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Here’s The Box-Art For Gravity Falls And Some More Information


One interesting project over at Ubisoft is a UbiArt title based on the hit cartoon series Gravity Falls. The game is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and has the same unique visual style as Child of Light and Valiant Hearts. The game is scheduled to be released on November 3rd. Here is some key information about the game.

  • ENTER GRAVITY FALLS – Explore the Mystery Shack, the Gnome Forest, & more, powered by beautiful UbiArt graphics
  • MADE IN COLLABORATION WITH CREATOR ALEX HIRSCH – Experience the show’s signature humor & fan-favorites brought to life
  • SOLVE AN ALL-NEW MYSTERY – Learn new lore about inhabitants of Gravity Falls & unlock secrets of the town’s past
  • PLAY AS BOTH DIPPER AND MABEL – Switch between characters & use their unique powers and abilities

6 thoughts on “Here’s The Box-Art For Gravity Falls And Some More Information”

  1. Considering Ubisoft’s past in the platforming genre….I could see this being pretty good. It looks interesting enough and has enough story elements to pull it off.

  2. This game… will single-handedly sink the Wii U!!!!!

    Sales will be soo outrageously high everyone will sell their Wii U/PC/PS4/XBO and buy a 3DS instead!!!!

    Then 3DS sales will take over the industry, forcing Gabe to announce Half-life 3 exists… and is confirmed to be a 3DS exclusive for set for 2023.

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