Splatoon Wii U Bundle On Sale At Best Buy For $274.99

If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting the Splatoon Wii U bundle, then now would be a good time as they are on sale at Best Buy for $274.99, which is amazing compared to some prices. Get the special edition bundle, which contains a black 32GB Wii U console with a Splatoon and Nintendo Land game, but you better be quick!



      1. Not sure what that means, but Jesus probably would have rolled it in the plants leaf. It would be easy.


      2. Theres my son talking about the creator of the universe rolling dope….Son you make Satan proud just like the last word and the commander…


    1. Remember when Nintendo revealed the Wii as the Revolution and they had pictures of lime green, red and blue ones? They should have done that…


      1. I agree, not that it would be a major deciding factor but rather a bonus “oh hey, they have one in my favorite color” perk. I have a nice arctic blue 360. At least 3 basic colours would be nice.


  1. This Wii U bundle deserved its own unique Gamepad just how WindWaker HD has its own custom design Gamepad. Hori is releasing Splatoon themed protector for Gamepad so Nintendo thought paint job on Gamepad was unnecessary.

    This game got no voice chat so no buy for me. I need voice chat to ” talk” with little children.


  2. what!!!!!! It is just for the US market and we in Europe get sh*t again!!!???? I am F***ing feed up of it, where the yank get everything and we got sh*t. Then Nintendo or even some idiot here dare to complain why the Wii U is not selling in Europe. By the way it even bloody cheap in US cause in UK this bundle will cost between £190 to £270 so If I convert from US $ to £ this bundle cost £184…. exclude VAT…… and here a valid reason to complain :-P


      1. LOL well try mate and 12 point for trolling (European guy might know the reference) but you did not understand the sarcasm in my comment. I don’t give a shit if the slaptoon bundle is not release in Europe or even outside US. I don’t know if you have been here for a long time but you may had already learn that US people always complain when they is a bundle or a product (i.e. normal size new 3DS) which is not available on their territory. It was just a mick taking and demonstrate that it’s not one side. Also your reply is typical, when you guys in US got something we don’t: it;s yeah Nobody give a shit about XXXX (to be replace by a country outside US). and when you don’t have the product you cry like baby….

        I replying to you but it aiming at the other who constantly whinge.


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