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Splatoon Gets A Brand-New Map Later Today

A brand-new map for Splatoon is scheduled to arrive later today, July 10. The map is called Moray Towers and it will be available in the Wii U-exclusive shooter at 7 p.m. PT. Nintendo recently announced that the next Americas Splatfest will kick off on July 17. The theme for the upcoming in-game event is “Roller Coasters vs. Water Slides.”

30 thoughts on “Splatoon Gets A Brand-New Map Later Today”

  1. Aww, next map addition is not Camp Salmon or whatever the campground map is?

    I’ll gladly take this one, but godDAMN do I want that campground map!

          1. Yeah! Nintendo said they’ll add more content, like more clothing, weapons & maps. I hope for more modes and a pant store or something completely new. Like the rumored mario crossover.

        1. Yay, something positive and good for Nintendo fans… I guess.
          Keep unlocking this stuff fast Nintendo.
          This strategy of locking out content… but slowly unlocking it for free… does seem to be working. Just don’t pull a Crapcom and start charging.

          1. Lol keep dreaming blind fanboy ur daddy Nintendo can never do anything wrong. Game of the year is laughable, it is a good game though

            1. What’s so laughable? & why all the hate mate? I stated how I feel. I think SPLATOON should be NOMINATED with the other top tiered games as possible “Game of the Year”.
              So far if I gotta give G.O.T.Y. to 1 game (though it’s way too early) I’d give it to ARKHAM KNIGHT. But SPLATOON would at least be nominated. But we still have HALO GUARDIANS, GEARS OF WAR REMASTERED, as well as other AAA titles debuting this year.

                1. You realise they’re releasing new content by the week right? Did you read the thing a the top of the page?

              1. murican splatfests are kinda dumb.
                cat vs dogs, roller coasters vs waterslides.
                rock vs pop was pretty good, and miiverse posts could get creative.

                1. Yet there’s no season passes and the game wasn’t broken when it launched stop your bitching you fucking queer

                  1. exactly. thestrangablog has to have no fucking life at all. He claims he’s done with Nintendo and sold his Wii U. Why the fuck are you still here? literally all you’ve been doing is hating on Splatoon and posting ignorant ass comments. GET A FUCKING LIFE!

                  2. And it clearly goes against their “delayed/rushed games” philosophy thus making them look like hypocrites, same for fans when they bash any third party doing the same. So your point? Oh yeah. There’s none. Grow a pair..of fucking brain cells that’s clearly out of your minimum count.

                    1. Do you not see the difference? It’s quite simple really. When they talk about rushed games, they mean buggy games. Not games without a lot of content. Splatoon, right now , is neither. It started without much content, but it was still a complete, fully functioning, FUN game, even at launch. This slow leak of content is a good thing. It works. It extends the hype. I wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither would the majority of Splatoon fans. In fact, I wish more games were like this.

                      So, if you’re not a Splatoon fan for a reason as stupid as this (crybaby), then kindly FUCK OFF and stop trying to suck people into your pathetically hateful bitching.

                  3. Towers? ▌▌✈ ▌▌✈ ▌▌✈ ▌▌✈ ▌▌✈ ▌▌Sorry i dropped my bag of 9/11 ▌▌✈ ▌▌✈ ▌▌✈ ▌▌✈ ▌▌✈ ▌▌

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                  5. For ANYONE who hates SPLATOON. That’s your business & opinion. But as far as you showing up on “A Nintendo Website” crying about why you hate SPLATOON then I must say Buy yourself a PS4 OR XB1.

                    Especially with NINTENDO GIVING AWAY FREE DLC IN WEAPONS & LEVELS. While ARKHAM KNIGHT (all be it a spectacular game) forces you to pay $39 extra for a season pass when you’ve already paid $60 for the game itself.

                    So…if you love over paying for DLC then be my guest. But stop slamming NINTENDO for giving you a high quality game at $60 then giving free DLC to extend replay value!!

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