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Animal Crossing Team Really Wanted Nintendo To Bring Out Animal Crossing Amiibo Figures

Animal Crossing series creator Katsuya Eguchi has revealed in an interview with US Gamer that one of the reasons why the team decided to make Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival is because they really wanted Nintendo to release Animal Crossing themed amiibo figures. The team thought long and hard about how they could integrate the popular figures into the Animal Crossing franchise and the end result was Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival.

Initially when the Amiibo was announced, there was nothing really said about Animal Crossing Amiibos or any plans for that matter. But as the Animal Crossing team, we were confident that if there was one, it would be really cute… honestly, we just wanted Animal Crossing Amiibo. We wanted the company to make Animal Crossing Amiibo, so that’s why we made a game that works with them.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

82 thoughts on “Animal Crossing Team Really Wanted Nintendo To Bring Out Animal Crossing Amiibo Figures”

    1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

      It appears so

      So I guess it wasn’t that this was a cheap excuse into a Wii U AC game that many want.
      It was an excuse for Nintendo to allow for Animal Crossing amiibo to happen

      1. Exactly. In fact, Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival is a free to play game if
        I’m not mistaken, so it sort acts as a bonus if you buy the amiibos.
        This goes to show that they wanted to get this AC amiibo line out as quick as possible
        and this little board-game spin-off game was all they would be able to manage
        developing in time for the release of the figures by recycling new leaf assets as
        slapping on a MP skin. It’s a slap to the face to AC fans if you ask me.

        1. Is that officially confirmed? I’ve only heard people say it is ‘allegedly’ free. I know that the game comes in a bundle with Amiibo, I presume everyone will just get that one anyway.

          1. I’m guessing the price of the bundle is for the amiibo things and the physical disc just comes as a bonus but yeah, the game is supposed to be freemium.

        2. I don’t see these selling like hot cakes like the first sets of Amiibo, but then I don’t want any of them. What I do want is for Nintendo to pull their collective heads from their ass’s and start making GAMES again. Not night stand toys.

        3. Seriously? What kinda bullshit excuse is that? They can’t tell me the only way of integrating amiibo into Animal Crossing they could come up with was to turn the game into a stupid board game. They have to be kidding, I really just can’t believe they actually said that.

            1. Probably Nintendo’s call. I don’t feel that I can blame the developers. They just wanted to see there virtual creations come to life, at cost to us though, but not an AC fan!

          1. Nintendo should just leave the gaming industry and become a fucking toy company, because that’s apparently their top priority.

                  1. No, I just wanted to tell you I don’t give a fuck. Just like how Nintendo can say there won’t be any Wii U droughts and not mean it.


                            1. I think gaming falls under the toy category, @ least the games w/ digital dolls & digital dioramas that are played w/. Maybe digital board games & Puzzlers would be outside the toy definition, being mostly in the Games & Entertainment category.

                              1. Yeah you’re right, but it feels as though Nintendo is focusing waay too much on the toy aspect imo.

                              2. Ever heard of Ultra Hand? They always WERE a toy company. Video games are toys too, if you hadn’t noticed. It’s not like Nintendo makes word processing software on the side.

                                      1. Please understand this: I sold my Wii U and officially declare myself finished with your BS Iwata. Hope you get fired by next year and not even a “sick day” excuse is gonna save him by dodging another bullet again.

                                                1. Idk. Lol. It’s kind of difficult to manage gaming on both platforms. I have a lot of games on my PS4 and I’ve only finished a few of them. Still need to beat inFamous Second Son, The Last of Us, and Assassin’s Creed 4. Haven’t even gotten to play Ultra Street Fighter 4 that much or MGSV: Ground Zeroes. And I haven’t even touched the new PS Plus games yet. And then I also have games on Steam like Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Sleeping Dogs, Sonic Generations (which is really freaking fun with mods XD) and Skyrim. Seriously, I have way too much to play. LMAO.

                                                            1. Oh. Well, sure. You can get the Sonic Generations mods. Just be warned that modding can be problematic sometimes. I’ve had some of these stupid mods fail and crash the game. But at least the good ones like the Project Unleashed mod work fine. Lol.

                                                                  1. Well it does run at 30 by default so it’s little to no difference. I downloaded an Intel graphics driver that should improve its performance. I’m still not sure it would run MW2/3 alright but I’ve been seeing some YouTube video tests of Surface Pro 3 i3 with 4th gen 4400 graphic drivers and it does run just fine from where I’m sitting. So I’ll give one of those games a shot one day.

                                                                      1. XD Maybe. I just hope the MW Trilogy is compatible on my Surface at solid 60FPS. That way, I won’t need a last gen console to play it as I hold a PS4 and keep the 3DS and I’m set.

                                                                        1. Lol. I’m guessing you must like shooters. I don’t play many FPS games much at all. I want to get into them though. I think I may get Battlefield Hardline cause I heard it’s decent.

                                                                          1. Shit and what sucks is that I deleted the Advanced Warfare Multiplayer download I got for free and lost it forever. X( I saw that it ran on Surface Pro 3 with the driver just fine after tuning down a few settings. Shit…

                                                                        2. It’s looking like the Fuck U will be remembered as the console that barely supported any franchises. Seriously, where’s paper Mario, fire emblem, metroid, luigi’s mansion, kirby (a proper 2 d one), animal crossing, etc… What a waste of cash!!!

                                                                          1. Also still absent on Wii U:

                                                                            –1st Party:

                                                                            Wave Race
                                                                            Sin & Punishment
                                                                            Baten Kaitos
                                                                            Shadow of the Eternals (Eternal Darkness)
                                                                            Cpt. Rainbow

                                                                            –3rd-Party Exclusives/Nintendo Beginnings:

                                                                            Red Steel
                                                                            The Conduit
                                                                            Trauma Center
                                                                            FF: Crystal Chronicles
                                                                            RE: Chronicles
                                                                            Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
                                                                            Billy Hatcher
                                                                            No More Heroes

                                                                            –3rd Party On Any 8th Gen Plat/Home-Console:

                                                                            Prince of Persia
                                                                            3D Rayman
                                                                            Viewtiful Joe
                                                                            Real RE
                                                                            Silent Hill
                                                                            Alone in the Dark
                                                                            Real Tomb Raider
                                                                            Real FF
                                                                            Fear Effect
                                                                            House of the Dead
                                                                            Crazy Taxi
                                                                            Ridge Racer
                                                                            Bushido Blade
                                                                            Brave Fencer Musashi

                                                                          2. this is a nintendo console. i am very happy so far with what they have given us. i don’t like 3rd party games, i like nintendo games. the games they have delivered have all been exceptional. like, way better than a PC game. they are unique and fun and colourful, surprising, cute and are HD. i have so many games i have no time to play on the wii u so i don’t know why people are getting so salty about lack of 3rd party. we just celebrated kirby’s 30th and the release of Triple Deluxe so i hardly think it’s worth putting out a new kirby. if they put out a 2D metroid they would have to be very careful about who makes it. they should get the shovel knight people on it. and then some people want HD metroid… there will always be complainers… luigi’s mansion just came out year of luigi on 3DS so we don’t need another one. fire emblem x shin megami is coming and looks amazing. and animal crossing is sort of meh for me, i mean i still sometimes load it up but that new art academy studio is where i’ve been spending my time recently. and xenoblade 3ds is so killer. it actually makes me cry because it sucked me in so bad… i dropped playing it when it came out on wii but this is something else. i hope NX is an HD portable that you can hdmi your wii u collection on tv or portable.

                                                                        3. “We wanted the company to make Animal Crossing Amiibo, so that’s why we made a game that works with them.”

                                                                          There’s a huge difference between working w/ Amiibo, & being dependent on Amiibo. & AC: AF is the latter. I know Nintendo is a toy company, & that covers a wide range of mediums, including the obvious trappings like figures. But I’m a Nintendo fan because I’m a gamer, & I’m solely interested in their digital toys (i.e. games, consoles, & controllers). I’m not even interested in Amiibo (Splatoon is the only game that’s compelled me to want any, & that’s due to DLC & nothing more). But I am interested in a real AC game for Wii U, which seems to have been neglected in favor of a dev team’s desire to make figurines.

                                                                          Also, I don’t buy digital board games & generally shy away from party games, so I’m biased even further. But I think 1 1st-party entry is enough (Mario Party Whatever), unless there’s a significant idea that can contribute to that genre w/ out compromising other series. 2D-Platformer Mario, 3D-Platformer Mario, Kart Racer Mario, etc., were not put on hold for Mario Party. But when it comes to another Animal Crossing, Nintendo okays an ass-backwards initiative. @ least Federation Force is an actual game; still a bitch-slap to the Prime series & us fans, but better than a vehicle for figurines.

                                                                          To be fair, 3rd-parties refuse to provide variety w/ in genres for any subculture, practically leaving Nintendo w/ monopolies, particularly 3D Platformers & Kart Racers, though indies help offset this apocalyptic imbalance. Yet more & more, it seems Nintendo is emulating 3rd parties by corrupting IP fundamentals & focusing far too much on certain genres & the lowest-common denominator.

                                                                          What’s next? Will handhelds fall into this casual Hel, too? Or will the support there rise up to home-consoles once gain & end the 7th & 8th gen Dark Ages? I certainly won’t pay 100s of $ on an indie/retro box.

                                                                        4. Does this mean there’ll be an amiibi of EVERY character? Because Animal Crossing has a ton of characters. How would that even work?

                                                                            1. Yes, but some of them will be ‘card’ Amiibo rather than the figurines. The Amiibo platform comes in several forms, including figurines, plushes (like for Yoshi’s Woolly World) and trading cards. I don’t care if the game isn’t even out yet, I need the Aurora card!

                                                                              1. Lord Jabu Fuck you

                                                                                Well, I wouldn’t say that’s out of the question. Ahhh, I remember when they said “each amiibo will be usable in more than one game”. Sounded good on paper. No one expected them to make 20000 amiibos and most games that require specific ones. I like how they even made a chart to showcase how they’re fucking everyone over. It’s funny. Sometimes I laugh as I go to sleep when I remeber shit like that.

                                                                                  1. I’d like to meet you. Talk to you. I’ve seen many of your comments on this site and I find you very interesting.

                                                                                  2. I really think that making a game just to make amiibos is retarded. Then again, if the game is free then it is not that retarded. Regarding AC fans who claim that the wii u AC wont be an actual videogame, i have this to say: AC games have never been actual videogames. There just the tamagochi that kids play now a days, and it is the same with tomadachi life. I really never cared about animal crossing because I never considered it a game, and I though it was useful because it gave Nintendo money to do other games. If at the E3 nintendo had presented a wii u animal crossing following how the previous were, it would still have been a shity E3. No AC should be presented at E3. And as nintendo fans… Stop complaining about franchises being corrupted. By experimenting like that is how nintendo ends up developing awesome games. If nintendo had to develop new characters every time it comes up with a new kind of gameplay, it would have as many franchises as pokemon you can count. And come on, be realistic, if nintendo is doing Federation Force is because they are not ready yet to develop a metroid that makes us Wow. I prefer federation force than a mediocre metroid prime, and when we do get a metroid prime, it will be a trully awesome one. Remember that you should regard nintendo as an artist, not as a business. And artist that can deliver quality over time work like nintendo does. They need their time to experiment, and you cant force them to do awesome things, although when they feel they are ready, they will do awesome things.

                                                                                    1. Your stance on federation force is flawed-many of those angry at the game are because there’s nothing to suggest Nintendo is making a “proper” metroid game. Lol corporate cumguzzler XD

                                                                                  3. What they could do, is implement Amiibo support for AC:NL by letting you scan in the Villager amiibo and that would allow you to say buy an extra fortune cookie or 2 each day rather just the regular 2. So instead of spending play coins you can just use the Villager amiibo (or perhaps even these new ones) and get 2 for free each day.
                                                                                    Of course you can still spend your play coins and get a total of 4 each day if you want, just thought of a way they could implement support without it wrecking gameplay is all.

                                                                                  4. One, this is great, I wanted an Isabelle amiibo even if I had to customize her myself. Two– maybe a rerelease of the Villager amiibo? Perhaps in some of the seven other costumes you made available for him/her in Smash?

                                                                                  5. So they ignored fans who wanted a real, HD AC game that further improved on what New Leaf brought and made a game that revolved around amiibos JUST because they wanted AC figures? Figures that will surely share the same fates as other amiibos and be nonsensically difficult to obtain because they’ll only make 200 or so and then move onto another wave/line?

                                                                                    There is no genius to this- only madness. I now have even more reason to skip this.

                                                                                  6. A better statement for the Amiibo Festival would be this; “Free-To-Download”. It sure ain’t a F2P model and… is this really the reason? Man, the developers must’ve really wanted these amiibo models of Animal Crossing out PRONTO!

                                                                                    Either way I don’t care, I’m having a blast with NewLeaf at the moment ^_^
                                                                                    I’m just not ready for a new AC game yet… also before someone misinterprets my post as some form of damage control… I’m just saying, if there was a newly released one during the Digital Event, I wouldn’t buy it because I am investing in the handheld version and I’m a completionist.

                                                                                    Wish me luck!

                                                                                  7. So Totally Anonymous

                                                                                    Here’s the irony of it all:

                                                                                    Nintendo USED TO BE a toy company. They’re just going back to their roots at a very depressing time. (A time without an HD Animal Crossing on Wii U.)

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