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Nintendo Has No Plans For Amiibo Support In Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is one Nintendo game that won’t feature amiibo support. The developers have told IGN that they have no intention of shoehorning amiibo support in the game as it is simply unnecessary and isn’t a natural fit for the game. Here’s what the game’s director Hiromasa Shikata had to say.

“I think it’s really something as simple as this game isn’t a natural fit for it. I think [that’s] because we’re focused on giving players the ability to choose different outfits to impact their experience within the game. We didn’t think amiibo added anything other than what games with it are already doing. There’s no reason to shoehorn it in.”

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

53 thoughts on “Nintendo Has No Plans For Amiibo Support In Zelda: Tri Force Heroes”

  1. What!? The customization in the game is based on CLOTHES!!! Thats perfect for amiibo! How simple of a support is giving us an outfit based on amiibo scanned in! Even if they were only cosmetic. Sonics red shoes, Mario hat, a Pikachu ears with red cheeks, Luigis hat, a Peach dress, a Samus robat suit, Fire Eblem Clothes, Rosalina dress, Ness’s stripped shirt, Fox’s jacket, DeDeDe’s coat. Im just having fun listing examples at this point.

    1. Lmao! E3 didn’t suck for NTD. They weren’t gonna top last years presentation. The muppets were really cool & all but NTD is gearing up for that Project NX for next years E3.

      But as far as games due out this year NTD STOLE THE SHOW FOR VAREITY.
      Super Mario Maker
      Yoshis Wolly World
      Xenoblade Chronicles
      Devils Third
      Star Fox Zero
      Rodea The Sky Solider
      Mario Tennis
      Mighty #9

      1. pink0crystal0midbus


        Nintendo’s E3 conference definitely sucked. Nothing “stole the show,” it was all hog wash games we already knew about. (Yawn). Show me something new or I’m not impressed.

          1. All those games are terrible. Just the other day, I had to ask Michelle to explain to me what she meant by saying “Xenoblade is some ratchet-ass shit. What’chu think this is? WoW? Hell no.”. The only variety they showcased was the menagerie of ways in which they managed to anally penetrate their internal properties. I almost gagged from the stench of fecal mattet, blood and ejaculate during the Metroid Soccer unveil. Give me a break, America.

            1. What? You aren’t talking about me are you, cause I’ve never said that. And I don’t know anyone else here named Michelle, to my knowledge. And if you are talking about me, I’d also never say “ratchet”, as I can’t stand all that dumb ghetto crap these days.

              Ratchet is a wrench tool.

            2. All I see when looking at that list is: We already knew about that for at least a year
              We already knew about that for at least a year
              We already knew about that for at least a year
              We already knew about that for at least a year
              We already knew about that for at least a year
              We already knew about that for at least a year
              New game
              We already knew about that for at least a year

              gg Nintendo, we’ve definitely been blown away by your E3 show this year – blown away by the amount of disappointment you managed to deliver, that is.

            3. It did suck. There’s nothing new, groundbreaking or mind blowing the only thing that Nintendo proved is that they now don’t give a fuck about their fanbase when they’re making more BS party games and Amiibos instead of focusing on making awesome core games that the fans actually want and asked for. Look at what they did to Animal Crossing and worst of all, METROID! Everything is fucking ruined just to cater to some chump dickhead newbie children fanbase who don’t know the first fucking thing about what made Nintendo great once in the past. Plus now they’re killing Wii U support instead of doing what Sony did for PS3; improving upon its faults and overtime take back the market. But now, Nintendo is dead to many REAL fans too and they’re leaving.

          2. Samus amiibo outfit specialize in hookshot, fire and ice magics, totally wouldve been a perfect fit, thanks again nintendo for a wasted opportunity for me to use my amiibos instead of a dust collector..smh

            1. First people complain that Ammibos are locking content blah blah being used to much blah blah blah. Now when they say they don’t want to needlessly lock content people get mad. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!!

              1. pink0crystal0midbus

                It’s because SOME people hate amiibo while others love them.

                You are naturally going to get a bunch of different responses all over the internet.

                1. Lol. Right? If you please 50% of the people, the other 50% is gonna bitch.

                  Best advice, ignore the complaints. They will never end.

              2. Is it just me, or has Nintendo been making a lot more sense these past few days? Seems like they ran out of the drugs they purchased for the E3 festivities.

                1. Not in relation to this article so much, but… Exactly! I can’t believe anything they say anymore. I’ve said it a million times, like a broken record here, they’ve contradicted themselves so many times in the past. How can anyone actually believe what they say to such an extent?

                  If anything, one can expect what Nintendo says to turn on a dime at any moment in the future.

              3. Good news. I’m getting sick of content being locked away by them. If it’s ‘free DLC’ that comes in a later patch (like Hyrule Warriors) than it’s fine.

                Other cases it is bullshit!

                1. I’m just gonna say I’m with you Kungfu, don’t leave this sight like you said you would cause there are still some people who think like you and me. I’m referring to the convo on the FE post.

                    1. Actually I thought that too, good on you dude! Now what was that blog you wanted me to follow? I still love with my parents (I’m 16) and am not allowed on much Social media but i can try:)

                      1. I’m so excited for this game… I thoroughly enjoyed A Link Between Worlds because it brought so many fond memories or A Link to The Past. :D

                      2. Glad I didn’t like this game since announcement. Keeps getting worse and worse.

                        Support your new hardware/peripheral Nintendo, on all your titles. It’s not like we have third party options really.

                      3. In other words…. they slapped this game together soo fast with only recycled assests that there was literally no time to shoehorn in abreeebo support.

                            1. You have no reason to be annoyed here, though. Most people don’t like locked content, and amiibos where they are not needed, so most people are happy they are not needed for this one.

                          1. TLoZ is by far my favorite franchise of all time. But this game does not interest me one bit. I am not looking forward to it, and will probably never play it.

                            TLoZ and multiplayer is like water and oil…

                          2. Not too mention that from the videos I have seen they literally reuse the same bosses and enemies for ALBW…. I mea c’mon. How fucking lazy can you get…

                            And they reused assets for Paper Jam too…. Although that game looks miles better than this…

                            Nintendo getting lazy as hell..

                          3. This is the first Zelda game I’ve no interest at all.

                            Seriously. I’m more curious about playing the CD-i games than this one.

                          4. You mean they’re not planning to rip me off with an incomplete game requiring me to buy DLC masked as expensive, cheap plastic Mc. Donald toys in order to complete?! Fuck them!! This is why I quit gaming because toys should be required to enjoy games.

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