Rumour: More Amiibos Leaked Including Animal Crossing And 8-Bit Mario/Mario Maker


If you’ve been following things then you will know that this E3 has been particularly leaky. Coming hot off the press from NeoGAF is a rumour that a number of amiibo are on the way which haven’t previously been announced by the Kyoto based company. These include Animal Crossing amiibo figures and also Mario Maker ones. You can check them all out in the image, above.


    1. Seriously though… Nintendo needs to keep a tighter lid on all this… I mean is there even a point in watching E3 if all the info is leaked???

      1. Nintendo should move up their show to today lol! So that more leaks don’t happen in the next few days.

        What sucks is it’s the stupid OTHER companies that are showing promotional images too soon. Seriously, do people NOT look at the scheduled release date for things???

  1. Now what would the commenters here think if there’s a dedicated NFC esque game with Animal Crossing amiibos as the next console Animal Crossing game? Get more villagers with different amiibo, bigger towns (Maybe even multiple towns), you can actually bring villagers and yourself along by saving their data into an amiibo and bringing it to someone else’s game, and myriad other functions. I’d be for that if nintendo can keep the stock up.

    1. >>>I would prefer an online Animal Crossing where you can visit many others’ towns at will>>>

              1. Don’t mind Skeletons420. He tends to mention Quadramus… A LOT. It’s kind of cute, to be honest. lol


          >>>*The wind blows silently>>>

          1. Hey thanks for the shout outs CAPTAIN! Yes ! Play Continuum! Listen to Jack Parow* (spelling is hard for old computers) and respect thy SHEEPLE! Have a great day everyone, except CCC.

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      1. Online? Nintendo? Lmfaooooooo!

        That’s like trying to mix oil and water; no matter how hard you try it won’t work.

        1. >>>Now if only the other 2 imbeciles stopped forcing you to pay for online that would be even better>>>

            1. >>>No, it’s being realistic>>>

              >>>You pay for internet already, that should be enough regardless of anything else>>>

              1. You pay for internet yes, but your are paying for the added benefits that enhance your gaming experience.

                Think of it this way. People pay rent, but they still have to pay stuff like water, heating, electricity, etc… If that makes any sense

                1. >>>That would be somewhat acceptable to me if gaming was still only about gaming, their consoles would be cheaper with desirable power if they never introduced all these media gimmicks that have nothing to do with gaming at all>>>

                  >>>But since the majority of the humans accept whatever these silly things throws at them, they gladly accept these useless things>>>

                  1. Is it just me or did you just literally describe Nintendo and the Wii U. The PS4 is all about gaming; the DS4 is one of the best controllers imo. And yet the Wii U is just one giant gimmick, the controller is worse to have than not to. Even some somenters here prefer to use the pro controller lol. At least the PS4’s gimmick is optional.

                    Be my guest and keep accepting the shit Nintendo dishes out at you fucktards.

                    1. >>>You not liking the Gamepad is your own problem and because you think the DS4 is your favourite controller doesn’t take away the fact that it has gimmicks as well as you want to call them>>>

                    2. You damn right it’s my problem. I payed almost $400 for this shit thinking of how awesome the gamepad would be, how it was going to be Nintendo’s best console. Boy was I an idiot for thinking that.

                      Your comment about the DS4 makes you look like and idiot who thinks they know everything. First of all the touch pad doesn’t get in the way at all, its perfectly aligned with the joysticks so you barley need to use much effort to access it. It feels really natural that is if you even notice it because it doesn’t get in the fucking way A.K.A gamepa—-why am I even explaining it to you in the first place? You don’t even have a PS4 and I don’t think you’ve actually tried experimenting with the DS4, therefore your entire comment its invalidated


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    2. I’d like to see a case of, get any specific Animal Amiibo, not Villager, Isabelle or the likes. And have it so that that Character will be guaranteed to be a resident of your town.

      1. >>>They’d have to unlock or add more to make them appealing for purchase>>>

    3. That would have been cool. Sadly, we all know it turns out that it’s just a fucking board game. :/

  2. ‘More Amiibos Leaked Including Animal Crossing And 8-Bit Mario/Mario Maker’ I am sick and tired of seeing the word ‘Leaked’ or ‘Leak.’ Why? Because od this Roy/Ryu fiasco. Seriously. No more ‘Leaks’ or supposed ‘Leaks.’

    1. Amiibos have become obnoxious. Fucking Mii Amiibos? Seriously.
      Nintendo has found their new cash cow. Wait till the mobile shit starts.

      1. Just saying, replying late but that does give Smash Bros it’s recognition it deserves.

    1. Your gonna need some riot gear then, and pointy elbows. Nostalgia freaks are gonna be lining up past the block.

  3. Damn! Amiibos are taking so much of my money lately that I can’t even buy any games. I couldn’t even buy Splatoon because of wave 4 (even though I was skeptical about Splatoon). I’m starting to wonder if I’ll EVER be able to buy new games anymore?

        1. >>>New Leaf was the first game i played from it, it was ok but I can only assume how bored I would be with all the previous ones>>>

      1. Agreed animal crossing is starting to feel boring… It really needs some major twist such as online always with a growing population or something like this. I dont really know what i want :, ( bur i really want some new trick from this saga because i have love it since the gamecube one!

      2. New Leaf was AMAZING compared to City Folk (a.k.a. Let’s Go To The City). But like all games, the fun wore out once I did everything that could possibly be done in the game. It would be fun if people could create their own items (and even types of fish) that others could collect (and catch) around the world. Then it wouldn’t feel quite as limited.

  4. Looks like Animal Crossing for Wii U is happening lol! That’ll be a HUGE game. It sold brilliantly on the 3DS when it came out.

  5. Update: The email is confirmed to be real so that means the new amiibos are real and that means that Animal Crossing Wii U is real. I can’t wait to see how the gamepad is gonna be utilized

  6. I think these leaks have gotten way out of hand.

    And another thing, how long have these rumors been going? I’m not sure that I don’t want to see anymore rumors now because most of the rumors rarely are true.

  7. Nintendo needs to get their stuff together and stop letting more leaks get spilled out to the public RIGHT before E3

  8. Much as I love those Animal Crossing figures, if they’re the same as the cards, I’ll probably be getting the cards over the figures. Though I’ll probably buy some of my favorite characters in figure form.

    I think the Amiibo cards idea is genius by the way. I love Amiibos as figures, they’re a collector’s dream, but with the cards we can have games involving far more characters and items. For instance, I really wouldn’t want to buy a ton of Animal Crossing characters, that’d be far too many. But with the cards, which I’m assuming will be far cheaper, I can justify buying a ton since they take up far less space (and probably cost much less).

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