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Disney XD Hosts Live Mario Kart 8 Tournament

Disney XD hosted a Mairo Kart 8 tournament yesterday, June 11. The tournament lasted for over an hour and was presented live in front of an audience and streamed online. In addition to serving as a competition, the tourney was used as a means of promoting Disney XD’s Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything, which premiers July 22. You can watch a recording of the entire tournament above.

44 thoughts on “Disney XD Hosts Live Mario Kart 8 Tournament”

    1. No it is not… The more disney advertise nintendo games the more kids would be interested in nintendo, the more kids interested in nintendo the more kid-games and shovelware we would have…
      And since the wii nintendo is mostly focused on a market from 8 to 12 years old… And im starting to get tired.

            1. Yes, because you should feel insecure if you’re playing Donkey Kong Country, Smash Bros, Mario 3D World, Mario Kart, Kirby, Bayonetta, or Splatoon.

              Please get over yourself. The only people who talk about being grown up are children.

                  1. Yeah, it’s a real shame Nintendo are appealing to kids…which is what they always and always will fucking aim for in the first place.

                    1. In actuality, Nintendo “are” appealing to EVERYONE… Just because they don’t appeal to idiotic bro “gamers” (such as yourself, I’m assuming) doesn’t mean they only appeal to kids… What is a real shame is how idiots like you can say and believe such nonsense…

                    2. >.< Except Disney, unlike Nintendo, actually caters to the adult demographic. You people are ignorant & don't know much about Disney, huh? They have a studio that makes movies for more mature audiences.

                      1. Except, in reality, unlike your distorted “view” on what you believe to be true, Nintendo caters to a general audience of EVERYONE of all ages. They just don’t cater to moronic bro “gamers” who obsess over crappy, low quality “adult” games like CoD. You yourself, are ignorant for not knowing that.

                      2. Yes, it is….. Nintendo makes games for EVERYONE, not just “8 to 12”, obviously. The problem is that you’re too much of a moron to understand that just because a game isn’t like those crappy CoD games or any other (actual) shovelware “adult” games doesn’t mean it’s for “8 to 12.” Get with reality and stop spouting stupid nonsense like all other other idiotic bro “gamers” because it’s just PATHETIC….

                    3. ”Disney XD hosted a Mairo Kart 8 tournament yesterday, June 11.” Wasn’t aware Disney could travel through time, and what game is Mairo Kart 8? Just noticed those mistakes.

                    4. Doesn’t this remind you of those old tapes that had you win at NES games or something? That’s the vibe I’m getting, but pretty neat.

                    5. When I saw the Mario Kart 8 image, I got really excited. I was hoping the headline was ‘Nintendo confirms Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 3.’

                        1. Yes, yes and more yes. There can’t be anymore yes to this. It would be good as a test to see if current fans want a new Diddy Kong Racing. Heck, people have made Diddy Kong Racing tracks through Custom Tracks is Mario Kart 8.

                          1. Yeah. DLC Pack 3 is being brought to us by the same guys that did the pricing for the latest Super Smash Bros DLC with Lucas, Roy, & Ryu. Instead of being under 15 bucks, it will cost us over 20 bucks instead.

                          1. sasori obinna: the puppet master

                            honestly this is the most boring mario kart ever just next to mario kart 7. even though i got two of the dlc packs it still boring. if there a third dlc pack , it better fix the shitty battle mode.

                            1. Boring? I am sure it’s because you suck at 50 cc, just how you suck in super smasj bros when fighting level 4 cpu.
                              About the battle mode, everybody know it sucks Before you say so.
                              And i remember you only play with little kids, so maybe they owned you in mk8 and ssb.

                              1. Wow insulting someone for having a different opinion what a guy. Know what? Wiiu is doomed. Sorry but next zelda would be multiplatform and you have waisted your money : ) now suck my dick asshole.
                                Nintendoomed : D

                                  1. Lets settle this on a smash 3ds. You and me 1vs1 no objets omega stage. Dare?
                                    And no. English isnt my mothertongue

                                  2. BTW. You shoul get back to your business with that lotion and tissues, yep! Everybody saw that on your latest video, now start to damage controlling it.

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