Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Announced For Wii U, Coming Holiday 2015

Nintendo has announced a brand new Mario Tennis game for the Wii U. For those who love to smash aces on the tennis court, you’ll soon be able to with Mario and friends in HD. Looks like you’ll be able to use power ups on the court to make yourself huge and smash those balls back in forth in no time. The game will arrive in North America and Europe in the fourth quarter of 2015, or holiday season.


        1. >>>It’s hard for me to admit but I would switch the Sonyans with the Xbots, that Xbot God Phil Spencer sure knows his power>>>

            1. >>>A game known for years and a remaster do not count if we are to compare to the new titles the Xbots showed>>>

        2. Naw I that list is wrong

          1. Microsoft
          2. Bethesda
          3. Sony
          4. Nintendo

          I hate to admit it but that Digital Event sucked big time. It started offamazingly well with Starfox Zero but after that it went downhill, especially when they focused too much on the 3DS. Where was Retro’s game? Where was Next Level’s game? Where was this huge remaster of an old Nintendo classic? Where was Pokken Tournament? Where was the Devil’s Third release date? Where was Fatal Frame V’s release date? And Mario Tennis for the Wii U?…smh. Why not a new Mario Golf for the Wii U instead? Nintendo, Nintendo……facepalm. How did you let two has-been companies like Microsoft and Sony beat you at E3? This was disappointing man……..smh

          1. >>>If they don’t deliver big time next year, I’m going to modify myself to the Master Race permanently>>>

          2. Whoa, hey, Mario Tennis is waaaay better than Matio golf. At least in my opinion. And next level’s game was that silly looking Metroid game.

    1. I just remembered something. Didn’t Nintendo say that they will only be focusing on 2015-Early 2016 games at this Digital Event? Maybe that’s why it wasn’t even good. Paper Mario Wii U would be mid to late 2016, Metroid would be late 2016, Zelda would be late 2016. All the games we really want will fall after the 2015-Early 2016 time frame…

      1. >>>It doesn’t excuse why they couldn’t have shown Devil’s Third and Fast Racing Neo instead fo that garbage Animal Crossing nobody relevant wants>>>

        1. seems they were focusing on e games only and kept m stuff out for some reason

          the real problem is Nintendo, being alone this gen with the wii u, is spread so thin that they could not keep up the pace, they were able to get a good year least year because they synced up the release schedule, this year…. they probably had too many of their studios behind, so they could not show as much just because they did not have enough to show. So i cannot blame them, they are only one company, the others have 3rd parties to rely on. I mean what could they do, all their studios have pretty much just started their next dev cycles so they just dont have anything that can be shown.

    1. >>>This event was slightly better than the Electron filth only because of Starfox>>>

      1. Starfox you say? I’m watching game play right now. And I’m thinking this is fucking starfox? Did nintendo half ass this. It looks so fucking rushed. Nintendo can do way better than that.

        1. >>>It looks way better than the first pictures they showed last year and it seems to be a Lylat Wars on steroids, that’s good enough for me if the challenge is there too>>>

          1. The battlefield doesn’t even look that huge. Your basically on a railroad course being directed where need to fucking go.

            1. >>>Have you even played a Starfox game before? This is how a Starfox game is, it seems to have a bit more freedom compared to the previous ones so it’s a step forward>>>

              1. Nope because it looks as if your always being direct where you need to go. The battlefield doesn’t look huge. And your alway in a arwing. I was picturing a starfox with a balance of being in a ship and on land. But it seems your just stuck in a Damn ship the whole time being guided on a linear path the whole time.

                1. >>>*Phazon Cybernetic Facepalm*, Starfox is played like this, you are just too young to have played the original and earlier games>>>

                  1. Your right about me being too young but I still had a n64 in games like Mario 64 and zelda caught my attention. I think it was at the end of the 64’s life when I got though so no. I didn’t play the original.

                    1. >>>The original was such a joy to play, and even though most Starfox fans hate Adventures, I thought that game was just as good on its own>>>

                    2. Well being born in 1997. I didn’t get experience that age of gaming but oh fucking well. Nintendo is being fucking lame right now that I’m seriously thinking about picking up a ps4 until xenoblade and zelda release. 90%”of fans actually bought a wii u because of zelda and other BIG titles. The wii u has none of that. Which makes me question why the fuck did I buy a wii u?

                    3. >>>I don’t regret buying a Wii U myself, I only regret trusting this current High Command this much, I want a new leader as of today>>>

                    4. >>>No, your knowledge of the empire is embarrasing low, you are too young and even worse have almost no knowledge about the empire, I suggest you at least start learning about the gaming history first before even thinking of becoming any leader>>>

                    5. No knowledge of Nintendo? Fucking please! I know everything about nintendo. From the NES to the dreadful Wii u.

                    6. >>>And yet you haven’t played Starfox 64>>>

                    7. >>>Any big Nintendo fan should at least have played the biggest titles in every generation>>>

                    8. I was still swimming in dad’s ball sack the 64 released. Comment fucking irrelevant.

                    9. >>>I wasn’t even created when the first consoles made by the empire were created by I’ve played those as well>>>

                    10. >>>Further more, your primitive use of language doesn’t even get my vote, you need to change yourself a bit as well>>>

                      >>>Perhaps if you are given the opportunity to rule the western territory, perhaps if you bring fresh new ideas without becoming like the other 2 then maybe you’ll get my loyalty as well, and I want a signed console by you if that ever happens>>>

                    11. You think that i don’t know that saying fucking In every sentence and statement wrong. Of course it is. So unprofessional for a job like that. Do I have shot at being the president of N America. It’s highly unlikely but if I’d really wanted to be the president I’d give it my all. It seems like they only hire old bitches anyways. So oh well.

                    12. >>>Well if you get the chance, notify me, I can be your Bill Trinen or something>>>

                    13. >>>You can try but my power is sufficient enough to repel even that of a Nintendo God>>>

                  2. I rather have an expanded Star Fox Assault gameplay where they mixed classic air/space dogfights with ground based 3rd person shooting. Doing rail on shooting all the way in mere 4-7 hours is boring.

              1. It doesn’t even look HD. It feels so empty and no where near what Nintendo could produce. I need to see a lot more.

                1. Well it’s months away with plenty of work needed to be done. But so far, it’s not even impressive to me and looks so much like 64 which I have on my 3DS for free. So I’m skipping it.

        1. >>>I’m the guy at the beginning, the black substance is my new stance until a new Metroid or F-Zero is revelaed some day, Peter Parker is Nintendo losing its powers today>>>

          1. So that new stance is you transferring to a new console. Which him asking “god” aka Nintendo to kill Peter parker aka the wii u. The black shit is you leaving nintendo and going to some other company for the time being. That’s the message I’m getting.

            1. >>>No, it means that my loyalty towards High Command is in question right now, nothing more for the time being>>>

            2. Nintendo hasnt shown a reason to be loyal in a looong time. There have been nice things here and there, but overall the black stuff is Nintendo shitting on all their fans.

  1. OMG… That E3 SUCKED!! WiiU is abandoned! :( Other than Chronicles X , StarFox, and Wolly World… and this super fantastic tennis game /sarcasm: ? All previously announced. Wow. Im a fan of WiiU, its sad to see Ninty moved on from supporting WiiU this bluntly.
    Even 3ds kinda got shafted. No real new games. New zelda looked weak.
    Jesus Nintendo, wtf are you doing?

  2. This could’ve been a typical Nintendo Direct and no one would’ve found a difference… I’m disappointed. Oh well, e3 2016 I suppose

  3. Hey, look, nintendo’s confirmation we’re not getting a new Golden Sun this year. Just what I was excited for!

      1. The name should be “The Wii U is officially on life support.” After all, it still has some games left to be released. But once they reveal the NX next year, then I can say with confidence the Wii U is officially dead. Unless Nintendo does something drastic with the Wii U before then.

  4. Holy shit that was the worst fucking thing I’ve ever seen in years at E3, and it’s Nintendo. This is truly a downfall. No new games, nothing at all, just amiibos and “developper stories” nobody gives a shit about. Truly, truly felt like a huge downfall, especially compared to what the other companies brought to the table.

    1. I quite liked the developer stories, both last year and this, but there just wasn’t anything new to get excited about. Starfox seems decent, will have to wait for reviews and watch some more gameplay.

  5. This is all cool and all, but there wasn’t much that the fans want from this Digital Event. No Wii U Metroid, no 3DS Metroid, no Wii U Animal Crossing, no Mario Kart 8 DLC pack 3, no Wii U Paper Mario They probably should have saved the Smash Bros and Mother 1 announcements for this Digital Event, to make it more worth it. I don’t like saying this, but it was indeed disappointing…

    1. Hell they didnt even show devils third or anything about splatoon (which is a solid game)

      1. So that makes me think that Devil’s Third will be a Mid to Late 2016 game. Remember, this E3, the games shown were all 2015-Early 2016 games.

          1. >>>They could have shown Devil’s Third instead of that atrocity known as ACAmiiboFestival!>>>

            1. That Animal Crossing crap had me raging at my desk, and we had clients walking through our space, lol. Such a rip of mario party, without the fun minigames. its essentially a board game. u_u

                1. They are really going nuts on the amiibos. Ill admit they are cool to have some official Nintendo collectibles, but to NEED them for a game is BS. Its just going to turn gamers off and it already has. Ill likely be purchasing a ps4 just bc I hate missing out anymore on SOME of the 3rd party and Sony is actually coming out with new stuff instead of like xbone who just “unlocks” functionality to play 360 games, which means IT WAS ABLE TO DO IT ALL ALONG or tries to sell a $150 controller. Ill still buy Nintendo, but Im going to take a big step back and observe for the time being. I definitely wont buy launch day anymore until I see some progress.

  6. seriously there was no big wiiu title that wasn’t already announced. # nintendo’s e3 sucks 2015

    1. Ninty has abandoned WiiU. They will finish development on Zelda U and do a co-launch with NX next year when that’s released. NX will be revealed e3 2016, with release that fall. Zelda U will be a launch title, “but still available on WiiU”
      Chronicles X will get a remastered edition for NX.
      Swear to god ive had it up to my ears in Nintendos bs plans/actions over the last few years. When a little sunlight starts to show, they shovel a bunch more shit on top.
      Those ugly ass skylander/amiibo cash grabs? Wtf?!?

      1. You’re 100% right on all of that. Also, whoever is influencing lots of these decisions (which I think is Iwata) needs to be let go. Nintendo has been in downfall since the last couple of years of the Wii. They abandoned that console as well. The only good thing they have going for them is the 3DS.

        1. Yep. Iwata needs to be fired or step down. He basically inherited the Wii (which was originally a stop gap system) so all that sales glory really doesnt give him any credits. Nintendo has been lagging for a loooong time and wouldve been bought out by Disney or someone else long ago if they didnt have the Wii war chest.

      2. I believe in that theory as fucking lame it would be to just ditch the WiiU owners in favor of new system just because they cannot support the damn thing to a degree that more people would buy it.

  7. Yup nintendo lost. Big time. Microsoft and Ubisoft both had good conferences. They won.

    1. >>>The Ubisians only showed predictable crap, the second place will go to the Squares>>>

  8. WTF I stayed up late just for this piece of shit. They must’ve been surprised how good MS and Sony prepared for this.

  9. Why couldn’t this have been a new Mario Golf for Wii U? I never cared about the Mario Tennis series.

    Though I’ll probably post MANY more comments just like this, I was NOT impressed with this year’s E3. I’m glad to see (from the comments above) that it’s not just me. Nothing I was wanting or hoping for was announced. No Animal Crossing Wii U. No Super Mario Sunshine HD. No Super Mario Galaxy 3. No localized Mother 3. No amiibo talk, other than what was already leaked. And so on.

    Every NEW game that was announced was just, meh. I never cared for the Four Swords Zelda games. This Happy Home Designer Animal Crossing game looks more for girls and kids. I can’t believe that Super Mario Maker was the most interesting game. And even THAT I’m not CRAZY over. This was definitely what I like to call, one of Nintendo’s poop years. As in, everybody’s gotta go some time.

  10. Bhahahahhhahaha!!!!!! ……………..


    ………huh?! What?! …

    Sorry I fell asleep ! I had a horrible dream that Nintendo showed nothing at E3 for Wii U that we didn’t already know was coming… Heh!… Pretty crazy huh?
    Huh?!!!! …..but!???…….no…..
    ………oh no…. What have they done?! 😳😧😨😩😥😭😲

  11. I don’t care who you are or what you say. I know deep down in my bones that Nintendo has abandoned the Wii U. It is Dead! End of story.
    I don’t know how bad this will hurt them. It’s hard to say.
    I as a fan feel so burned that I will not buy their next console at launch.
    I know some feel the way I do.

    Only time will tell if this means their end. I hope not but wow…. That was sad to watch.

    1. >>>Galactus, we should have stayed today at our respective realms and continued destroyed the universe instead>>>

    2. Not a chance. If Nintendo do to the Wii U like Sega did with the Saturn, then Nintendo will be hurting for people wanting to buy their next console. It’s not what’s best for business an Nintendo know that. I mean, look at Sega now. If Nintendo abandon the Wii U, then what stopping them from turning into the next Sega…

  12. Hahahahahahahahaha i kept telling you fanboys over and over again that Nintendo is going to drop the ball didnt i?,lol I told you no Metriod Prime Universe, not Super Mario Sunshine 2,and you said im trolling, I kept telling you Iwata needs to get fired, WHY DO YOU THINK HE SKIPPED E3? LOL i told u long in advance Nintendo will suck come e3,Sony and Microsoft wiped the floor with Nintendo lol.

    1. Sony and Microsoft has NEVER wiped the floor with Nintendo. Their games usually always SUCK!

    2. >>>You’re a nazi and your words are more irrelevant than a troll, now get lost before I infect you with viruses>>>

  13. 1. I will get this game and a few others later but this was so fucking bad I’m so angry I don’t know what to do and show any emotion
    2. I’m glad I have my vita to play games and am looking forward to several games
    3. I stayed up all night for this shit and am severely let down
    4. I’m tired but angry as hell shit I’m going to play my vita

    1. What a hypocrite. You talk trash to me in that other Yooka-Laylee post where I was stating that I stayed up all night and felt like a zombie. Then you post almost the same thing here.

      1. 1. I post to you and other as a joke and some people reply and others dont
        2. I dont care what you do lol it was your choice
        3. I also post to inform

  14. I usually really like nintendo’s E3 but this fucking sucked…They went too much in depth with Super Mario Maker as if the game wasn’t self explanatory already, and other games. especially skylanders, fucking skylanders…They just talked about this that was already being released in previous directs. Xenoblade, Fire emblem, and that crossover game The only thing that took my interest was Star Fox Zero, Mario & Luigi x Paper Mario, and the multiplayer zelda game (hardly because I feel like there wont be an immersive story, unless you can play the game singularly) I’m not wasting my money on hyrule warriors 3DS just to play as tetra and the king of red lions and a couple stages inless they incorporate online multiplayer. for all I know, they might release them for Wii U too. The other games just felt like filler. two animal crossing games, mario tennis and metroid federation? wtf. they couldn’t just make a regular metroid? the game play looks interest i have to admit, they know that we were waiting for a metroid prime-like game featuring Samus.

    I really hope they have better games in store. I’m looking forward to an actual Paper mario game for wii U, and if they’re making this metroid game for 3DS, I hope that this is a sign that Metroid Wii U is in the making and they made Metroid 3DS just to hold us over. if that’s true then I wouldnt mind the game at all. but more importantly, I wished they could have talked about Zelda U. I know it’s delayed but they couldnt show some gameplay like they did last time or something? I feel like they could have talked about a lot more than just those shovel ware games. could have at least mentioned more N64 or NDS VC. Maybe even gamecube fuck, this years E3 was depressing. no wonder Iwata didnt show up…

  15. Is this is a surprise???? It would be better if Nintendo would announce Super Mario Strikers for Wii U HD.

  16. Guess what this will have no online play either so u can play for three hours and be done with it. Fuck u Nintendo get with the times.

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