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You Can Buy An Official Capcom Mega Man Helmet… Soon

This is, hands down, the coolest piece of memorabilia that Capcom has pushed — possibly ever. Over at San Diego Comic Con and Capcom Unity (Capcom’s official blog), Capcom has been showcasing their first official Mega Man helmet. Made of high quality ABS plastic with a high polish finish, accurate proportions from the creators themselves and working LED lights, this helmet will undoubtedly earn you the geek cred you rightfully deserve. Along with the helmet, there will be a decorative box to display the headpiece. Most importantly, this will compliment last year’s official Mega Man Buster sold through Think Geek.


Here comes the good and bad news: this item isn’t limited to those attending SDCC — in fact, it will merely be displayed there with no means of obtaining it. However, there is a limited supply, so those wanting to get a piece of the Blue Bomber will have to keep a watchful eye on Capcom’s shop for pre-orders to open. Will you be grabbing this fantastic helmet?

45 thoughts on “You Can Buy An Official Capcom Mega Man Helmet… Soon”

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                        8. I would never buy this simply because I know it wouldn’t fit my head. Nothing seems to be made big enough for my head. This helmet is probably kid size.

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