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Spike Chunsoft Set To Announce A New RPG Title Next Week

This week’s edition of Weekly Famitsu has revealed that Spike Chunsoft are working on a brand new RPG title. The platforms for the new RPG remain unknown at this moment in time, but Spike Chunsoft have previously produced a number of high quality titles for the Nintendo 3DS. Next week’s edition of Weekly Famitsu will contain a 14-page feature with an interview which will hopefully divulge all the information we need about their latest roleplaying title.

Thanks, Kendrick

13 thoughts on “Spike Chunsoft Set To Announce A New RPG Title Next Week”

    1. Etrain myster dungeon and the upcoming pokemon super mystery dungeon. We don’t mention the other one

  1. well if there are used to produce high quality RPG on 3DS….. I would not be surprise if the game is not on Wii U. I would not even be surprise if the games is for the new 3DS and PS vita (maybe PSP)….

  2. Hopefully it has tonnes of pig poo in it and gay marriage! I lurv gay marriage, it consumes my life. Every game should have it.

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