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Amazon’s Big Surprise Amiibo Announcement Is Coming This Monday

In easily the biggest amiibo mystery of the day, Amazon has hinted a Monday surprise for amiibo fans… possibly involving a rooster. Today on the amiibo subreddit (/r/amiibo), an Amazon verified user posted a vague thread regarding a Monday surprise. The post is titled “No, Esteban! Not until Monday!” Attached is a picture of a rooster with a tied beak with amiibo blurred in the background (seen above). Literally no one knows what this means… do you?

68 thoughts on “Amazon’s Big Surprise Amiibo Announcement Is Coming This Monday”

  1. I know that Esteban the rooster is their Twitter’s mascot of sorts. It’s not a hint, it’s just Amazon being funny. Fans actually named Esteban.

      1. Esteban in the show had a rooster (Or was it a chicken?).
        But apparently this was referring to the employee Esteban.

        1. Pretty sure that’s not a zack and Cody reference. I looked up what that was, and you’re a homo for knowing in the first place.

  2. “Esteban was an Amazon employee who gave this sub some info about when certain Amiibo would go live on the site. A cult following resulted in Amazon posting a picture of a rooster on Twitter. Allegedly, the rooster is Esteban.
    So this picture, from AmazonJosh, likely implies that something big and Amiibo-related will occur on Monday, and the tie around his beak is to keep Esteban’s mouth shut so as not to spoil the surprise.” -a Reddit user

  3. Is it that all Amazon Prime members get every single amiibo for free? I guessed right! EVERYONE is happy!

      1. No worries. There will be around 570,000 units available for each amiibo character. They won’t be free though, that’s unrealistic.

  4. Maybe there going to replace the 100 Rosalina amiibos lol…but I think that there just going to have more in stock…but then again…chicken…

    1. Aww how sad, strangablog is still bitching and whining about everything. What a surprise. You must have one hell of a pitiful life. Do something about it instead of being a whiny baby.

      For the record, I care about this. If it’s an amiibo sale or something, that’s a good thing. But I’m sure you would see that as a bad thing somehow! Nothing is ever good enough for the brat.. Strangablog! :O

      1. Actually, he is doing something about it. In fact, it’s all we really can do besides actually not buying Nintendo’s shit which is complain. We can’t exactly go up to Nintendo’s HQ & hold them all hostage with a bomb til they give us what we want. Now THAT would be crazy. I’d rather people complain than do something stupid like that.

  5. Nintendo is finally quitting and starting to make baby toys now because they’re a baby company. No surprise there since they use babies in all their games and market to babies.

  6. The only surpise that will be a big one is if they are announcing that they will get continued stock of the rare amiibo like the Fire Emblem characters for the next year so everyone that wants one can actually get one. If not, fuck off with this “big surprise,” Amazon!

  7. People, I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s not a big deal but it’s to do with Falco Lombardi and another exclusive amiibo deal. You heard it here first folks.

    1. Maybe Nintendo is finally quitting and starting to make baby toys for babies because they’re a baby company.

  8. Estaban is the name of an amazon employee responsible for leaking some amiibo info a few months back. He was never repremanded for the leak, amd still works for amazon. Its an inside joke, asking Estaban (and probably all their employees) not to reveal secrets.

  9. Its a slightly less powerful amiibo not being made by Nintendo , An insider, my dad, works at Amazon as well as Nintendo . Cheers !

  10. What if amazon users are getting the next wave early, or amazon users of prime or, veteran users gets to subscribe to a new a amiibo a month. I know unlikely but a amiibo subscription would solve 1/4 of the problem for the uncommon amiibo, tho not the rare ones.

    1. I hope so, and I hope they change the material amiibo are made out of.

      My peach and paluatena amiibo are hard to clean the cum off of. So with zero suit samus I’ll be using it alot.

  11. Considering you can see Toad and the Squid, which are/were a bit rarer, it’s probably a re-stock of the figures. I always said an online store would be best for these, maybe they’re gonna set up an Amiibo store that stays stocked (I’m gonna pray, chant, do voodo, whatever it takes for this to happen!)

  12. Maybe amiibo card(s) for north america ???

    P.s. after some search, on starfox amiibo is already there. Then my upper post is useless.

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