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Itagaki: Poor Devil’s Third Previews Are A Result Of Previewers Gaming Skill

We’ve all seen the previews for Devil’s Third which have been floating around the web and it’s readily apparent that the game has issues. It is not unusual for the developers to defend their project and it is surprising when some do not. However, Devil’s Third producer Tomonobu Itagaki has once again taken to Facebook and says that the critical reception that the game has received thus far is simply down to the previewer and reviewers skill as gamers. We shall have our review of Devil’s Third up as soon as the embargo lifts.

Thanks, JimBob

89 thoughts on “Itagaki: Poor Devil’s Third Previews Are A Result Of Previewers Gaming Skill”

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>I’d say around the holidays or early 2016, pretty much when most won’t care since Xenoblade Chronicles X will be released around that time and many like me will me busy with Super Mario Maker and so on>>>

            1. That super mario maker is a hotly anticipated title as well.
              I’m not really worried about the gamer reviews for devil’s third. I see the gameplay and it looks good so I’ll judge on that myself.

  1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    Okay, that is a bit of a low blow.

    From what we have just seen doesn’t make it stand out, but insulting the skill level of reviewers that give it a bad or critical review is just a dick move.

    1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

      In all fairness all these so called “official” reviewers are casual pieces of shit who have never 100% a game in their life! What kind of brainless zombie takes the words of some slob or bimbo seriously? The best and true gamers with legitimate built up skill for games are NOT in positions to review them…game industry is all backwards, not a real gamer anywhere in gaming media. Just a bunch of pseudo personalities scrambling for clicks and pay checks…all that said, my opinion on Devils Third…looks like shit…I’ve 100% dozens of games, I got the creds!

            1. And ever since then, what else have they shown or said? JACK SHIT! And of course this idiot would blindly damage control what’s not true. It’s mainly because of it being silent and the hype is wearing off fast.

                1. I lost interest since Nintendo ultimately killed Wii U in less than half of its life (No Half-Life pun intended) along with this game. Only 30FPS and, again, no voice chat…FROM A FUCKING THIRD PARTY GAME?! That’s that. There’s obviously nothing left for Wii U.

                                1. Quite the opposite. I’m glad I’m no longer tangled into Nintendo’s bullshit and be as stupid as you are kissing their asses for every nonsense they do and say, no matter how obviously wrong/opposite it is. To think, I use to be as naive as you are thinking they got a “good” excuse behind everything.

                    1. To be fairly honest, it just sounds like he can’t take the criticism of some of the critics too well. The game to me looks good but nothing special, it kind of reminds me of Ninja Gaiden Z, interesting gameplay but really isn’t all that special. I’m some people will love it but some people will dislike the game due to their own critics on games. I’d say that he should take the criticism to heart and make the next game in the series 10x better than the original.

                      1. The one video I saw it looked like the guys were having fun the whole time while they were saying how bad the game is. I really didn’t get their preview.

                    2. Hahaha…and, kids, that’s how you lose fans and gain hate. Insult the people that review your game.

                      1. Nintendo Sub-Commander ShadyKnights

                        I dunno, he made me more a fan of his. than the reviewers with his guttsiness. I approve of devs who believe in their work and don’t shy back to keep fans happy. Now if the game is legit bad, then he looks a fool, but I feel we should more judge this jem on our own or from more reliable sources than we’ve seen thus far honestly.

                        Just my two cents.

                    3. How are the bad textures, very unstable framerates, terrible AIs, glitches and all the other faults in the game related to the player’s skill? What an immature way to react to criticism, very embarassing. Instead of acting like a child, he could actually take the reviews a bit more seriously, to learn from his mistakes and not repeat them in future games.
                      But why do any of that when you might as well insult the people, am I right.

                        1. Yea, but you didn’t develop Alien Isolation, I assume. I think reviews might hold a slightly different meaning for the developers of the game in question than they do for consumers.

                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                        >>>He knows he is doomed unless he rectifies everything that he claims to be great>>>

                    4. Well… When you see the poor critical reception that the Wonderful 101 had, it was mostly because of the high entry barrier in terms of controls, because I think most fans agree that it is a fantastic game.
                      I’m hoping it’s the case here again…. but I’m not sure really.

                    5. I know that this isn’t the right article but, all those people who were complaining about Splatfest being based too much on popularity, team waterslide was more popular, but team roller coaster got more wins, AND TEAM ROLLER COASTER WON!! They made it now to where you get 2x points for wins and only 1x points for popularity so that it’s based more on skill than popularity!! So now it’s actually competitive!! I hope that fixes one problem you had with Splatoon!!

                      1. Fuck splatoon and fuck you fanboy stop bringing that game up like it needs any more people bringing it up with all the constant articles it has.

                    6. I have a lot of mixed feeling about this game/developer and I think it really comes down to his reactions and those are making me doubt the game. I don’t pay any attention to reviewers on channels like IGN and stuff and I think many people are the same way. If he REALLY believed he had a good game then he would let it speak for him instead of the other way around. At this point I`ll just wait and pick up this game for 5 bucks in some bargain bin because regardless of if we think it’s a good or bad game, it’s going to end up there either way.

                    7. I don’t think thats the case. I think early reviews are generally correct about a games quality. The only game I can think of where a reviewer’s skill and time came into account was Wonderful 101.

                    8. Itagaki is reacting as the creator of the game and not being objective to what others are seeing and experiencing with the game. In his defense, some of the videos do show the player’s lack of expertise with the genre. But there are those glitches that are undeniably game related.

                      I just hope that by the time the game is released, he’ll have day-1 patch available. I will wait for trusted reviews before buying the game this time instead of getting it on release day, I saw the videos and it took my enthusiasm a few notches down.

                    9. I don’t give a fuck about this reviews! The Wonderful 101 got a score of 78 on Metacritic, but I had more fun with it than with Bayonetta 2.
                      So I will buy the game and judge for myself, because what I saw i videos looked like a lot of fun to me.

                      1. Actually, I had more fun playing both Bayonetta (Wii U port) and Bayonetta 2 than what I had with The Wonderful 101.

                        1. I agree. Bayonetta 2 is definitely more fun than Wonderful 101. W101 gets pretty frustrating to play. Bayo 2 is fun all the way through.

                          Bayo 1 can be frustrating too, though. Quick time events are just plain stupid.

                          1. W101 gets frustrating as in hard? Cause the game got easier as I played. I learned things and got much better. I think it’s far more fun, and lots more you can do.

                    10. Itagaki if you’re gonna talk this much at least do it while developing a patch…seriously. This game needs like 5. I see soldiers running on shit same spot doing 360s like they’re caught in some sort of tractor beam.

                    11. No. The real reason behind this is lack of public knowledge tends to kill its interests among gamers. It’s been in the dark for way too long and people are starting to care less and this fucking fool wants to blame that on us because “we suck at playing it”? 1. That makes no fucking sense and 2. WRONG!

                    12. I was sold on this game when it was first shown off at IGN. Doesn’t matter what reviewers say. I’M BUYING THIS GAME AND I’M GOING TO LIKE IT!

                    13. This sounds like a 3rd party xbox game with all the 30fps bugs poor ai glitches and so on

                      Still the game looks badass

                      And also ass bad at the same time

                      It’s fast paced action costume everything with colorful chickens

                      I may get it still making a base and bringing it online to the map with others still sounds new and fun

                        1. I wondered when some weirdo would call me racist. When what I said is completely true. If it was a white guy I said that about, nobody would have called me racist. So get over yourself.

                    14. How many times have we seen people give a game bad reviews because they suck at it, Ninja Gaiden series, The soul series, need I continue. These are also the the same people that will give every ubisoft, COD, BF, and MMO they touch, a good review, even when they know that game is shit. This game will most likely be enjoyed by Ninja gaiden fans. Don’t let someone else’s idea of a fun game manipulate your judgement of what a fun game is. If this game interest you while someone tells you no, point your middle finger at’em and say I’m gonna play it anyway, on the other hand. if someone talks you into buying a game you know to be shit, tell them to take that game (Titan Fall, Destiny, Evolve, AC Unity, and WatchDogs) and shove it up their ass.

                    15. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

                      Same thing happened with The Wonderful 101. Most reviewers though don’t actually like games or even having fun it seems, they’re more interested in social issues.

                    16. While he’s doing all of this talking, damage control or not, his ass better be also working on a damn patch to fix the issues. If this game comes & I get it & it’s glitched to hell & back, I’m gonna be pissed. Especially if we don’t have a day 1 patch for it in the States or if we don’t have any news of the game getting a major overhaul patch to polish the game up.

                    17. NoA: This game is coming to Americas in Q4 (read: holiday) 2015.

                      Valhalla Game Studio’s saving face: Devil’s Third the F2P multiplayer version will be released also for PC. (Steam version incoming?)

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