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Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Coming October 2nd In Europe 100 Cards To Collect


Amiibo fans will be shelling out quite a bit of cash when the Animal Crossing amiibo cards officially launch in Europe on October 2nd. There will be 100 cards to collect and they will be sold in packs of three. You won’t know what cards you’ve got in the pack either so Nintendo is going to be raking in the cash, that’s for sure. There could be more cards coming according to the official Nintendo of Norway website. Nintendo has also announced that one card from each pack will be some sort of special card. The cards will first go on sale in Japan later this month.



24 thoughts on “Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Coming October 2nd In Europe 100 Cards To Collect”

  1. It has to be cheap, especially since it acts like collectible cards packs which you don’t know the content of. Paying a high price for cards you’d already have would be a terrible market idea.

  2. And how is this any different than what EA is doing for Fifa with their UT booster packs? Oh right, EA actually gives you 12 cards in a pack, lmao.

  3. i like amiibo figures. i buy complete 3rd wawe and yarn yoshi too. i too like collectors cards. but amiibo cards is only money harvesting. amiibo cards not look nice. this product i dont buy..

  4. Well, Pokémon cards are sold in 3 packs at Dollar Tree stores in the US for $1 so I’d imagine that it would be a similar price.

    And those $1 pokemon booster packs do contain EX cards and secret rares if anyone is interested.

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  6. need i remind people that these catds are not comparable to pokemon or fifa cards they read with NFC so they’ll cost more than a piece of cardboard with a picture. But i do agree these wont be a hit because there not much value to them. Now if they made a card game out of them that might change their value a bit

  7. 100?
    So… How does that cover 333 villagers? That’s not to mention several of those cards are not villagers…

    So the less popular villagers and a select few will not get an amiibo card? So basically, I buy HHD, to find that the villager I want isn’t even available to make a house for? I think, this game might be a no for me.

  8. Do these cards actually have a sensor in them like an actual amiibo or are they more like QR cards in that they are just scanned into the game similar to an amiibo? Cause if they are just cards that one could in theory copy and print out if they just want the content for the game, then there is no way in hell I am going to try and collect all of these fucking things, especially if you dont know which ones you are going to actually get.

  9. As much as I feel like cards are an insult to actual amiibos, I might still buy these if the prices aren’t crazy. I just hope they don’t cause Nintendo to completely stop making amiibos.

  10. *reads the “You won’t know what cards you’ve got in the pack” part & throws arms into the air out of annoyance* That’s just fucking great! So will they be doing the same with other amiibo cards of other Nintendo, non Animal Crossing characters!? Of course they fucking will! Be prepared to get a shit ton of Mario, Link, & other common characters while the rare ones like Lucina, Palutena, Shulk, & others will most likely be extremely few & extremely far between!

    So the problem we have with the amiibo figurines will soon be the same for the cards, but much, much worse as it’ll be like a fucking box of chocolates because ya NEVER know what ya gonna get! *facepalms & laughs at the same time* At this point in time, I will not be surprised if amiibo ends up like the Wii: a fucking fluke the first few years of it’s filthy life as it drags the company down!

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