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Satoru Iwata Has Sadly Passed Away

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has sadly passed away. Nintendo has issued a statement which you can read here. Mr Iwata passed away on July 11, 2015 due to a bile duct growth. My condolences go out to Satoru Iwata’s family.

Thanks to those who sent this news in.

526 thoughts on “Satoru Iwata Has Sadly Passed Away”

                  1. you are a retard for celebrating a thief. why not celebrate hitler too? he made WAY more children happy then iwata, and that seems to be the ONLY thing, that speaks FOR iwata, as opposed to every other thing he ever did, aka stealing, lying and punching people.

                  2. you are a fucking idiot he was awensome president Hiroshi and Iwata and Fusajiro and Sekiryo and Gunpei fuck you shane how can you say it

            1. While I agree the “I’m glad he’s dead!” or the “I hope other Nintendo employees die soon, too.” should be deleted, comments like Ritsuka’s here is not one of them.

              1. actually, all the disgusting “omg i love iwata, i dun care that he steals money, tells lies and hurts people physically, because i am a complete lowlife that doesnt care about real things, only the number of turds that nintendo shits out!” comments are the ones that should go. i know in your stupid fantasy world, there is no law, but in reallife, thiefs USUALLY get punished by the law, not celebrated by morons… if you celebrate crime, i dont understand why hitler is seen as a bad guy… he was like THE BIGGEST CRIMINAL EVER… you should make him your god if you celebrate scum so much.

          1. no, not every other dude owes me like 500 bucks, only this one greedy asshole…

            Every day that i see my wii u, i hope that asshole is being tortured in hell… he deserves it for stealing so much money and punching people that ask him about his shitty business techniques.

      1. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

        That is depressing who’s my new boss going to be now ? This Explains the lack of contact from them. He was a great guy sayonara Iwata-san

      1. he had the chance to stop his retarded business techniques for MANY years…. can imagine that the doctors only treated him half assed, because they hated him as well… imagine being hitlers doctor, would you not give him poison instead of medicine?

        When Nintendo refunds my wii u and everything that belongs to it, ill stop praying to satan, that he tortures iwata even more… until i get my money back, i hope this scum rots in hell

      1. And release half baked games that are barely redeemed by DLC at less than reasonable prices? I’d rather Quality over Quantity.

        1. Yea, Nintendo releases half baked games that are barely redeemed by 3-4 patches.
          No, seriously, it’s sad to lose anybody this way, but this is only going to help Nintendo in the long run… near future even.

      2. If the first thing you can think of upon hearing of his death is “Yay”, then you really need to go take a long hard look in the mirror and ask how you sunk so low.

        1. Yep after a good look (hey handsome) here’s the answer : ‘coz of Nintendo fanboyz crying around your guru saying how he changed the world for the better. So who is really overreacting here ?

      1. A man dies when he is forgotten, and a man like him will never leave our hearts for the rest of our lives, he may have inspired us, but we can pick up his leagacy, In Super Mario Maker and by working hard to become game designers and at the same time, make millions of children smile and the old -school fans feel nostalgic at the same time.

        1. sasori obinna: the puppet master

          lol the fuck…super mario maker is a nsmbu cash grab. i would prefer a 3d world maker instead.

          1. You’re literally the only person I’ve seen who thinks that. I believe most people are excited about Super Mario Maker. I believe you’re bashing it based on your own preference.

          2. agreed, mario maker is such a scam…
            wanna make bets how much functionality MM has compared to the 20 year old editor for pc (something with luna in the name and a kudos moon as symbol)?
            i’d say that MM will be able to do about 5% of the things, that non dumb kids can make for almost 2 decades…
            With that pc editor, people basically put things fom mario sunshine, galaxy etc, into the super nintendo game… i HIGHLY doubt that you can even make a single world in MM…
            Wonder how long we have to wait until iwatas shitty influence disappears… i mean, they wont stop the ongoing scams just because someone died… they still want to trick people into giving them more money…

        2. i bet you a million bucks, in 5 years, NO kid will know who this scumbag was. being a filthy disgusting thief doesnt make you too immortal… screw iwata for his crimes

    1. Saturo iwata might have left this world, but his games, directs, and muppet will stay in our hearts forever. Rest in peace, mr. Iwata, and let us hope that the new ceo of Nintendo will be able to help this company by learning and acting from both iwata’s triumphs and mistakes.

      1. he was a thief, he created nothing except false advertising. fuck you for supporting thieves. if this was not about games, he would have gone to prison YEARS ago… so retarded that laws dont apply to gaming…
        sell someone fake gold… JAIL…
        sell someone fake consoles… CEEEEEELEBRAITIONS!!!
        Why do people go to jail when they scam you with… i dont know… a tv… selling you sorny tvs for 500 bucks. BUT when the device is not a tv, but a GAMING device… then everything is fine…. fucking retarded system… i was promised zelda and metroid, they dont deliver, console is worthless, i want my fucking money back!!!

    2. God just wanted a Smash Bros Opponent and call Iwata San to him, as he was perfect opponent. R.I.P Mr Iwata, I will miss you…:'(

      1. that would finally be a reason to unpack my smash bros game… beating up shitface asshole iwata would be so awesome… maybe as dlc for some overly brutal game for 8 year old girls, like the new mortal combat games… would love to see all fatalities being done on this piece of garbage :p

    3. Screw Iwata. He is a cheap scam artist and a massive scumbag. Bastard was so greedy, didnt want to leave his easy stolen income behind, now he got what he deserved and life removed this piece of shit from the world… wish i would habe gotten the 500 bucks that he stole from me back, but seeing him finally die, is at least something… Still demanding my money back from Scumtendo though…

    1. Exactly how I feel. I literally just saw someone say it in all caps on a twitch stream I was watching, and genuinely thought they were just one of those jokesters trying to be “funny”. I can’t believe it’s true, it seems so unreal.
      Really can’t think of much to say other than wishing his family and friends my sincerest condolences. He’ll be missed.

  1. This press release caught me so off guard. Shocking and sad news. I knew he wasn’t in the best shape health-wise which prevented him from traveling. What a massive blow to the gaming community and industry. My heart goes out to those who knew him personally.

      1. I saw how sickly he had looked in his last few appearances, it reminded me how Steve Jobs looked, but that said it still cause me off guard too or to say I was shocked.

    1. Caught me so off guard that I broke into hysterical laughing. *points to comment further down the comment section*

    1. “rest in pieces you dirty thief!”
      fixed that for you, no need to thank me, you dont want people to think that you actually support this scumbag

  2. I’m going to miss him in the Nintendo Directs :c
    I also hope that the loss of this legend will not affect the operations of Nintendo.
    RIP Iwata.

    1. “Hopefully Nintendo itself will still be the same.”

      Considering how abysmally they’ve been doing, I certainly hope not.

        1. Just because he’s dead doesn’t mean we have to ignore how terrible of a Nintendo CEO he’s been in the last 3 years.

          1. Yeah, well how about the other fucking 12? Today is not the day to disrespect the man who changed our lives.

            1. To be honest, I think ignoring his faults would be a bigger disrespect to the man. You do NO ONE any favors by ignoring their faults, dead or alive.

              1. Yeah, but he also did a lot of good, like cutting half his pay when he screwed up. Many American CEOs would shoot their first born before they let that happen.

              2. Yes, everyone got their faults. But please not on the day he died. Just wait for another weeks or two. This is called common sense if you don’t know.

              3. Have you bought his games? Yes. Stfu and don’t be a dick. Guy died, show some respect. I’m pretty sure more ppl will be bummed about his death than yours so….

                1. I am showing respect. Again, ignoring his faults is not doing him any favors, dead or alive. You handle his death your way & I’ll handle it my way. Besides, there are people on here being far worse than I am.

              4. You are the definition of douche bag. Please, never have children. The world doesn’t need anymore ignorant, disrespectful assholes, such as yourself. Grow up, or at least grow a brain.

                1. Think what you want, bub. I’m not disrespecting the man at all. Now go take your ignorant opinions of me & go attack one of the actual losers on this article that’s actually saying horrible things like “I’m glad he’s dead.” or some other bullshit like that.

              5. Wow, now’s not the time to be a cynical asshole. Everybody makes mistakes, but focusing on his mistakes right after his passing is nothing short of nihilistic.

                Yes things will change, but how the fuck do you know they will be for the better? The new CEO could lead Nintendo down the path of other Japanese developers (Konami, Square-Enix, Capcom) and decide to focus more on mobile. Because sadly, that’s where most of the money is currently.

                1. As I told the anon, think what you want. I didn’t agree with some of the things he did so I’m not going to ignore it just because he passed away. That would be an even bigger disrespect.

            1. xD Yeah. I laughed about it. I laughed because I thought it was some troll trying to play a prank on people. Excuse me for being in denial when I first heard the news that he passed away. Denial is usually the first stage of dealing with death. Some of you people seriously need to actually read what some people say instead of reading the first few words of a comment & assuming everything after that point is them being an asshole.

              1. Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I knew what you meant when you made that comment. I guess you probably should’ve worded that better so people wouldn’t get the wrong idea.

                1. Yeah. I was just so caught up in the moment of denial & the news itself that I wasn’t really thinking about making a PS like end to it clarifying things.

          2. no no no! he is dead! you must say nice things, even when he was a dirty lying thief!

            i mean look at hitler, people only say nice things about him, right?

            NO! fuck hitler and fuck iwata, hope they share a torture rack in hell!

      1. You are an asshole for real bro. Now is not the time to even bring that shit up. At least respect his memory……..Jesus

      2. completely agree, nintendo sucks, hope now that this bastard is gone, they finally start fixing the massive problems that they have… cant believe this asshole sank so incredibly low, that they gave up on games and started making dolls… what a pathetic excuse of a human being, cant even imagine his stupid train of thoughts… “duuuh ppl wunt zleda n mitrooit… but them programings suuu hart… i kno! lets maek dolls yay!” damn scam artist got what he deserved.

  3. Not going to lie, but I am truly disheartened with today’s news. While I might not agree with some of the decisions he had done for Nintendo these years, he was truly a passionate guy that worked his hardest take care of the entire company to this very day. I really wish the best of all condolences to his family and friends.

    And the worst part is that the trolls will probably think that his death was the best thing that ever happened to Nintendo like the sick bastards they are. Just you wait, they will come rolling to this article to bring on the hate as usual despite how depressing these news are.

    1. Even though I quit Nintendo, I would never ask for this to happen. I know some idiots is gonna come by and say that I do otherwise to prove some delusional BS for kicks. But no, I don’t want this. Even though Iwata/Nintendo have failed me, this is just shockingly unprecedented and sad in many mixed ways. :(

    2. his death IS the best thing that happened to nintendo EVER. you are just mad because it’s the truth. He mad his company produce dolls… DOLLS!!! seriously, is your brain switched on? read again.. FUCKING DOLLS!!! i just cant believe it… imagine ANY other big company in the world stops focussing on their work, and start making doll versions of their products…. GOD DAMN FUCKING AMSHITTINGYOUNOT DOLLS… i just cant… even…WHY???? so massively retarded… cancer was clearly affecting his brain

    1. can you not? try to at least feel some sympathy , instead of saying something like that. please refrain from making anymore comments like this and think about what you say before you say it.

    1. He was so loved, God gave him the Balloon Trip helmet and Balloons instead of a Halo and wings, saying “I think this looks better for you.” he put it on and as he was flying away, he said. “My fans, I am sorry for leaving so early. Please understand, but I will always be in your hearts, DIRECTLY.”

    1. I know. Me either. I woke up trying to sleep (storm woke me up) and I found this out. I literally had to pause and look up that it’s not a dream or bullshit. He truly is gone…Jesus. X(

      1. Same. Before I finished my initial comment, I had to look around online to make sure it wasn’t just some sick prank some troll pulled. That’s why I was laughing because I was all “Bullshit. He didn’t die. This is some sick joke from some troll wanting him to die is pulling.” Some of these people need to realize people laughing isn’t always because they found something funny. *shrug* Whatever, at the end of the day, these people are just anons on the internet so they don’t know me. They want to think they do so they can feel better about attacking someone on the internet who’s probably grieving over the death of Iwata just as much as they are.

    1. I only hated him as a CEO, not as a person. So I only felt he should be fired, not drop dead. People like Nostalgia_w might be happy, though, since she was one of the people back last year hoping he would die from his bile duct problem. Well she got her wish. -.-

      1. Man. You completely missed the point of my post and put words in my mouth. There are people that actually wanted Iwata dead. I’m not talking about the ones that wanted him fired, but DEAD.

    2. NO!
      he owed me like 500 bucks.
      who will refund my worthless console + additional garbage now???
      his fucking family should have to pay up, not… get all the money that he swindled together… this is OUR money, not HIS. You cant give away things in yourlast will, that don’t belong to you. when you steal something, and someone buys it from you, you STILL have to hand it over to the “original owner”…. so… give me back my fucking money already!

        1. I’m sure Iwata would want his successor to actually surpass him. I know I would if I had died. I want my kin to be a much better person than I was capable of being.

  4. Oh my god. xD Is this really happening?



    *coughs & sighs after hysterical laughing finally ceases* Okay. I needed a minute. May you rest in peace, Satoru Iwata. You might have been a horrible Nintendo CEO in the last 3 years, but you didn’t deserve to die so soon. I just wanted you to be fired, not die. Wow. And I was just talking trash about Iwata as Nintendo CEO earlier today, too.

      1. Pathetic? What’s pathetic is you jumped to conclusions, thinking I’m actually happy about this just because I’m laughing. You do know people can laugh out of pain, right? In fact, laughing is just another form of grief. Don’t like that fact? Tough. It happens. Deal with it.

          1. If you actually read my comment instead of jumping on the hate bandwagon like others, you would know I was suffering from denial when I laughed about the news, not believing he actually died. My god! Do any of you have any reading comprehension?

            1. ur a moron, iwata is a thief, no need to fee bad for his death. its not like he was one of those “stealing for his starving children” kind of thiefes, just a regular “i want more money!” kind.

      2. More importantly, this is so sudden that I’m still in a bit of denial so actually read my comment next time.

          1. Remember the stages of dealing with death. Denial is usually the first stage. And since certain people handle certain things differently, some might actually laugh at the news of someone dieing when they hit the denial stage.

            1. Exactly dickhead. But you still have time to think before you write such a stupid comment. You utter wanker

              1. I didn’t feel like changing it, as I already typed those parts, because then I’d be lying about how I took the news.

    1. ^ Yeah, pretty much. He couldn’t lead Nintendo very well, but this is certainly still tragic.
      I don’t mean to make this sound morbid, but I’m hoping people can see a silver lining to this – that perhaps with his replacement, Nintendo will turn things around.

      1. The only silver lining is that his suffering is over. He was not the only person that makes decisions. The board of directors makes the decision. No one man run any large corporation.

          1. you are confusing “retarded” with “websites with disqus being the only websites in the world, where you don’t get banned for telling the truth. unlike EVERY site that requires you to register with a mail, where you get banned for disagreeing with the 8 year old mods”
            if you dont like real comments, go to some crappy forum where everything gets deleted, that doesnt reflect your idiotic opinion…
            iwata was a dirty thief. ofc nintendo tries to cover up all the lies and the false advertising…

        1. It is indeed true though that Nintendo has a much more traditional way of running a company in Japan, where there’s always a committee and everyone has a say and if someone doesn’t like an aspect of something they can interject and hold it up or stamp it out – I’m not sure how common this is, but I think if it were rampant we’d see Nintendo in an even worse situation, so I still don’t downplay Iwata’s effect on the company and his overall leadership.

          1. His effect is/was great. As CEO, he created the vision of the company. It is up to everyone to fulfill that vision.

            1. That is certainly up for debate. I’d argue that the Wii console made gaming in general worse off by making a platform for a load of shovelware shit while introducing another gimmick that was a waste of time and effort in order to draw in casuals. The overall effect was a huge saturation point of shit that left a sour taste in gamers’ mouths – and now they tried to do the same thing by trying to get the tablet casual gamers from iOS and Android with the stupid gamepad which has been a failure. Mismanagement of Amiibo, failure to listen to their base or understand what gamers actually want and TELLING us they know what we SHOULD want? Come on. Maybe he was going to turn it around with the NX. We’ll have to wait and see what he was planning. But at the moment, his “vision” is and was anything but great.

              1. No, shut the fuck up. Everything he did, as a programmer, as a businessman, as a president, and as a person, was to make others happy. The Wii literally pulled in 100 million plus families into the gaming market, bringing them to experience the joy of gaming. If anything, that one console improved gaming, so can you “hardcore gaming” bullshit, because that is not what gaming is.
                It’s about having fun and being happy, acting as an escape from the real world into a fantasy realm that anybody can enjoy.
                And that’s exactly what he did.
                And he did it better than anybody else could.

                1. this is so true ninjamonkey72. in the last year my Nintendo Wii U has brought me alot of joy and happiness after some very bad years. I was so sad to see about Mr. Iwata this morning. his games and ideas have brought me alot of happiness.

              2. Every leading platform in the history of gaming had shovelware. People have no idea what kind of games the Wii had. There has always been and will always be more gamers that do not game as much as there is/were people who game alot. I can tell you one thing, Sony was attempting and succeeded in getting the same type of gamers but including a CD player, DVD player and BluRay player in their consoles. You are using the word gimmick wrong because Power is a gimmick. Home and Handheld console is a gimmick. Video games themself is a gimmick. A gimmick is what you buy anything for. It is what hooks you to the product. Please don’t misuse the word gimmick without understand what a gimmick really is. You cannot say it left a sour taste in gamers’ mouths because you have no facts to back that up with. No percentage, no numbers at all. Mismangement of Amiibo happens with any and everything that is popular. Do you really know how big Nintendo’s fan base is? No numbers to back that up. It is their company they produce products they want and then consumers buy it not just fans of the company but consumers as a whole. His vision was great as his vision for the company was a continuation of the last president. History it is wonderful.

    2. Let’s just just through your angst-filled trolling like chaff before the summer breeze.

      You’re a pathetic troll, one who probably is grinning and showing his fellow misbegotten friends my thought out reply and laughing and going “Haha look at all this salt I got!”

      The real truth here is you are just another asshole on the Internet running his mouth and getting a reaction from people around you to try and cope with whatever bullshit is going on in your life. I’m sorry. I really am. If I could just hug you and tell you how sorry I am that the world has treated you so far, I would drop everything and do so in a heartbeat. But while you read this and already dream up a 10/10 worthy troll reply, I sincerely wish you to know that I’m sorry you feel so hurt, and only wish to let the world know your pain while exposing it to such a publicly sensitive topic. And yes, while I know you will probably post something of the lines of “TL;DR you -expletive-” I really do hope you will stop and take ONE SECOND of your life to sit back and think about what hurts you to this day, and examine yourself, and see if you can get over what pains you to this day that you must resort to trolling anonymous people on the Internet like your pained replies will piss them off, because I’m just shitfaced and having a good time here. GG NO RE.

      1. i think he’s more likely to laugh at how long and thought-out it was in the first place, when it comes to people who wanna get kicks from people from the internet, they just love any response, so sadly the moron ain’t going to get any smarter from an internet comment, he needs you to personally track him down and say this to his face before he realizes how much of a douche he is, and that’s the sad truth of the matter, but eh, atleast when it comes to the internet, everyone feels superior to the person they hate.

        1. Actually read my comment. Only idiots jump to conclusions & assume the worst of someone from just the first few words of a post. And only high & mighty nutjobs actually track someone on the internet down just so they can prove how much of a superior human being they are. You don’t know me so don’t assume you do just from one comment.

      2. Wow! Again!? Actually read my comment. I didn’t even read all that crap you just said because I don’t feel like reading a big pile of assumptions. You people apparently haven’t heard of the stages of dealing with death. Denial is usually the first one. I thought it was just some sick prank some troll was trying to pull, so I laughed about the news because I thought it was just bullshit. Excuse me for not skipping every single other stage & going straight to acceptance.

  5. Mr. Iwata showed passion in video games and seemed to show passion in life. Also, sad when anyone passes on and with how young he was it just makes it ever sadder. I guess his work is done and I want to thank him for the many years he spent so that I can laugh and have fun not only by myself but with friends and families. R.I.P. Iwata. Your work was done well.

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  7. 1. Can’t wait to see who is next to take his position or positions and if they will make a change in nintendo and if he or she doesn’t I can’t wait go see all of the butthurt in the comments lol

    1. It’s not that people are going to be butthurt, but I’d like to tell you something right now that you may not know. I’ve been following Nintendo and Satoru Iwata as a fan and an intense gamer for years and I can say that I have never seen a better soul for the gaming industry. He was all about the fun of video games and how they effected his fans. Truly a man of passion and heart. So instead of thinking who will take his position, how about you show a slice of respect as the man JUST passed away. And that’s not just because he’s Satoru Iwata, it’s because he’s a human being.

      1. Thank you. I was going to be less nice about it, but you did a better job explaining it. But be forewarned. This kid is an asshole so be ready to read a comment from him insulting you, calling you a retard or some stupid shit like that.

                  1. How about you shut the fuck up and I owned your dumbass already get da fuck outta here ya retarded cunt and you should get hit by a bus then run over by another bus and I can’t wait to see you kiss Nintendo ass once another 3d metroid game comes out

                    1. Still repeating the same tiring failed shit. XP You know that tough insulting act was cute a couple of years ago when you started at the mental age of 7 but now it’s just plain fucking stupid to keep rehashing it like Activision rehashing CoD.

          1. A man dieing is NOT business, you little shit! So how about you shut the fuck up if you don’t have anything nice to say!? But by all means, keep talking so you can continue to show how stupid you are. Better to be quiet if people think you’re an idiot then open your mouth & remove all doubt.

            1. 1. Did I say him dieing was a business you stupid fuck don’t put words in my mouth
              2. I was talking about Nintendo and obviously the next person who will take charge will most likely get the same flack iwata has even though he was a pawn and the hypocrisy is going to be funny coming from the fans and non fans blaming him and others for all of Nintendo problems when I’m sure that is not the case
              3. Now I didn’t put I was talking about nintendo but it seems you lack common sense to connect the dots and you should know how businesses work well that goes to shoe how much of a gucking retarded you are ya dumbass son of a bitch

              1. Wow. How about you shut up about business related shit on this article? This is about a human being who has died, not some stupid company that lost a CEO or who they are going to get to replace him. That’s a subject for another article, asshole.

                    1. How about you shut the fuck up and stop getting into my business that way you won’t be called out and made fun of ya bastard ass child ya dumb scum cunt

          1. I don’t care for a sob story I already acknowledged his death but this is a company and many people have been waiting for him to leave or get fired not me so I can’t wait for the new person and for people to say the same things they have been saying to iwata to the new person he was just a pawn and the hypocrisy will be big and I can’t wait to see it

                  1. I don’t need to help myself and all because insult people means what exactly ya retarded can’t get the funk outta here ya mentally challenged bastard kid

            1. I actually see where you’re coming from and although you could go without insults, good job on making actual responses and not teasing remarks. I think everyone needs to realize their are two things happening in this moment: the death of Iwata, but also the search for a new CEO. I mean, you don’t think the company is just sitting their grieving, right? But they’re not ignoring it either. Instead of butting heads on the teo truths that people bring up (his death, and the search for a new CEO), let’s just agree that both will be voiced no matter what and that both are very much equally true.

              1. Bro, what I’m trying to say is that at a time and place such as this, it’s no time to talk about something like that. It’s disrespectful. Either give your condolences or keep it moving. And I’m not directing this towards you in particular, just in general. It’s something a lot of people need to learn

                1. 1. Justin shut the fuck up I already have acknowledged his death and I’m thinking of the future and the hypocrisy and bullshit that will be coming from the comments section on this and other websites about not doing what the fans want etc etc
                  2. You can keep wallowing in tears for as long as you want I don’t care ya dumb ass punk ass bitch with yo bitch ass

                    1. Eminem, I wasn’t telling you to acknowledge his death I was saying for everyone to realize there’s two truths right now. I actually was defending you so learn how to read yo and thanks for showing that i shouldn’t defend you

                      1. Sadly, you did waste your time defending him. He insults everyone. Even the ones that are nice to him.

    2. what a shocking and terrible lost for his family and nintendo. hopefully this doesn’t drag the company further into the abyss. if true may he rip.

    3. This is so sudden.. he looked perfectly fine at E3 and he’s not even 60 yet!! It’s a real shame, may he rest in peace :(

        1. He will be in the zelda game ya dumbfuck in some form or fashion it seems yo memory is falling towards the retards on this website but then again you are retarded

          1. Evidence? Or are you just looking for new dumb excuses to keep uttering the same goddamn insults another several billion times for every differentiated comments for which you always fail to make?

    4. I am very very sad about this news. I Really loved Mr. Iwata. I really love his directs and the Nintendo ask. Damn I am going to miss this guy. May you rest in peace Sir Iwata. You will be definitely be missed.

      Get N or get OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. This is so sad… RIP Iwata…
      I can’t even THINK of who will take over, as I’m too saddened because of this news.

        1. Nope stating a fact because that person will be criticized to hell like Iwata for not doing what everyone wants even though everyone knows that Nintendo is a business and take priority in making money even though the ceo is a pawn and can only do so much and when the person doesn’t change everything or only changes a little people will be but hurt and I can’t wait to see it

          1. Well…whether the ceo was a “pawn” or not…you have to admit, Nintendo made some fucking stupid decisions like the Wii u

            1. Skid eat horse shit straight from the source and die and it seems you still can’t read and unlike a lot of people on this website and in the world I already acknowledged his death and have moved on thinking about the future of nine do which maybe at first not that much will change or maybe sooner then later many things will change and you can keep wallowing in tears all you want I don’t care and it seems you aren’t the man hear since you are only a shits tain skid mark ya catch my drift ya bastard ass child

    6. Thank You mister Iwata for all these years of dedicated hard work!
      My condolences to everyone who knew him, may he rest in peace.

    7. Rest in peace Iwata…

      He was a great guy, a great president. Watching Nintendo Directs won’t be the same…

      I’m gonna miss him. And I was in such a good mood!

    8. I only saw the header picture and not the header text itself when I felt like seeing if any new news was up.

      My first thought was “Please don’t tell me he died.”

      …I stared motionlessly at those words for a few minutes.

    9. My greatest condolences, i will miss him. I was always supportive, im gonna game in his honor all night tonight

    10. Whoever takes his spot won’t change anything and will get blamed for all of the wrong at Nintendo and I can’t wait to see the comments all but hurt he is just a pawn

      1. Why shouldn’t the president of a a company get most of the blame? They’re the ones with the biggest controll…and responsability.

        1. 1. Ceos have a limited amount of power now how much do they have in each company I don’t know ya stupid ass
          2. They are pawns and can only do so much ya retarded bitch
          3. They listen to people above them to do some or a lot of things I.e. shareholders the people you don’t see ya stupid scum can’t
          4. So you should look up more information ya fucking retarded shit bag that was left in the toilet anonymously

    11. I… I… Well that came out of nowhere… I wish his family and friends the best, and I hope that whoever fills Iwata’s place will truly help Nintendo. I’ve known many of my relatives who’ve passed away from previous illnesses, and it can be very saddening to just see someone that you love and hold close to your heart, suddenly just die within a few short days. It can be hard and trying on relatives of someone who spend a lot of time with them. Personally, my mom’s dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease back in 2008-2009, and he was taken care of by my mom until the day he passed away in mid-October 2014 (he was doing okay until mid-July 2014, when he fell and broke his femur, and he only went downhill from there). My mom had tough emotional times over the next 3 months, but she still adjusted to her loss of her father, and I can only hope that Mr. Iwata’s close relatives will be able to recover from the passing of Mr. Iwata like my mom recovered from the passing of her dad.

    12. This is very sad news to hear. For me personally, it’s scary because my father is currently the same age as Mr. Iwata was. You just never know what life will throw at you so live it to the fullest.

        1. My parents are near 80, so you never know how long things are going to last. I have had friends my age already die of illnesses. All I can say time is appreciate as much time as you can with your family and friends.

    13. I always remember seeing his name at the end of so many game credits, I always knew he was someone important in Nintendo from that since a long time. Rest In Peace! Such an amazing contributor to the gaming industry.

    14. i really just. don’t know what to say i’m really at a loss for words here honestly
      i can’t begin to tell you how much i respected you mr. iwata and i hope you can rest peacefully

    15. That came out of nowhere this is sad news. May he rest in peace and condolences go to the ones who loved him.

    16. This caught me,all of us,off guard.He had plans,many plans for Nintendo that were never realized.He’s played a big part in Nintendo’s history,not just as president.And anyone who fails to realize that,well,it must suck being you
      Rest in peace Mr.Iwata

    17. While many people may have demanded that he be fired for the mistakes of the WiiU and other Nintendo fuck ups that man….honestly did run a really good company and it is extremely sad to see him go.
      He made Nintendo what Nintendo is today, it’s horrible to think of what’s next now that he’s gone.
      Rest in Peace man…

    18. That came out from nowhere!

      How can it be…?

      God may bring consolation for his family and loved ones.

      Sad, sad news.

      1. It definitely did. Especially me because one of my first reactions was laughter because I was all “Yeah, right. He didn’t die. This is a joke, isn’t it?”

        1. Man, I’m completely shocked and devastated by that news…

          I just visited NoA’s Twitter account. Guess what? They didn’t acknowledge Satoru’s decease yet.

          I don’t know what to say…

          1. Not even a peep on Miiverse, either. A notification on there would have been nice & would also alleviate the denial some might be feeling right now.

          1. I trust IGN & wikipedia, for the most part, so I had to check those sites before I could actually believe it myself. I’m still iffy about it til I can see an announcement on Miiverse or something on their official website about his passing before I can fully move on, so I guess I’m still in a bit of denial over the whole thing.

    19. I can’t believe this. Maybe people wanted he go away or stay back. But not like this, he was a great president,.. =_= tell me this is a joke please. Now the Nintendo Direct will not have the same magic, what will happen to the Iwata’s Ask, etc..
      Damn… i feel i want to cry :(

    20. Very sad and unexpected. RIP Mr. Iwata. Thanks for the fun you brought to Nintendo. 3D World and Super Luigi U are two of my personal favorite games of this era. Can’t forget Mario Kart 8 either. Gonna have to fire it up and have some races tonight.

      1. Wow. Just wow. I laughed out of denial of the news. You, on the other hand, have no excuse for that comment. Being a bad CEO or a bad board member shouldn’t equal death. Not unless they were working the people under them to death, which isn’t the case.

      2. You really are a fucking asshole. No wonder your boyfriend Gayactus The Pussy is sucking your dick after reading your FAILED comment.

      3. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>Hopefully your dead corpse is presented to me in the next few days so I can defile it even more and throw what’s left to the bin of oblivion>>>

      4. And there are people attacking me for laughing about it for a few minutes when I was in denial about the news, not believing it at first, & attacking me for not ignoring his faults when they should be more concerned with losers like you.

    21. Im sorry to hear of Mr. Iwata’s death. He was my favorite of the Nintendo Direct bunch and as a future game designer, I wished to work as part of Nintendo’s team someday. To be honest I would’ve been honored to meet Mr. Iwata if fate had it for me to do so. I hope Mr. Iwata rests in peace.

    22. Galactus The Planet Devourer

      This is too much info mation! Please unda stand I just play video games. I don’t wanna know about these people’s lives.

    23. I am speechless, I am too sad for words. Mr.Iwata may have made mistakes, but in no way was he a bad person. He was down to earth and kind. My condolences to the Iwata family and to everyone who was close to him. I am just glad he is not suffering anymore, I can only imagine how painful his condition must have been.

    24. when I saw people on Miiverse saying Iwata Died, I couldn’t believe it, I went to Twitter and saw people saying that too, I started broke down and feel like it was a remake of the first Pokémon movie but more sad and depressed. May he live on forever in our hearts

    25. It’s a very sad and heartbroken day to hear the passing of the president of Nintendo Japan/CEO of Nintendo of America and Japan. Rest in peace, Iwata-san.

    26. I hope that the some of the people who hated on him and wished that he got fired or worse feel at least a little guilty after hearing this.

      1. I don’t feel guilty wishing he got fired for being a bad CEO in the past 3 years. Nor should anyone, really. But the people that wished for worse for him should be ashamed.

    27. I am deeply saddened and shocked at the same time. Despite what many people thought of his decisions and plans, he was still a genius and a very nice humbled man who was very passionate about gaming and gamers. It won’t be same to look up gaming news knowing that a legend such as Satoru Iwata is no longer with us. My thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to his family and friends. RIP Iwata-san, and thank you for your many unprecedented contributions to the world of gaming. You will be deeply missed but never forgotten

    28. Well…the this is pretty fucked up! I’ll admit, I did want him to step down as president…but not death! While I may disagree with a number of his decisions, it’s truly a sad thing for his family, friends and the gaming industry as a whole. The worst part? This came completely out of nowhere!

    29. Rest in peace. Very sad news. Gonna be weird not seeing his likeness in Directs and other Nintendo things.

    30. MY GOD! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! : . (
      My heart dropped out of my chest when I read this post. I was in shock. It’s SO unexpected. I loved this man. He accomplished SO much. I always looked forward to seeing him at E3 every year. And in the Nintendo Directs. It’s never going to be the same again. Death SUCKS!
      Rest in peace, Iwata san. You will forever be remembered and missed.
      I’m so depressed now.

    31. Who the heck is going to take his place at Nintendo of Japan? Those are going to be big shoes to fill.

    32. im going to miss him, i never felt like he ever let us down, no man is perfect. Even though i felt like he needed to step his game up he made nintendo into whats it is today. Doing events with reggie and miyamoto making us all laugh and making a connection with fans. One of his last public statement was apologizing to us for their e3 show