Videos: Olimar Mii Racing Suit Gameplay And Yoshi’s Woolly World Amiibo Costumes

You have probably just seen NintenDaans amiibo unboxing video which features Dr. Mario, Olimar and Bowser Jr. Daan has also captured footage of Olimar’s Mii racing suit which you can obtain by scanning the Olimar amiibo into Mario Kart 8. It does look rather neat. Daan has also scanned a variety of amiibo into Yoshi’s Woolly World and you can check out the rather cute results in the video below.


  1. The Olimar racing suit is pretty lame. The Olimar racing suit had a lot of potential. One Pikmin on the helmet is very underwhelming. The lack of colors doesn’t help either. Captain Falcon, Samus and Pacman are my favorite racing suits.

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