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ZeRo Took The Crown For Smash Bros Wii U At EVO 2015

I’m sure a lot of you tuned in to the Super Smash Bros Wii U tournament at EVO this year, but in case you missed it ZeRo took the crown this year. ZeRo played all day Friday and Saturday morning to emerge victorious against the other competitors. ZeRo defeated Europe’s Mr. R and has an unblemished record for 2015. To celebrate his win ZeRo took home $11,556. He also set a record at EVO 2015 for not dropping a game the entire tournament. You can watch his winning moments, here.

EVO 2015 Smash Wii U Results – 1,926 Entrants
Prize Pool: $19,260
1. ZeRo (Diddy Kong, Sheik) – $11,556
2. LLL | Mr. R (Sheik) – $3,852
3. Nairo (Zero Suit Samus)- $1,926
4. Abadongo (Wario) – $770.40
5. Ally (Mario) – $385.20
5. Dabuz (Rosalina) – $385.20
7. FOW (Ness) – $192.60
7. ESAM (Pikachu) – $192.60

Thanks,  Camo and Okumei

37 thoughts on “ZeRo Took The Crown For Smash Bros Wii U At EVO 2015”

    1. Is ZeRo that creepy fat fuck who wore a scarf during summer and won as Zero Suit during the first tournament of Smash Wii U? I found it funny that him and the hungry box of Kirby did some running away as Lucas pussies a few times during the last match.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>He’s creepy for wearing a scarf during the Summer? Primitive brain you have there>>>

              1. You’ve never seen rankings before, have you? You can’t be in sixth place if you ranked as the seventh best player and have six other players who ranked higher than you. It just so happens that two players tied for fifth and two for seventh. Meaning there’s no eighth place rank either. It depends on certain games or rules should they separate the players who tied by performance on how well they did then maybe there would be a 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th place rather than two fifth and two seventh.

                1. No. lol What’s surprising is that there are still idiots that think a guy like ZeRo can’t get a girlfriend & is just some loser that doesn’t know how to talk to girls just because he’s extremely good at video games.

              1. they nerf diddy twice, the whole community says he’s a useless mid tier now, ZeRo still wins EVO with him

              2. Interesting, he handles Diddy very well. Kicked his ass right up out of there. I love Diddy Kong, it seems like he has the best chance of dodging.

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