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Neon Battle Launches Next Week On The Wii U eShop

Neon Battle is set to launch next week on Wii U. The game, which will be available on July 9 via the Nintendo eShop, tasks players with maneuvering around a circular battlefield to victory by smashing opponents out of their way. It features four different modes and a selection of power-ups. The game also allows you to play solo or with a friend in a race to collect points by bouncing a ball and trying to keep it from going out of bounds.

7 thoughts on “Neon Battle Launches Next Week On The Wii U eShop”

    1. I hope this is free. It better be, as this is even more potato level than the average mobile free software. I can literally make this in 1 afternoon, while playing Metroid and eating.

  1. It looks like someone has had a nice little idea and immediately thought he/she could turn that into money. This could’ve been implemented into something bigger but is just not enough to justify a purchase.

  2. Man, just watched an unboxing video of the Yarn Yoshi’s…Oh man, I want those damn things so fokkin bad. 》.《

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