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The Classic, N64 Mario Tennis Is Heading To US Virtual Console

Rating boards are wonderful things. First we hear from the German one that LIMBO will be making its way to the Wii U, now we hear that the (arguably best) Mario Tennis from the Nintendo 64 will be showing up on Virtual Console. The rating (seen below) doesn’t confirm when the game will be coming exactly, however prior indications point to a release early next week.




  1. Rather buy this than the next Mario Tennis that is more of the same shit but with Mega Mushrooms. Seriously, whoever thought that the next game is different or innovative is a fucking idiot.


    1. I think they just didn’t show enough, I mean seriously you can’t judge a game when they only show the most standard court in the whole game. I bet there will be WAY more courts with all kinds of fun gimmicks, and obstacles. The stage they showed off is just the one for people who don’t like the gimmicks. I think there might be even more items than mega mushrooms too. We can’t judge until they either release more info, or the game comes out.


      1. I take it back. I rather buy the 3DS Mario Tennis than this shit since it just came out and plays the same way.


    2. Why is Nintendo even wasting time with this stuff? Why don’t they just remake all the best games in HD and leave all the other crap alone? XD


      1. Super Metroid/Metroid 2 remake would’ve worked over Federation Force: Soccer Casual Mom Edition

        Or remaking Star Fox Assault with online play/live video chat from 3D instead for remaking 64 for the second time in a row.


  2. Really? This is the next N64 game they’re releasing? Wouldn’t it be smarter to release this the month/week of the new Mario Tennis game?


    1. It’s to keep you excited before release, they announce a new tennis game, and then bam, here’s a classic one to get you hyped for the new one. Plus the article says they don’t really know when it will be released, but they think there may be reason to believe that it will come out next week.


    2. No. I have no idea why people think that is a good idea when releasing a new game and an old one on VC. You release them at the same time, one isn’t gonna get as much love. You will be bored of mario tennis if you play them both at the same time.


  3. Of all the games they made for Nintendo 64 this game made the top of the list eh?

    Wow… …. …

    … …
    … Zzz ….
    …. Oh .. Out of all the games they could choose, they choose this game?!!
    So they unanimously agreed that releasing this game would be better than …. Oh I don’t know… Pokemon Snap? Or maybe yoshi story?
    Or anything else? Castlevania 64, Kirby64, Megman64, mystical Ninja64, wave race 64, G-force, that game where you’re an animal breaking buildings down. Mortal kombat trilogy, primal rage. Ugh Nintendo sucks


  4. Ugh! The game I made a HUGE mistake with and paid full retail price for back in the day. Always regretted it. I thought that since it had Mario, it might be fun. But I was wrong. Mario Golf was amazingly fun and addictive. But not this. Not for me anyway. But to be fair, I’ve played much worse.


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