Some New Amiibo Announced Today Will Be Released September 25th

Save the date! Some of the new amiibo announced today— Mii Fighter, Mr. Game & Watch, Duck Hunt Duo and R.O.B– will be released on September 25th. This little detail was mentioned on the European broadcast of the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo 3DS/Wii U presentation earlier today. So you’ve got plenty of time to save the pennies and get prepared, which one would you most like to get?



  1. why nintendo is so keen on releasing new amiibo when they can’t provide enough of the existing ones? Should nintendo focus on producing enough supply then release new ones when the interest for some figures start to dry….

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    1. Nintendo is retarted and there going mobile with thier games one day they wint make consoles theyll just make games..


      1. Or at least they just want to see how far they can push limiting the stock. But judging by how many sonics and pacmans i see hanging around I would venture to say they are a little retarded too.

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    1. Yeah hes going to pee on colletors dead mother lol you like mother lol u sissy figurine collecting 40 year old. Loser


  2. Part of me wants to just give up on getting the amiibo I want this year & just wait for next year if & when they stop fucking around with limited stock. But the other part of me is worried they won’t be stocking the ones I want anymore & don’t have yet next year as they’ll be replaced with fucking amiibo cards instead. :/ Fuck you, Nintendo! }:<


  3. I really badly want duck hunt and the mii fighters. I have school that day and I won’t be able to get them at the store where else will I be able to get them? Can someone please help me?


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