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Blaziken Confirmed For Pokken Tournament

In rather unsurprising news Blaziken has been confirmed to appear in Pokken Tournament as a playable character. He will be available in the game during some time in August. Blaziken was one of the very first characters to be showcased when the title was teased at the Pokemon Game Show in 2013. Pokken Tournament launches tomorrow in Japanese arcades and is bound to be a smash hit with Japanese gamers who are undoubtedly eager to check the game out.


29 thoughts on “Blaziken Confirmed For Pokken Tournament”

      1. No mega forms of anything. I personally feel that was the biggest mistake added to the games. They look absolutely ridiculous. Blastiose is like some fucking tank animal, my favorite beloved pokemon, turned into a joke.

        1. i feel you, kinda like the mistake they did with yugioh, but you can’t denie out all three mega forms he still kicks all three ass, moveset wise & designed wise

          1. I know nothing of Yugiho or whatever other than the insane “hair” some of them sport.

            And yes, I actually can deny all of that. The design was the part I disliked the most. Move sets are just that and are replaceable.

            1. How is blastoise’s mega stupid/makes him look stupid? He literally just gains another canon. The fact that he doesn’t use his canons to shoot has always been stupid, even before his megaform

                1. Actually its not, i don’t own x or y but I don’t believe the mega forms are permanent. So no, evolution in pokemon normally consists of a pokemon evolving into another form. Not just upgrading one time during battle. And, thank you for that very sad reply, I do like to joke around a lot.

                  1. This is a Japanese series. Mega Evolutions are nothing more than temporary transformations similar to Zarbon’s transformation in Dragon Ball Z. It was only a matter of time before GameFreak added a transformation gimmick. And it’s a gimmick I actually enjoy.

                      1. Why’s he not in it yet, though? He was in the early screenshots like i mean EARLY BEFORE CONFIRMATION screenshots. He could’ve been done.

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                      3. Finally. A REAL Pokemon fighter for the game appears. If only Blaziken replaced Charizard in Smash Bros., I would been happier especially now that they OP Charizard with that annoying ass side attack.

                        1. I don’t know what you are talking about OP with that attack, but I would have LOVED Blaziken in Smash. I’ve still got hopes for him, but I think most people want Sceptile DLC.
                          Even I voted for Sceptile DLC.

                          1. Sceptile? Blaziken DESTROYS him. lol

                            As for Charizard, he wasn’t an issue in Brawl and so was Meta Knight. But now one is a spammy OP while the other is a weaklink due to false complaints from Brawl.

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