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Itagaki: No Cross-play Between PC And Wii U Versions Of Devil’s Third Online


If you’re thinking of teaming up with PC players or Wii U players with Devil’s Third online multiplayer mode then you are not in luck. The game’s producer Tomonobu Itagaki has confirmed via Facebook that the action title will not support cross-platform play between Wii U and PC for the online component.

Thanks, Baronvladz

56 thoughts on “Itagaki: No Cross-play Between PC And Wii U Versions Of Devil’s Third Online”

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                                    1. Its actually technically possible to cross play between Wii U and PC as its is smartphone games and Wii U. The PureChess game on the Wii U that allows you to play outside the Nintendo Network on at least smartphone. It really sounds like a design choice rather than a technical issue.

                                      1. True, but you can’t compare those to a big game like this one. Also, he may be worried that the PC gamers would obliterate the Wii U ones! :o

                                        1. Yeah, its likely that was factored in the decision. PC gamers find ways to mod everything and also the frame rate would be higher on a PC, unless its capped in some way. And yes, PC gamers are cut-throat.

                                          I know those games aren’t as big and chess is a really slow moving game, but I really don’t think its technical issues. There hasn’t been many that have tried yet, indies or small studios are the ones pushing the boundaries on Wii U.

                                        2. CORRECT GOD TO SEE SOMEONES AWAKE



                                          YET THE FONY FANS CONTINUE TO TALK SHITE

                                          1. Is Devil’s Third the first Nintendo game officially on PC?

                                            Nintendo third party developer confirmed?

                                                1. Nintendo didn’t “fund” it. They are only paying for the publishing on their own console. They did not pay for the game to be made.

                                                  They are essentially ensuring that the game is coming to the West. Any other company could have published the game, but the rights belong to Valhalla Studio.

                                                2. Like the guy below said. And lol calling people nintendrones for making a statement. How you know I don’t hate Nintendo like you and just come to troll and have no life like you?

                                              1. IF THE CONTROL DEVICE IS DIFFEENT WHATTHE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN

                                                PC GAMERS AREVA BUNCH OF X360 PAD USERS

                                                AND AS FOR MOUSE WIIU HAS WII REMOTE AND GYRO MOUSE

                                                WIIU IS ALSO OPEN TO CROSS PLATFORM ONLINE UNLIKE PS4 AND XBOX

                                                WIIU IS OPN FOR CROSS PLAT ONLINE PLAY

                                                MORE BULLSHIT AS USUAL this game stinks no wii remote option no mouse gyro

                                                WE AINT SONY FANS WE DONT AIM THE OLD FASHIONED WAY

                                              2. You know, WAY long ago, when I was a PC gamer, I have to admit, the cheating and hacks were what ruined it.

                                                So I actually never thought about it, but I am glad there is no cross play between platforms…and Omg, Blizzard and a few others…it was a Patch every other week nightmare to keep hackers out, some devs don’t even attempt the daunting task.

                                                So, that’s cool.

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                                              4. “#2. The online versus play is not compatible between Wii U & PCs. ‘Cuz I think you know that’s non sense. If control devices differs, then it’s not fair.” *facepalms & head desks afterwards* Yes because every gamer is a filthy casual that can’t hone their skills & get good with the controls they are using so everyone has to have the same exact controls or it’s not fair to anyone! As Ryback says: STUPID!!! Masahiro Sakurai used the same bullshit excuse when he refused to allow us to control Pit with the control stick/nub and the C-Stick in Kid Icarus Uprising! “I don’t want to give people an unfair advantage online if they go with the simple control scheme.” Sakurai even reused that bullshit excuse but with custom moves when he made it to where online play does not allow customized characters & Mii Fighters in Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U/3DS. (This is why Sakurai should never, EVER be in charge of Nintendo as a fucking whole! He’ll definitely try to cater to the casuals!)

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