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Treehouse Confirms That The Board Game Is Not The Only Mode Of Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival

A number of you were slightly disappointed to find out that the Animal Crossing game for the Wii U is Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival. The game see’s players challenged to collect the most Happy Points by the end of a dynamic board game. However, on the Treehouse stream it was confirmed that the board game isn’t the only mode featured in Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival. I guess new details about the game will be shown off in a future Nintendo Direct presentation.

Thanks, PortalDark


  1. Weirdly, the game is also being made by the New Leaf team according to the stream? Or at least the same director. So… this is just what they wanted to make? Uh, ok.


      1. “O most horrifying and fattened gods, I will deliver unto thee my first-born son, if only you make Isabelle amiibos rain down upon me!”


    1. I don’t think it will, it is a spin-off after all. They’re probably working on the real AC for Wii U (still in it’s early stages, if I had to guess) and they thought to give you guys this game and, for the 3DS users, Happy Home Designer so you can have at least one game for either console while you wait.
      I can understand that you’re disappointed, I am a bit too, but complaining about a game that’s not even out yet (therefore you haven’t tried it or seen any actual reviews for it), thinking that it will replace the actual AC for Wii U, is plain stupid. Heck, the only Pokemon title on Wii U is Pokemon Rumble U and I’m sure people complained just as much about that instead of getting a Pokemon Colosseum title or Pokemon Snap title.

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  2. I think the abundunt focus on amiibo in the digital event was giving too much time, Hopefully these amiibo won’t suffer from scalpers, but it is becoming a pattern.


  3. Those are nice, but I really like all the different town folk (mostly GameCube era ones). I mean I know that would be to many Amiibo. But to not even include Brewster! !!! FOR SHAME NINTENDO!


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