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Inafune’s RED Ash Has A Single Console Goal Which Will Be Announced Post-funding

It is safe to say that Keiji Inafune’s recent Kickstarter project RED Ash has not been quite as successful as the team had initially hoped. However, it is doing relatively well in the grand scheme of things. Inafune now says that the Kickstarter has a new console goal which will be defined post-funding. This has clearly left a few people miffed as it is not apparent which console it will be coming to. The Kickstarter page also mentions that it is coming to one single system so we have no idea if that is the PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Wii U. So if you back the project you had better hope the game will be coming to a platform you own.

43 thoughts on “Inafune’s RED Ash Has A Single Console Goal Which Will Be Announced Post-funding”

  1. I own a Wii U and an XBOX ONE. Not really interested in the game; but it’s terrible to think that if I funded, I would still have a 1/3 chance of not even being able to play it due to only having a pretty mediocre laptop, rendering PC as something that is not an option for me.

    1. this is why nobody should fund this game at all i’m perfectly fine with mighty no#9 which is multiplat. i dont need another megaman clone especially if it only going to be available for only one platform. sorry no investment from me!!!

  2. Sorry. Not interested in funding this game.
    And mock my words.
    It’s gonna be the PS4.. mock my words.
    What other console WOULD it be?

      1. No i said it how i meant it.. mock as in mock me. It’s an expression to… just depends on where you’re from.

  3. to be honest he should just say which game it will be released. 1) that will allow them to get more money. 2) it’s a more honest approach 3) it will avoid a lot of anger and disappointment from fans.

    1. It’s a polling process though. The stretch goal covers the cost of porting it to one console, and he plans to poll backers during and after the Kickstarter for which console to port the console to.

    1. Though he said he’s going to poll backers if the console we want it on is PS4, Xbox One or Wii U, so I think as of now the 3DS is out.

  4. I’m fine with PC versions myself, but this seems uneccesary. Why not choose the console first off? Or hold a vote?

  5. Just announce a console and the fans will take it from there… Or just go with the most install base, 3DS. End of story.

  6. its gonna be PS4 i’m buying one on August i’m sick oc having no games on thus Wii U. I only play smash bros. i needs more games come on Nintendo! They don’t suck i just hate some of there games. Games i like on Wii U:
    ScribbleNauts unlimited have it.
    Paper Mario 64 have it
    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U have it
    and some indie games that i have for my Wii U.

    These are the amiibos i have.
    Diddy Kong
    oh and my Nintendo Network ID is: RosaPoLinkSamus5 if anyone wana play smash bros.. again i don’t hate Nintendo.

  7. Wt idiot came up with that idea. “there’s a console version but u can’t find out which one until u give us all our money” basically wt their saying. Complete disregard for their fans. Just announce the platforms and stop playing with people’s money

    1. It’s a polling process though. They don’t know what console the willing fans want yet. The stretch goal covers the cost of porting it to one console, and he plans to poll backers during and after the Kickstarter for which console to port the console to.

  8. I’m gonna go on a limb and say that one console will be the Wii U but I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be the PS4

  9. …He hasn’t even released his current game yet, and he’s already asking us to fund another one?

    What, was he just going to pocket all of Mighty No. 9’s profits and not use that to expand his business?

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  11. Hmmm why the heck does it seem that Inafune is kinda telling us “I want to see if you DESERVE this game, beg for it peasants!”

    I don’t like this at all, I’m glad I didn’t back Mighty no 9.

  12. Lol in a perfect world for everyone it’d be multiplatform, in a perfect world for me it’d be Wii U xD. I love off-screen play too much to play it on the PS4.

    Besides this deserves to go on Nintendo consoles because of the canceled Megaman Legends 3 and all…..WE DESERVE IT. (I’m still super salty) I almost feel like it’s definitely a Wii U version because why wouldn’t you announce if it was for the PS4 or Xbox One? PS4 has the bigger install base because they captured the casual crowds attention this gen (Although you could argue that it’s because most of it’s owners are casuals that it might not do as well) and the Xbox One might not be the ideal choice for it. (I’d be down for it since I’ve got one though.)

    1. They probably wouldn’t announce it for Wii U because just like us, Inafune doesn’t know if the Wii U is a dead console after 2016. Why would he start development for a game that probably won’t release until 2018 when the NX is right around the corner.

      Who knows, maybe the one platform is the NX but they can’t disclose that at this time.

      1. It hasn’t been 5 years yet I fully expect the Wii U to be supported until 2017.

        I’d rather him wait and develop it for the NX though. As long as it comes to a Nintendo system like it should have in the first place I’m fine….But you know of course the PS4 is so mainstream now he might just go to them. =__=

        1. Plus, it’s reasonable to assume most people supporting this Kickstarter were fans of the original MegaMan Legends, a fanbase that’s predominantly on PlayStation consoles (yes, I know the games were ported around, but the fanbase is still mostly PlayStation).

    2. It’s a polling process though. They don’t know what console the willing fans want yet. The stretch goal covers the cost of porting it to one console, and he plans to poll backers during and after the Kickstarter for which console to port the console to.

      And let’s face it, even if a large percentage of the PlayStation 4 install base are “casuals”, the non-casuals probably still heavily outweigh those on Nintendo consoles. 50% of PS4’s 23.8 million is still more than 100% of WiiU’s 10 million.

      Also, as upset as I am over MegaMan Legend 3’s cancellation on the 3DS, come on, it’s obvious PlayStation owners deserve that game or this game more than Nintendo fans. The fanbase is predominantly on PlayStation and it was complete BS that we were getting Legends 3 in the first place.

  13. Just because the kickstarter didn’t hit it’s goal in the first 11 seconds doesn’t mean it’s not successful. It could still easily hit the console stretch goal (which will be PS4, if you think it’s anything else except 3DS- you delirious) but it won’t be hitting $4 mil like the others.

    I think the community is a little burned out of these retro kickstarters lately though. Bloodstained, Yooka-Laylee, and Shenmue 3- there has been WAY too many of these lately!

    Also Inafune, release your first Mega Man clone before expecting the community to fund the next one! Let the quality of the first one sell the next one.

  14. He would call for votes on which console must be release, the Wii U could won, but at the end they may just say the Wii U was just a “maybe” like other asshole studio has done in the past.

  15. There’s a fairly good chance it can go to the WII-U. Reggie has stated that nintendo is in the market for more RPGs to be on the WII-U and 3DS. Knowing that, they may try to sweeten the idea to bring it onto the WII-U. Plus, Nintendo has proven that they try to help and encourage indie devs get their games on nintendo platforms. Infact, nintendo does try to make it as easy as possible which some Indie companies has gone on record to mention.

  16. Calling it right like everyone else…it’s coming to [Insert any console name that isn’t Wii U]

  17. Just fucking re-launch the kickstarter with all 3 home consoles in mind.. and even I’ll give them five bucks. And I’ve never donated to any Kickstarters.
    Unlike Mighty #9 this is a spiritual successor that we actually need.
    Crapcom may reboot Megaman and X in the future… but legends… never.

  18. Why would this be kept a secret?…. Please stop taking advantage of your fans, Inafune. You’re becoming a joke.

    1. It’s not a secret, it’s undetermined. If you read his Kickstarter updates, you would know that the porting costs of Mighty No 9 were apparently overwhelmingly high, so the initial stretch goal would pay for a port to the most demanded console, as polls will be given to backers during and after the Kickstarter. He’s also negotiating with console makers for help making the porting process cheaper.

  19. That’s a bit of a dirty move $1 mil for one console port, but won’t say which one. After seeing it’s coming to PC, I think we can all guess which console it’s gonna be for and it’s not going to be a Nintendo or MS console, I guarantee it. So sorry Inafune, no dice.

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