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Pixels Movie Fails To Impress Critics In Early Reviews

Adam Sandler’s latest movie Pixels, which stars a number of iconic video game characters that we are all familiar with, has failed to impress movie critics. The movie, which opens on Friday, only has a score of 26 on online review aggregator Metacritic. The most brutal review comes from Portland Oregonian which you can read below. To balance things out, the New Orleans Times says that “Pixels is a slice of pure, frivolous entertainment that doesn’t try to overreach.” It’s probably best to decide for yourself and you can catch it at your local cinema on Friday.

“There are legitimate excuses for going to see Pixels. Losing a bet, perhaps. Having a loved one held for ransom. Maybe a serious blow to the head. But none of those (except maybe the last) would allow you watch and actually enjoy the latest cinematic leavings of Adam Sandler.”

99 thoughts on “Pixels Movie Fails To Impress Critics In Early Reviews”

      1. I stopped watching Adam Sandlers recent movies after Click. The only ones I’ve liked from him afterwards are You Don’t mess with the Zohan & hotel Transylvania.

    1. This proves that you can’t do a film from a housemade short that went popular in youtube….

      Besides Wreck-It-Ralph is not based in any actual game, is an original fictional game……who takes inspiration from Donkey Kong wich oddly not appear in but Bowser does even if he never came from an arcade.

    2. StupidPeopleAreStupid

      It’s not the video games being a problem with this film though, is it? It’s the waste of sperm that calls itself Adam Sandler. The only people who find him funny are so retarded light bends around them.

  1. Oh, a movie about video games from a person who doesn’t understand what video games are about and tries to rely on old arcade classics to still make a hit, that does not reach critical acclaim? What a surprise.

  2. Obvious flop is obvious. And to believe my old man seriously wanted me to watch this in theaters for my birthday.

  3. I’m glad I don’t rely on reviewers for anything. I will want it for myself and decide if I think it was good or not. From what I have seen it should be a decent comedy.

      1. Who said I will watch it at the movie theaters? I have not decided yet. Why worry about cash? You make it to spend it.

          1. Or wait half of that time & watch it on Netflix if you have it. You are already paying for it & probably watch tons of other stuff on it so might as well watch a movie you are not sure of on it since it will technically be free.

          2. StupidPeopleAreStupid

            My strategy: don’t ever watch it because of you do you’ll need to bleach your eyes, like you have to with any Adam Sandler film.

            1. The wonderful world of different taste. I enjoy Adam Sandler movies. Mindless comedy. I enjoy most comedies even the make no sense comedies.

                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                  >>>I like Sharknado, it’s so funny because it’s so silly, still more entertaining than most Oscar Award winning movies that people only vote because they have a “message” that ironically they never learn themselves>>>

          1. His older movies are terrific. Happy Gilmore, 50 First Dates, Anger Management, are all pretty good. But for some reason, every movie he’s appeared in recently has just been so… god. just bad.

            1. It’s because they found a way to make movies with a low enough budget to still make a profit afterwards. If people would stop watching these movies, they will either need to stop or start making better movies to at least impress fans enough.

      1. Unfortunately I felt skeptical about the movie, only because of Adam Sandler. I admit that he has made some unforgettable movies, but in the past years, his movies have been awful in my opinion.

    1. ” all the video gaming community do on the net is bitch and whine.”

      …which is exactly what you’re doing right now. Oh, the irony

  4. What did they expect? It’s an Adam Sandler movie. He causes everything he touches to suck. I can’t understand why my sister collects his movies? I can’t even stand his face.

  5. For once, can someone please make a video game-related movie that knows what they’re doing? I’m sick of companies making video game movies suck.

  6. Makes you wonder if the critics were video game fans to begin with. The critics gave The Hobbit movies bad reviews too, but I absolutetly LOVED the Hobbit movies..

    Best advice I can give,…….. dont listen to “critics”. Make up your own mind from personal experience.

    1. Yes, most of these critics are so full of themselves. These psudeo intellectuals actually think they’re smart. They barely even talk about what the fuck happens in the movie.

    2. 100% truth I won’t judge till I see it. Too many people here hate just for the sake of hating. Sure Adam Sandler hasn’t really made any thing good for awhile but who gives a shit. People need to have better reasons to like or dislike something. Plenty of movies that are deemed as classics and legendary of the past several decades were given bad reviews and they become simply known as cult followings.

    3. That’s an awfully bad example. Fans of Tolkien largely despised the “Hobbit” movies – myself included.

  7. Movie looks fun. Adam is funny he’s just toned down his comedy style he’s not a young snl member anymore he’s getting older and wiser and fuck movie reviewers it’s a movie just watch it it’s a small investment to see a film.

    1. Apparently his recent movies have sucked. I wouldn’t really know, though. The last recent one I watched was Grown Ups & I enjoyed that movie.

  8. What’d you expect? I was based on an online video, it’s directed by somebody who hasn’t made a good movie in years, and it’s basically an Adam Sandler movie.

  9. I don’t what people were expecting. Adam Sandler’s never made a good movie. I mean sure, his earlier stuff is funny and I like it. But he’s never made a “good” movie. Also, he didn’t even write this movie, I think he hired someone else to write it. That said, he is the worst part of the movie. The rest far from that bad. Worth a few good laughs and probably not the price of admission. But it isn’t something worth hating. It’s something worth having no real feelings for.

  10. One thing in common for all these reviews. The reviewers sound like hipster douchebags. None of them are Sandler fans and would have lambasted it no matter what.

  11. *shrug* Whatever. I rarely listen to critics. If I did, I wouldn’t have seen all the Star Wars movies, The Monster Squad, all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, all of the Friday the 13th movies, all of the Resident Evil movies, Doom (which is pretty good if you pretend the games never existed & enjoyed the movie for what it was: pure action with a few boring parts of yapping lol, Super Mario Bros: The Movie, BloodRayne 1 & 2, Mortal Kombat 1 & 2, I could go on, and enjoyed every one of them for what they were: guilty entertainment pleasure… lol

    1. Lmao. I watched the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Then I went back to watch the original (I had never seen it before) It was super cheesy. Old horror movies… XD

        1. True. 15 years from now, people’s tastes could very well change & what was not cheesy when it first came out will now be cheesy.

        2. Like certain horror movies that came out in the early 1900s were probably the scariest movies ever made but by today’s standards, they are more comical than scary.

          1. Halloween is still kind of scary though. I don’t know why but that plain white mask on Michael Myers still gives me the creeps.

            1. It’s probably because of the soulless expression the mask has that keeps it scary for many. Oh & how realistic the mask actually looks, too.

      1. The very first one is the only scary one of the original series so the cheesiness in that one is nothing compared to the rest of the series. But if you like cheesiness, they are great movies to watch because Robert Englund made that Freddy Krueger work fantastically.

        Wes Craven’s New Nightmare was the only one that wasn’t really cheesy, from my memory, & it’s the only one that tried to be solely horror, throwing the jokester Freddy Krueger to the wayside. Robert Englund did pretty well as a more serious serial killer, so it’s a shame we didn’t see that version of Freddy Krueger from Robert Englund more often.

        1. Oh & the reason I don’t count New Nightmare as being one of the two only actual scary ones of the original series is because it’s not actually set in the Nightmare on Elm Street universe, so it technically doesn’t count as a Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

    2. whoa you even watched jason x? i guess your standards are pretty low :P

      joking aside, i would put money down that the user reviews will be just as terrible.

  12. i miss adam sanders “ZIPPIDI DOODA!” days…lmao. but yea true…hes older now…thats why his acting is not the same..

  13. The Pixel short film was good, but not all short films need a full length film version, they should have left it that way.

    Adam Sandler is nostalgic in most of his movies so it’s no wonder if the idea got to him even if the idea was risky. I guess not everyone who watches his films share his nostalgia with old video games.

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