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Miyamoto’s Project Guard Is Still In The Works


You may remember from E3 last year that Shigeru Miyamoto was working on two games for the Wii U, Project Guard and Project Giant Robot, and we got to see a little bit of them very early in their development. So, where were they during this E3? Well, apparently Project Guard is still alive and will be connected to the Star Fox Zero universe. Miyamoto says that it is to be played online and they’re still trying to figure out the ins and outs of releasing it along with Star Fox Zero. Maybe it will be some sort of DLC? However, his other project, Project Robo, is apparently on hold for now.

One of Miyamoto’s E3 2014 experiments, Project Guard—a Wii U game about protecting a base from invaders using security cameras and turrets—is still in the works and still tied to the Star Fox universe. (The photo above is from last year.) Hayashi is overseeing it, also with the help of Platinum. Miyamoto said it is meant to be played online and that Nintendo is still figuring out if or how to release it in conjunction with Star Fox Zero. Development of Giant Robo, another, less impressive E3 2014 experimental game is on hold.

15 thoughts on “Miyamoto’s Project Guard Is Still In The Works”

  1. Honestly, if it’s anything like we saw last year, just give up on it. I am still really disappointed with their presentation today…

  2. So last year Miyamoto is tasked with doing something new and innovative and making use of the Wii U controller at the behest of Iwata – one of them will now tie into Star Fox, and the other isn’t happening.
    Meanwhile the biggest support from Nintendo the Wii U is getting is Star Fox, an Animal Crossing knockoff version of Mario Party, and…um….maybe Zelda, but we all know they’re going to also release it on the NX, while they try to hype the 3DS with a new Metroid, Zelda, and the like.
    Yeah, Nintendo totally has faith in their console still.

  3. I just ordered a Xbox One. Their presentation was surprisingly really good. They actually listened to their fans and worked their way up. Meanwhile at Nintendo they keep fucking with us from Amiibo shortages to this shitty digital event. Nintendo, I’m still with you, but I’m barely hanging on.

    1. they didn’t listen, they added xbox 360 support so people can forget about black ops iii dlc will be on the ps3 and ps4 first. i was going to buy the xbox elite controller for pc gaming but 150.00 is a lot for a controller.

  4. If we compare their presentation to Sony’s. Nintendo look like absolute boy scouts. PS4 is the console to have. Everything Nintendo showed looked like something a 5 yr old would play.
    They’ve completely lost faith in the Wii U.
    Honestly, Miyamoto. Nobody cares for this, just get a big box of Kleenex ready for the Investors meeting. I honestly hope it turns out to be a game of thrones finale. And several people get the chop

    1. Sony to me was exactly like Microsoft and Nintendo, each had 1 single game I cared for. Microsoft: Tomb Raider which is a multiplat I’ll get on PC later, Sony: Horizon Zero Dawn or whatever looked cool. Nintendo: Starfox Zero. That was about all E3 had for me that I gave a shit about.

  5. Nintendo probably has a LOT of projects in the works that they didn’t mention anything about. Just like how we know that Zelda is in the works, but it wasn’t mentioned. And they’d be CRAZY if they weren’t working on a “true” Animal Crossing for Wii U.

    1. It’s ok, you don’t need to be an apologist for Nintendo. They should have had a lot of projects in the works for the Wii U 3-4 years ago. Since the NX is coming, there’s no way they’re gonna start up on a fresh new triple-A title and release it just for the Wii U unless it’s almost close to being done – and since they haven’t announced it yet for this year or early 2016, I highly doubt that’s the case.

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