harm a company, so it’s better to be known for enforcing their IP copyrights even in smaller cases than to let the smaller case get away and be associated with some sort of an issue/fiasco/scandal because someone decided to copy their designs and then make profit off it and then have it all go horribly wrong.

  9. So, how is this illegal? It was right here on MyNintendoNews where I watched a video of Miyamoto and Bill Trinen sampling some Mario Kart koopa shell lollies that someone made on some cooking show (whatever it was). They ENCOURAGED this! Makes no sense to me.

    1. Oh my god! You’re right! Nintendo practically encouraged this & suddenly they are “bombing” a bakery for doing what they themselves encouraged in the first place.

  10. the interesting bit for me in this news is that nintendo has an anti-piracy team looking at everything Nintendo related (obviously). It’s a good way to not loose money or even make profit I know a lot of companies who do not have an anti-piracy team and losing billions every years. I guess well done Nintendo.

  11. lmfao This is getting ridiculous. Not even bakery food in the form of Nintendo characters is safe from getting banned by Nintendo. What’s even worse is there are some people defending this bullshit. Nintendo, I feel that you guys are starting to cross the line. What next? …. Wait. I better not jinx it!

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