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The Mighty No.9 Nintendo 3DS Port Is Being Handled By Engine Software

Mighty No.9 is finally a game that’s launching relatively soon on other formats. However, we have yet to hear which team is developing the Nintendo 3DS version of the game. Well, it has been revealed that Engine Software, who are the team behind Mad Dog McCree and Sumico, will be rebuilding the game from scratch for Nintendo’s handheld. We already know that the Nintendo 3DS version has been delayed and will be released at a later date, but it certainly sounds as though there’s a fair amount of work involved.

“Right, so the 3DS version, as well as the PlayStation Vita version, is being handled by a different company called Engine Software, a developer based in the Netherlands. They’re handling the porting work. Well, it’s not really porting work anymore. We actually had to rebuild the game from scratch because of the difference between the console versions and the handheld versions. It’ll be exactly the same. Naturally, there might be little bit of a graphical downgrade just because it’s on a handheld, but the gameplay and everything else is intact.

17 thoughts on “The Mighty No.9 Nintendo 3DS Port Is Being Handled By Engine Software”

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  1. pink0crystal0midbus

    What would be interesting is if they had to change the artstyle a bit to make the game run smoother, and the 3DS and Vita versions actually ended up “looking” better than the console versions. The console versions have a weird 3D artstyle that makes it look low budget.

    I’m sure the game is going to be super fun though.

    1. This game should had used that Ubiart engine or whatever its called to make it look gorgeus 2D game like RaymanLegends and Child Of light were.

  2. Aww man I didn’t know the portable versions were delayed =/ guess I’ll have to buy it on wii u for the meantime

  3. Remember when everyone was excited about Mighty No 9? No, I don’t.

    We should’ve listened to our God Kamiya-san.

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  5. Nintendo commander have you played resident evil on 3ds the game engine was pretty dam good so I am hopeing that this game looks good on 3ds

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