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Nintendo UK Store Reveals Pre-order Goodies For Super Mario Maker

Most of you are probably thinking of pre-ordering or purchasing Super Mario Maker to dabble in course making and check out the 100 pre-installed levels. The Nintendo UK Online Store has begun listing the goodies you are entitled too if you decide to place your pre-order with them. You can get the Super Mario Maker Game Pack which includes a Super Mario Maker t-shirt and a copy of the game for £39.99. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous you can get the Super Mario Maker amiibo pack which includes the Super Mario Maker t-shirt, a copy of the game, and the Super Mario Maker amiibo figure. This can be yours for £49.99.

18 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Store Reveals Pre-order Goodies For Super Mario Maker”

  1. Isn’t that only like 40$? I thought the game was a full 60$ release. I mean I’m not complaining I just thought it was.

    1. I just looked at GameStop and it was 60$ for just the game. Was I wrong, or maybe it’s more at GameStop?

      1. I was wrong I thought that it was 40 Euros, it was 40 pounds which is 60$. Lame. Still worth the price though!

      2. It is a full $60 Release.

        £39.99 is $61.44 USD, we usually have games more expensive here – so it’ll likely be $59.99 over in the US.

        As for the amiibo bundle, £49.99 is $76.90 USD.

        1. So you have to pay 16 more dollars just for and Ammibo that are 13$? And yes, I know it comes with a t-shirt but so does the other one and it’s the same 60$.

        1. Jon Johnson McJansen Jeensen

          this is what you gamers like to play? making mario games for nintendo so they don’t have to make them for you? DAMN YOU ALL SUCH FUCKIN IDIOTS

        2. Just heard about this now, so glad it’s still available to pre order, they must have decent stock and anticipated demand for the Mario amiibo. £50 is decent for that considering you get the booklet and t-shirt too. Considering some games like Wind Waker were £60 with the Ganondorf statue or Mario Kart 8 with the blue shell. This was before amiibo though and now basically every new game comes with an amiibo bundle.

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