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Analysts Say It’s Unlikely That Shigeru Miyamoto Will Succeed Satoru Iwata

You may remember that the Wall Street Journal were confident that legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto would be next in line to lead Nintendo. Well, it seems as though various industry analysts do not believe this to be the case. The analysts that spoke to GamesIndustry think that the most likely candidate to lead Nintendo will be Genyo Takeda. The analysts also think it is extremely likely that they will employ someone from the company, rather than an outsider. You can read the full article here.

“I am pretty sure that the candidate will come from within the business; the very essence of Nintendo games draws from decades of management recognising a market desire for mass market fun. The obvious two choices are Takeda-san or Miyamoto-san, the former a hardware technology company veteran, the latter, the king of Nintendo first party content. Although it would be a romantic dream to have the company lead by the father of Mario, I think Takeda-san has more corporate experience and really understands hardware; it was he who argued for a new interface for the Wii rather than just a faster Gamecube with better graphics,” said Nick Parker of Parker Consulting.

“We are on the cusp of a new generation of Nintendo hardware within three years, both console and handheld, and Nintendo needs Takeda-san’s experience. The alternative would be a relative unknown from within, from which there is a deep pool of loyal, long serving (25 years+) candidates. The next five years are crucial to Nintendo as it launches new hardware and explores digital opportunities, including mobile, for its mascot titles; therefore it needs somebody who understands the company culture, can respond to global consumer expectations, and manage an enviable balance sheet.”

Mike Schramm, manager of Qualitative Insights at EEDAR, is placing his bets on Takeda. “Genyo Takeda, who helped Punch-Out and Startropics, was one of the main devs on the Wii, and has a similar trajectory in the company as Iwata (from programmer to manager to executive). Takeda is likely a lead candidate for the job,” he said. “Nintendo also has a number of executives on its board of directors who also could step up into the spot. It’s very unlikely that the company would hire someone from outside Japan or from another corporation, as Nintendo doesn’t need to (and shouldn’t want to) make waves with this appointment. Most likely it’ll be a senior Japanese executive at the company, ideally someone who has had a hand in game development at some point.”

“It will surely take some time and energy to find a new CEO, but Iwata-san put Nintendo on track and initiated some drastic strategic shifts in spring, mostly importantly Nintendo’s move into mobile,” Toto pointed out.

IDC research manager Lewis Ward commetned, “[Iwata’s replacement] is going to have to hit the ground running since Nintendo is facing stiff competition from both within and beyond the industry. Given the fast pace of consumer electronics evolution and the rise of Web-based services, it’s pretty clear that the games industry is going to be dramatically different 5 years from now. The new CEO will have to have a plan for navigating these waters with NX and so on, while not undercutting Nintendo’s surprisingly innovative culture and willingness to reinvent much-beloved franchises. I can’t speculate further on who the next CEO is likely to be, but the background of that individual will say a lot about where Nintendo wants to go in the next several years, which will be crucial to the company’s long-term fortunes.”

“In the end, the biggest change may be the way Nintendo deals with its closest fans. Iwata was a consumer-focused CEO, and really pushed projects that connected directly with gamers and connected gamers to each other. Nintendo’s next leader may instead focus on the hardware, selling the product directly rather than the community that comes with it,” he remarked.

“Nintendo famously moved away from standard E3 press conferences under Iwata, and another leader might bring Nintendo’s presentations back there. Iwata called for accessibility with the Wii and the DS, and the next leader might push for exclusivity or certain audiences instead. A lot of the elements that Iwata championed (like fun, imagination, innovation, and accessibility) are definitely part of Nintendo’s DNA no matter who’s in charge, but the next leader may approach those elements in a different way.”


76 thoughts on “Analysts Say It’s Unlikely That Shigeru Miyamoto Will Succeed Satoru Iwata”

  1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    I am not so sure.

    If Miyamoto cannot take charge, the next best man is Masahiro Sakurai

    1. I agree 100℅ with you on this, he has the same pedigree as Iwata they even worked together in Kirby and Smash.

      He has good ideas and knows how to keep a game relevant.

      I can only wish…

    2. Anubis, Son of Osiris

      He himself almost died when developing Smash bros for Wii U and 3DS. I doubt he would be capable of being President.

      1. He fucked his wrist up, up maybe his whole arm, that’s the extent as far as I know. Pretty big exaggeration of almost dying lol. Unless there was more I don’t know about of course.

        1. I wouldn’t say he almost died, but he did certainly complain about how burned out he was… all. the. time.

    3. Ew! No, no, no! He trolls people waaaay too damn much on his own games! Now just imagine him having the power to do that with EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. Nintendo releases! As I said before, but the positions were reversed, Masahiro Sakurai would be as bad as Yoshio Sakamoto running the company.

  2. I would love to see Shigsy as president just for one day to say that it happened. He deserves to have been Nintendo president even if only for a day.

    1. He’s currently a n Acting-President for Nintendo, meaning his just standing in to help ease the issues at Nintendo.

    2. He technically already is a Nintendo president since he & some other guy are co-acting presidents of the company til a more permanent replacement is chosen.

  3. So, basically they want someone who will take over Nintendo and treat it like Sony or Microsoft, but still try to do things the Nintendo way, but not the Nintendo way? So basically they want to sort of get rid of Iwata’s focus and do what every company does and not focus on the fans and do focus on being flashy at E3….

    1. You can have a Nintendo system that is treated more like sony/microsoft in the form of it actually being powerful, while at the same time, doing things the Nintendo way, by making good games for it. You, know, how they used to do before the wii. When they made powerful systems and focused more on the games and not motion control and game pads. You know, those systems and games that made everyone love them in the first place. You know, the REAL Nintendo. That Nintendo is still possible to have. The current one needs to end.

  4. Who cares what some ANALysts think? What’s next, Patcher caught in the act of “clopping” becomes an article?

      1. Seriously? Good one? That never crossed your head before? You’ve never seen someone use that before? Even if, that is far, FAR from being a “Good one.” Not clever in the slightest, and took the split second everyone else who has ever seen the word and moved on took to see it clearly in the word.

  5. of course he won’t be, Nintendo will want someone who can be there for a long time, Miyamoto is retiring soon. I doubt it’ll be a widely known developer succeeding Iwata.

  6. I wish someday Masahiro Sakurai steps as President of Nintendo. He knows how to manage Nintendo IPs the right way and he knows what the fan base wants.

    He revived kid Icarus, and did a better job updating Megaman’s image.

    He clearly doesn’t want to do smashbtos all his life. I would love to see him as President of Nintendo someday.

    1. One problem. He doesn’t really have any experience being head of a large company.

      Iwata was HAL Lab’s president for many years before being promoted. Sakurai has never held something like that.

      1. That is the thing that he laks right now. That’s why I hope he gets there in the future not exactly now.

        He might get more experience in the area later. More roles like in Sora would be a great start.

    2. Yes, samurai know how to treat IP’s…mocking about character that weren’t created by him and making his own characters too op. With sakurai at the helm of Nintendo, it wold be the era of nepotism.

    3. What? No he doesn’t- he only really cares about the IPs he created or worked on. Did you see how little representation Star Fox and Metroid- even Donkey Kong- had in the latest Smash compared to Kirby and Kid Icarus?

  7. They’ll likely hire someone a little younger, someone fresh. As they’re going into the mobile market and revamping their console views with their next console, they might be looking for more of an insightful eye when it comes to the technology of today. Not to say Miyamoto couldn’t do that….it’s just he’s very gung-ho about fun, which is important, but not necessarily the best route if it doesn’t supply the sales the company as a whole wants. They already gave themselves a new slogan with Splatoon. They gotta Stay Fresh.

  8. ” it was he who argued for a new interface for the Wii rather than just a faster Gamecube with better graphics,” said Nick Parker of Parker Consulting.”

    So if they go with Takeda, sounds like he’ll repeat the same mistakes Nintendo made with the Wii U. Woo.

  9. I think Miyamoto’s way of thinking would be too old-fashioned to do Nintendo any good, honestly. And as others have already pointed out, he’ll probably retire soon. They need someone younger who’s in touch with today’s trends in relation to both hardware and software, instead of someone who’s old-fashioned and stuck in the past.

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>We need a leader that knows the western territories better than they do today>>>

      1. Right- that’s why Mario 3D World and Star Fox Zero have online play so we can enjoy those games like we could when we were kids all growing up in the same suburb.

          1. You don’t think SF Zero could benefit from having online dogfights?

            The friends I grew up playing SF64’s multiplayer with don’t live near me anymore. We can’t play Command’s online anymore, though it was lame to begin with. Zero could have been just what we needed. But so far, it is not

  10. That’s pretty obvious. Miyamoto’s long tenure with the company helps, but he’s a designer more than a president. Also, he’s even older than Iwata was, so trying to hire him would be little more than a stop-gap.

  11. Nothing against Genyo Takeda, but he’s a little too old at age 66 to be a CEO of multi-billion dollar company such as Nintendo and may be out of touch with the gamers of today. Here are some candidates who are much younger than Takeda-san who are think are deemed worthy to lead Nintendo into the future…..

    Satoru Shibata

    Hideki Konno

    Kensuke Tanabe

    Masahiro Sakurai

    Tetsuya Takahashi

    And my wildcard nomination pick is Bill Trinen

  12. How about Katsuya Eguchi? he used to be a game designer but now he is the Manager of the Nintendo EAD Tokyo Software Development Department. He was also the hardware producer for the Wii U.

  13. Sakurai’s the last person I want to become CEO of Nintendo. Let him stay a freelancer and get someone who isn’t too young but not too old either.

    Takeda is likely the best choice for now.

    1. If Takeda-san is temporarily the CEO then it’s ok but if he’s in it for the long-term then it’s a bad idea because of the fact that he’s in his mid to late 60’s. I don’t think he’ll be able to comprehend with the current gaming audience so it’s best they get a man or a woman who’s in their 40s or 50s and who’s knowledge in gaming is very extensive

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  15. One thing I want to know though………does the new president have to know (and speak)English, like Iwata did? I believe that’s why Iwata became so liked etc. Because he could speak English, and people could communicate with him. If this is the case, then the new president won’t be Miyamoto OR Sakurai.

    1. Miyamoto and Sakurai can speak and understand English. They just rather to stick to Japanese because their English is even worse than Iwata’s.

  16. i dont think sakurai will become a CEO guys he is a game designer besides nintendo still looking for a new CEO if one of them knows everything about nintendo.

  17. I don’t like what I’m reading in this article OR Wikipedia about Genyo Takeda. So how about Nintendo DOESN’T hire that guy? I want someone that will try to be more like Sony but with the Nintendo spirit added in. The Wii, whether Nintendo, or their fanboys, wants to admit it, was just a fluke & it was a mistake to expect the Wii U to do as good with the weakest hardware of this generation. Masahiro Sakurai is another no-no as he not only trolls people a lot but also tends to complain a lot, too. Yoshio Sakamoto is another no-no because of how he handled Metroid: Other M & most of us don’t trust him any farther than we can throw him. (Now if he had released a new Metroid for the Wii U before Iwata passed away & blew us away as it made us forget all about the mistakes that he made with Other M, I’d be more willing to give the guy the benefit of a doubt.) As for Shigeru Miyamoto, even if he wanted the job, which most of us know he doesn’t, he’s just as much a bad idea as the new, permanent CEO as Genyo Takeda if I’m to believe what this article & Wikipedia said about him.

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