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Nintendo Is Teasing A Star Fox Transformable Arwing Amiibo

Nintendo has teased a transformable Arwing amiibo could be available in the future following Star Fox Zero’s official reveal during the E3 Digital Event. In an interview with IGN, Shigeru Miyamoto has shared some interesting details on potential amiibo prototypes for the upcoming Wii U aircraft combat shooter, including Star Fox Team’s famed combat ship, the Arwing.

With amiibo such a large part of Nintendo’s future outlook, Star Fox Zero was certainly destined to be tied with NFC support, but the Mario designer stated that developmental testing is still underway when it comes to new prototype aircraft designs for the game. He wasn’t coy when briefly touching upon the amiibo shortage either, saying that Nintendo still has “their hands full” with back orders. Additionally, he confirmed the newly announced Falco amiibo will be usable in Star Fox Zero. Earlier today, we learned that the Wii U title – developed by Platinum Games – does not currently support online multiplayer, though it will arrive in North America and Europe this holiday season.

“You saw a Falco amiibo during the [Super Smash Bros.] presentation, and that will be out by the time Star Fox comes out. If you use those amiibo, you’ll get an in-game present.”

“We’re creating lots of different types of prototypes of Arwing amiibo, but we’re not sure when it will be ready to be announced for sale. I’m sure you’re aware of the amiibo shortage situation, even with the back orders and repeat orders. We kind of have our hands full. Earlier, we talked about how the 3D model of the Arwing will actually transform [into a two-legged Walker] in the game. We have an actual model and we’re thinking how much it would actually cost to make when it’s transformable. Can we actually do that? We’re thinking about a lot of different things right now.”

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23 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Teasing A Star Fox Transformable Arwing Amiibo”

  1. Gotta make my friend with Wii U buy more Amiibo.

    I don’t care if he goes bankrupt, if I can play all games.

    1. IDK… I hope so. And the Amiibo thing looks really cool, but realistically, supply won’t be there.

      1. The Disney Infinity employee said it best. Shame on Nintendo. Nintendo’s E3 wasn’t the best. Star Fox was the best thing about it. Why didn’t they show off Project Zero in the actual Direct? Where was Devil’s Third etc…AC confused me lol

  2. Scalpers! Are you paying attention? Nintendo is writing your next paycheck!

    Amiibo= no thanks. I’m done.

  3. Dude, Nintendo Transformers would be a giant seller on its own. They’ve already got a transforming-robots game (Chosoju Mecha MG), why not make your own toys!

  4. Fuck amiibos nintendo we want fucking games… This e3 you have shoen only three NEW games… All of the other were already announce… And you give us very little information. Fuck you iwata.

  5. This is hands down. The worst e3 presence by any company in its history. Nintendo have come a complete joke. To not have online is absurd. Iwata. It’s over son

    1. BarbieGabaGabaGurrrl :)

      Haha I think it funny to! Did you see Miranda Lambert stunning transformation in the bottom news as well? She is so stuning :) Greeting from the Phillipines friend! :)

  6. Xbox one showed us a decent amount of first party titles and guess what they are becoming more iconic ever since Phil Spencer took over. Even Square Enix internal game were far better than nintendo.

  7. As much as I LOVE amiibo and think it’s the coolest toys on the market right now (though they’re not technically toys), I’m getting burned out by the difficulty in getting all of them. It’s stressing me out. And there’s just too many to keep up with.

    1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      I’m only wanting a select few & even I’m getting sick of it. Sadly, the ones I want just so happen to be ones that Nintendo will no doubt release limited stock of. Go figure. The latest wave just so happens to be the worst for me because I managed to get every rare amiibo that I wanted from previous waves. I had Lucina in my grasp but completely missed it because it sold out before my fucking screen even reloaded, so it reloaded AFTER it sold out.

  8. Also I think Nintendo gave up on Wii u. Wii u’s older tittles from Nintendo look graphically better than the upcoming tittles. Usually a later game would look better.

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