ZOMBI Published by Ubisoft Rated For Xbox One, Most Likely ZombiU

It’s been rumoured for quite some time, but it would appear as though ZombiU will be headed to other consoles. The Australian Classification Board has rated a game called ZOMBI that is published by Ubisoft. It seems extremely likely that this is the rumoured ZombiU port that we’ve heard about. Guess we shall find out in the coming weeks. Currently it is only rated for the Xbox One.

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  1. Honestly, this is awesome because ZOMBIU was FREAKIN amazing! So anything to see the series continue, albeit on other consoles is great!

  2. >>>Just wait if it is, it will be everything the Wii U one should have been from the start, and then it’s our fault as always>>>

      1. >>>That we never buy their games and that they never sell millions because most of us don’t buy their gimped games>>>

        1. I bought it. Lots of other people bought it. Not sure what we’d be at fault for. The user base for the Wii U was and has been relatively small.

            1. Uh, you better re-read that then, because he types like that, doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he talking about.

              He’s talking about how “fanboys/fangirls”, didn’t buy third parties, basically not buying anything but nintendo, blaming anything not nintendo, and third parties having some ridiculous grudge.

              Because of them both, we true fans suffer from that lack of games from them. I think you need to start paying attention to him more and understand. He may be goofy on how he talks, BUT you need to think about his words at times.

              1. Exactly. He may role play, he may come off as weird or stupid because of how he types, but he does make sense from time to time. If people would look past the Nintendo fanboy facade, they’d see he’s not that bad. Sometimes, I think he just continues with the fanboy type stuff to have fun with people that attack him. >.<

          1. What he’s trying to say is a lot of 3rd party’s blame nintendo fans for not buying their games so they stop supporting the wii u. Even though you and others bought it, not enough bought the games in the 3rd party eyes so they were considered failures sales-wise and concluded that nintendo fans don’t want their games.

          2. ubisoft is known for making crap quality on nintendo platforms, skipping DLC and updates. as well as releasing games way late, to focus on other systems. then they publicly say things like ”the game just dident sell well on nintendo” ….well yea! if they took time to care then maybe gamers would buy quality. sonic boom was crap and sold like crap…its about quality.

            1. To be fair, ZombiU was made well and still sold poorly. Hell, ZombiU one of the few, if not the only, game that uses the gamepad the best; scanning for items/area map/clues, map that is also a radar for nearby zombies, checking bag inventory while the screen still shows your character that can still be attacked by zombies.

              You have to give credit to Ubisoft for this game, even Nintendo hasn’t used the gamepad as well in their own games.

              1. I would be willing to give them more credit for the game if it had actually been an idea meant for the Wii U in the first place.
                The truth, though, is that Zombi U was the result of Ubisoft reviving a failed game prototype concept, originally meant for the PS3 and 360, which used to be based around aliens.
                We basically got a hand me down of a concept, tweaked into being about Zombies, that was originally probably going to be scrapped before Ubi decided to pull it out of the waste bin and pitch it to us, instead of trying to do something totally new and exciting that was built with the audience in mind.


          1. I’m talking about sales. It did alright for a launch title but these sad stupid fucks at Ubisoft expect a barely advertised launch game to sell as crazy as COD and since it didn’t which it shouldn’t have based on possibility, they went and assume that game a failure and that the fans don’t buy third parties which is completely untrue.

    1. Of course it is. Nintendo fans don’t like mature games.

      In all honesty though, Nintendo fans have also praised the game enough to give the game a bit of an advertisement boost as they have for Resident Evil Revelations, so naturally the series would leave and grow without them as they always do as Nintendo fans are the game industry’s test market for a game or new third party IP worth a fifth of a damn. Only since we like games worth half a damn or higher, we don’t get the sequels to those games or series.

      1. >>>They like quality games, doesn’t matter much what the intended targets are, but the empire often got gimped games from the Electrons and Ubisians for the Wii U and sometimes the 3DS>>>

      2. its not that they dont buy M games, its that nintendo hasent put out any M games them selfs for the system (bayoneta maybe, but its still platinum) if they brought their M rated IP out of the vault and wernt afraid to make any thing E rated games and maybe a family frindly T game or two they could bring those gamers over to wii u. but they dont… but gamers know they can turn to xbox for T and M rated games, so they dont bother with nintendo, or only buy it for pokemon, mario, and zelda. its a simple solution, nintendo needs to bring out their M rated ip, (spirit camera, fatle frame, eternal darkness) and not be afraid to have a M rated metroid. or even make new ip. then those first party games would attract gamers who need wii U to get those exclusives. and once they own the system they well buy other third party M games….simple sales and marketing they just dont seem to get. then again the wii U has always bin a stop gap excperament. nintendo needed the wii U to test ideas, and excpand on things new, like cloud, online, digital store, mobile, apps, HD, working with third party devs, indie devs, letting other studios work on their ip. get into new things like, movies, amiibo, direct videos, DLC, and starting new buisness for QOL stuff. thus the whole point of the wii U was to learn what they were going to do for NX. same as gameboy color = GBA, GBA sp = DS, NES = SNES. DSi = 3DS. the NX well be a system made from every thing thry learned from the Wii U. that was the whole point, honestly. thats why they never really cared if it did well, it dident need to so long as they could learn from it. AND The NX well be (most likely) a X86 device with more power then Xbox One or PS4 , right in the middle of their life spans.

        1. This is one of the most constructive discussions I have ever seen on My Nintendo News.

        2. Nintendo was on contract to make 3 consoles with specific parts by a manufacturer. Those were of course the GameCube, Wii, and Wii U. So you’re correct in saying NX will be X86, but I don’t know if Nintendo will make a console significantly more powerful than the PS4.
          Maybe on par or slightly better, but that’s about it.

          1. I doubt the validity of that contract. Seems rather strict & limiting, but hey, could be true. But I feel Nintendo wanted PowerPC because of its widespread use in consoles, for its gaming qualities, that it made backwards compatability easier, & it made devving the next console & its software easier (hardware heritage).

            But will Nintendo go w/ x86?

            “If Nintendo does indeed go with a conventional x86 CPU/GPU, it will mark the first time, a) Nintendo hasn’t used some kind of crazy, non-conventional hardware, and b) that all of the console makers are using the same architecture. This might seem like a fairly dramatic move, but don’t forget that the last three generations of Nintendo console (the GameCube and later) have used an ATI or AMD GPU, paired with a Power architecture CPU custom designed by IBM. With x86 holding such a dominant position in the gaming market, and IBM mostly getting out of making chips, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Nintendo join the x86 bandwagon.

            “Of course, there is one other interesting possibility: Given ARM’s dominance in the mobile world, and the fact that almost all of Nintendo’s portables use ARM CPUs… maybe Nintendo’s new console really will go for AMD’s upcoming custom ARM CPU, paired with a beefy GPU.”


          2. It wasn’t a contract. Nintendo payed IBM 1 billion for the PowerPC CPU back in 2001, they had to pay off.

  3. I’m still wondering what’s the game Tantalus is porting to Wii U? If Tantalus is the one porting this to Other Consoles.

  4. I couldn’t care less about Ubisoft games anymore. Most of them I’ve played in recent years have been lame. ZombiU was alright, but a port just seems like a weird idea.

  5. If it’s an Xbox One Exclusive, I might get it again.
    ZombiU was pretty fun but if Zombi is coming to PC, I’ll still get it

      1. I think he means by Zombi being an exclusive because it might have some updates and possibly a change in gameplay.

  6. Zombi to be released on all Wii U game systems everywhere as soon as possible. Hurry buy it and pop that bad boy into your Wii U!


    1. Yep. If it’s not Nintendo screwing us over, it’s 3rd parties. :/ Of course, Nintendo can take some of the blame for not making the Wii U more to the liking of 3rd parties.

  7. The game won’t see success on any console. It is just a port of a 3 year old mediocre game minus some of the gamepad specific controls. Why would anyone go for that? I have already heard xbox fans and sony fans saying that the game isn’t worth a purchase if it does indeed come to the PS4 and XBox1.

    The gameplay was sluggish and the graphics were not impressive. Two of the most important things to Sony and Micro gamers.

    1. Don’t worry. They’ll change their minds when Ubishit *cough* Ubisoft perfects the game for them. Then again, this is Ubisoft. The first few months will be full of glitches til they roll out a patch. lol

    2. No, sluggish gameplay is not a issue with us, because then Bethesda games wouldn’t sell well.

  8. ZOMBIE will just like any other horror shooters out there sans the Wii U gamepad use on Zombie U.

    I liked Zombie U and was hoping for a second one, but with this announcement I guess that’s gone now. Anyway I wasn’t expecting anything more from Ubi… they can shove Just Dance up their…

  9. the game was okay but had very wonky control that made you feel like you are always looking up and the way Ubisoft has treated Nintendo fuck them and this game.

  10. Zombi U without the game pad is basically taking away the most important feature of the game, so it’s gonna sell like shit.

    1. “Sorry but the game Tantalus was going to port to the Wii U will be ported to the NX instead.” lol

  11. I blame AAA budgets & Ubi’s obsession w/ the new AAA (barely 2 gens & the definition already changed). Of course, most 3rd parties are now fully committed & thus bound to the “AAA” paradigm.

    Unless a 3rd party gets a big moneyhat &/or co-dev a game, then catering to a particular subculture (in this case Nintendo & pre-7th gen), especially the oddman out, & exclusives will remain exceedingly rare. If MS didn’t co-dev what will be an enhanced port of ZombiU, the PS4 & PC will surely get their ports of ZOMBI eventually, if not simultaneously. A timed exclusive @ best, pending MS’ involvement.

    Then again, ZOMBI could be a port of the 1986 original for Xbox LIVE Arcade; (Yeah, right.) But that might be a good way to drum up interest. Maybe a VC release when ZombiU hits Wii U–oops, too late, that bridge burned, Ubi hit it w/ several torches.

    As much as I enjoyed ZombiU, Ubi could’ve released something like, I dunno, Red Steel 3 @ launch, or a new 3D Rayman, or a Prince of Persia (even an enhanced port of PoP 2008). Wait. I got it! Start w/ a new 2D Rayman, something that might be legendary, all the while polishing ZombiU & releasing it @ a better level of quality & fanfare, then seeing how the M-rated game does @ the launch of a new Nintendo console. A possible drought would be the perfect time to drum up publicity & sales. Nah, too risky.

    1. I swear 3rd parties, Sony, MS, Nintendo, & most gamers ODed on peyote for 8th gen. Either that, or they can’t handle it to begin w/. Talk about cloudy revelations.

  12. I really love this game but honestly without the gamepad this game is nothing. Also, I hope no one buys this game so that Ubish*t gets a slap in the face. Instead of making/porting this game, they should be giving us a sequel.

  13. I played ZombiU for just a little while, and I HATED it! The graphics are too damn dark. An being a first person game ruined it for me. It might have stood a chance if it had been 3rd person like The Last Of Us.

  14. I love how fast people forget about the very Mediocre reviews and game breaking glitches. Also this game was something else planned for Xbox. It was FAR from an awesome game, but had grest ideas. No it wasn’t Nintendo fans fault this game didn’t make money. It was Ubisofts fault for the development hell of the original title, poor presentation and porting it instead of taking more time to do a proper build. But then look at Ubisofts track record. Blew way to much on Splintercell’s mocap and other visuals that no matter it selling 400k ps, 500k xbox, and 500k pc at the time… they never supported it further. MP needs patched, promised DLC mission Vaporware and just general disregard for everyone who bought it.. Or lets talk about Watchdogs issues… Lets talk about tge wasted money on porting Rayman and it didn’t even sell combined what it did on the original planed system. How about the now canceled companion app for The Division. No I was an xbox fan when Splintercell and Ghost Recon were good games, before they decided to try to capture the COD kids and the gratuitous violence gamers. I mained Xbox360 last gen but man when I decided to main a Nintendo console again, did I ever see a clear bias. And also many big companies spewing out bug filled games across all platforms. But it’s ok because the xbox/ps crowd buys game after game regardless of a companies track record and It’s great to sell to them because even if the smart ones wait, they have a huge install base to Con into buying it before issues emerge. Like flies who are shown a shiny new “in game engine” demo, and completely forget they just got shocked last time. What I notice from the community in Miiverse is a lack of trust in 3rd parties. And now I understand why. When your first and 2nd party games are so smooth, well thought out and true to what you’ve been shown; of course your going to be weary of companies with terrible track records. I think about how fast I traded in “Gods Among Us” when I found out I couldn’t join a friend for online play, only random. Wow… I mean I rarely trade games in but they snuck that in on Wii U owners. I’ve learned a lot about the gaming industry since getting this new perspective and I’ve outgrown buying games just because they are bloody or online competitive. I want fun like I had as a kid playing Atari, Nintendo, Sega and PC… I’ve grown out of my Xbox/Ps days and find more enjoyment with Nintendo. Some cool games I’ll miss out on I’m sure, but I feel I’d miss the best games clinging to Ubisoft or EA(who ruined so many great PC studios and IPs and my beloved SimCity). Geeze my poor hobby is being run by an audience of fools who are blood hungry, iteration complacent and belive a “M” rating means it’s a game for mature minded people. Thanks Nintendo for keeping things interesting.

  15. Zombi U coming to Xbox One? GREAT NEWS!!! Cause I loved it on Wii U. Ubisoft showed NTD a lot of love in the beginning. But that had to changed & sadly I understand why.

    Hopefully this game will be a huge hit

  16. Do you guys see the play here?

    ZombiU: A pun of Wii U.

    ZombI: A port of that game, holding onto it’s console joke thing by upper-casing the I so it could be interpreted as a roman numeral 1, as in XBox One. “Zombone”

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