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Donkey Kong Nearly Didn’t Make It Into Pixels Movie

Pixels director Chris Columbus has revealed that Donkey Kong nearly didn’t make it into the film. Columbus says that he and the rest of the team had months and months of talks with Nintendo in an effort to get Donkey Kong to feature in the film. They had to promise that they would treat the iconic character with as much respect as they possibly could. Nintendo and the Pixels team came to an agreement and the rest is history. Pixels is out this Friday.

22 thoughts on “Donkey Kong Nearly Didn’t Make It Into Pixels Movie”

  1. I got the privilege of seeing this movie a few months ago as a special screening. The CGI wasn’t even completely finished yet! It was an amazing movie nonetheless. I definitely recommend it.

      1. I disagree. I think the movie will do well, it has alot of buzz. Don’t tell me, you judge movies on other peoples experiences? Watch it, if you don’t like it, then feel free to trash it. To trash a movie before watching it is the mark of a fucking idiot.

  2. I wish Nintendo would loosen up a little.

    “They had to promise that they would treat the iconic character with as much respect as they possibly could”

    I mean damn all he’s doing is throwing barrels, it’s not that serious

    1. Clearly that’s how Nintendo wants it him just throwing barrels, staying true to dk as much as possible. They could of easily took dk and had him flinging poop around that’s what Nintendo doesn’t want.

      1. Well, they already have Q* Bert pissing himself in the movie. Though he’s technically owned by another third party developer. XD

      1. You guys havent even seen it.. Ffs.

        Critics are so fucking stupid. Your a fool if you trust critic reviews.

        1. I trust my gut that it’s another boring ass Adam Sandler spam movie. That’s it. Wreck It Ralph was very special because it’s the first video game movie adaption done right while being original with its own charm. This shit basically rides that bandwagon for a short time and definition with Adam Sandler coming along for the ride, sucking out the fun. Sorry but he’s way past his prime and now he’s being a CoD figurehead for movies, too many of the same fucking tired movies and ideas.

  3. I just want to know what Nintendo thinks would be disrespectful of the character, or what little things would make them say “this is wrong, do it over.” I once read somewhere (maybe it was another article here) that when Bowser was in Wreck-It-Ralph, Nintendo made the producers change the Bad-Anon scene at least 5 times JUST because they didn’t like how Bowser drank his coffee.

  4. Anyways reviewers say this is a crappy movie and it’s not a surprise it doesn’t look as a good videogame themed movie has to look.

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