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Dragon Fantasy Coming To Nintendo 3DS And Wii U This Week

Retro themed RPG Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westaria is destined to arrive on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShop this week. The news of the 8-bit RPG’s arrival was announced on Twitter by the publisher, Choice Provisions. As previous platforms Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westaria the game will support cross-buy between Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and the pricing for the game is $9.99.



  1. That picture of the shatterer shocked me for a second- I thought this was an announcement for some kind of Guild Wars spinoff game on a Nintendo console

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  2. These games are good but the difficulty curve is ridiculous, one minute youre destroying monsters left and right, the next you’re getting your ass handed to you by a little warewolf. Frustrating games.


      1. Some are good. Ever played any of the Zenonia games? They’re more like Zelda games, but they’re RPG’s none the less. The Dragon Fantasy games on the other hand carry the more traditional turn base mechanic. If you like the Nintendo Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior/Quest games, you’ll like these games.

        Beware, the grinding in this game is serious business.


      2. I sadly lost interest in Zenonia because of the grinding needed to be at a decent level to take on a boss in that cave with the zombies at the beginning of the game. A shame, really, because the story was pretty good.

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      3. Pretty game too, was this the first one? I never beat any of them but I did play up untill the 5th one, and the game mechanics did improved in the later entries. They also introduced new classes and I might be wrong here but each class had its own story, like I said, I might be wrong so don’t quote me on that


  3. You do realise it is two games in one package right? Volume 1 and 2. Just point it out there. So it’s really $5 for each game and then it is crossbuy also so…you know. Quite cheap actually

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  4. Why was Guild Wars 2’s Kralkatorikk/Shatterer used as the header image for this article. Misleading and misrepresenting, I think?


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