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Nintendo Online Store Is Selling Refurbished Nintendo 2DS Systems For $60

If you are in the market for a Nintendo handheld then you may want to consider purchasing a Nintendo 2DS. The official Nintendo online store currently has 20 percent off refurbished Nintendo 2DS systems. So you can grab one for $60, which is pretty damn cheap. There’s a ton of great games on the Nintendo 3DS and this list should help you make the purchasing decision a little easier.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

28 thoughts on “Nintendo Online Store Is Selling Refurbished Nintendo 2DS Systems For $60”

    1. Good for you but you should get a 3ds/2ds also, it has many different (and in my opinion better) games and good games are actually released on it frequently unlike the Vita.

      1. Vita is a great system. I only have 2 physical games for it and the rest are DL. I managed to get Minecraft free on PS3 and Vita when my cousin rented it to play it on my PS3 so I was happy about that haha I think the best game on Vita is probably LBP Vita. It’s amazing! Vita is mainly a Indies system unfortunately. Sony ain’t doing much with it…

        1. The one problem with it being so indie heavy though is that most are DL only, which wouldn’t be so bad, but the vita memory cards are still kind of pricy, even the physical games will say, requires this much space for DL content, and that number isn’t even based off of updates and patches that came out afterwards

          1. I’d say that’s subjective. Nearly all my Vita games are retail games and they aren’t indies. Sure, Sony in general probably has the best indie support there is, but I dislike when people say that’s all the PS Vita has. I feel like you’re missing out on a lot if you think that, but I can’t force you to like games, just wish people would actually give more Vita games a try, cause it actually does have a pretty varied library of games.

            The lack of first party support does suck, but no one cared when they tried. So the Vita ended up like the Wii U is right now, although it still gets games here and there. Which sucks, cause the PS Vita actually launched with good games, and had good support for a while, but Sony did not advertise it enough.

            Just to name some that I have off the top of my head. And yea it does have some really good indie games too, but I’ll leave those out.

            Gravity Rush
            Uncharted Golden Abyss
            Hell Divers
            Unit 13
            Dragons Crown
            Dead or Alive 5+
            Soul Sacrifice
            J-Stars Victory VS+
            Ragnarok Odyssey
            Persona 4 Golden
            Ys: Memories of Celceta
            Killzone Mercenary
            The Walking Dead
            Sound Shapes
            Wipeout 2048
            Ninja Gaiden
            Zero Escape Virtue’s Last Reward
            Sly Cooper Thieves in Time
            Muramasa Rebirth
            Everybody’s Golf

            It has a few games coming out later that I’m interested in. Gravity Rush 2, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth and One Piece Pirate Warrior 3.

          2. Is there a reason why you always have to talk about the PS Vita? I have one also, but basically every comment you make has been about the PS Vita here. I’m wondering if you’re just a troll trying to start some flame war, cause you know a lot of people here do not like the PS Vita.

            Glad you finally got one, but can you talk about something else for once? No need to be snooty about it, either. Just like you clearly prefer Vita games more, you don’t have to be mean to people who enjoy 3DS games more.

            Calling people retards and dumb asses just because they don’t like it as much as you, isn’t going to help them like it more.

              1. Eminem blows, Atmosphere is ten times better than anything he comes up with.

                And bro, if your advice is so nice apply it to your own shit. At least Michelle contributes to the threads.

                1. 1. Eminem is good at what he does and atmosphere is good at what he does so eat shit yo
                  2. I have a vita and play games I like and will continue to get games for the system and when I get a 3ds it will be the same so shut the fuck up and eat shit yo
                  3. I contribute don’t hate ya whiny bitch

                2. This is the same guy who kept spamming he was getting Metroid Other M last week. Just tune him out.

                  1. Shut up the man of shit and I posted it in several articles and that was to see if people would comment at me and a few did ha ha and that’s surprising you remembered that because a lot of people on this website have terrible memory

                    1. I know you posted it in several articles- essentially, spamming.

                      Time to tune you out again now that I’ve proven my point still stands.

                  2. since it seems that the 2DS is a big reason not to bring the new3ds to us in NA I say don’t buy it.

                  3. The only thing I don’t like with this is that you can’t fold it up and put it your pocket like a normal 3DS. Maybe I’m just being lazy.

                  4. 2DS is the best option. No hinge to break and way better battery life. And besides, you play with 3D for a couple of minutes, then turn it off in most cases anyway.

                    1. Maybe you do, I normally play with it on. I enjoy the 3d. Also, if hinges are breaking then someone’s being way rough with it.

                      Honestly I think its because these aren’t selling. I don’t even see them at Wal-Marts or best buys around here. Hell, the walmart I work at doesn’t carry them.

                    2. To each their own.

                      I love the 3D, I never turn it off. To me it’s one of the biggest selling points for the 3DS, and the main reason why I even got the New 3DS. To be honest, if the 3DS didn’t have 3D, I can’t say I’d enjoy it as much.

                      In my opinion, the 3D really adds a unique quality to the games when it’s used properly. I’ll be pretty bummed if their next handheld doesn’t have 3D anymore.

                      1. Yea and I want a new 3DSXL for that reason and more. I don’t have 200$ to spend on that though, I don’t feel that it’s worth it when I already have my 2DS, I do want it badly though.

                      1. Gotta email the writers dude. Pretty sure its how it works, iv put several stuff in the threads that gets looked over. Actual Nintendo news at times.

                        Like the price cuts on 3ds xl at walmart that was going on last month or the free AR cards with the Nintendo game funds cards. $$$

                    3. This is a good enough reason for Christmas presents.

                      Personally I have an N3DS XL and use the 3D a lot now. I sold my Vita before it became hard to sell and I couldn’t be any happier.

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